Burda July Update – I Jumped the Gun!

Ok, so yesterday I posted when the German website put up the full preview of the garment images, but today Russian Burda has put up a full preview of all the magazine images!  Awesome!

The model photos don’t really do anything to change my opinion of what is in this issue, BUT it appears German Burda left one thing out…

OMG so cute!

Ok, I love this dress.  Usually I am a bit leery of broad stripes outlining the boobage area, but here I don’t mind it so much.  This dress would be perfect for summer – cute design, open at the top for the days of humidity and 100+ temps (oh they are a coming), and apparently it is a “vintage” pattern to boot.  This dress could be cute in a print or in solids, and right now I am picturing a blue dress with white contrast (and maybe a red ribbon sewn over the white contrast) for a fun but not over the top summer holiday look.  I like it a lot better than the halter dress from last year’s June issue, and this one might just go into my must make list.

I would like to formally change my decision for the Best of BS for July to this vintage pattern, as I feel it really fits well into a July/summer wardrobe, better than the other options I was considering and ultimately chose in my previous post.

So, while one pattern might not make up for the rest of the duds in this issue, it at least helps me feel like I will make something from July.  Eventually.  At some point.  When I get back to normal sewing.

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