Totally Stoned

This past week has been crazy!  Presentation at school/work/real life thing that I do (I don’t know how to describe grad school… it is not a job but it isn’t really school… oh well, whatever) occupied a lot of time.  And then preparing for upcoming skating competitions (we are heading into the major part of the season now) is also taking up a lot of time.  And sewing skating outfits is taking up the rest of the time.  Well, sewing and stoning.  I am *finally* getting to the beading part for many of the costumes, but that can take as long or longer than the actual sewing!  Last weekend I was either at practice or gluing rhinestones in front of the TV.  So, although I haven’t been showing a lot of sewing progress, this past week I:

*Half-finished sewing the costume for my client
*Finished stoning a shirt for my mom’s friend
*Finalized the jacket pattern for my dance partner (took 2 muslins)
*Half sewed the jacket for my dance partner
*Measured a bunch of people for club uniforms
*Half-finished stoning my solo dance dress
*Got a massive headache from the glue fumes
*Cooked bacon in the oven for the first time – my new favorite cooking method!
*Watched a lot of documentaries where I learned about the Russian nobility and wooly mammoths
*Watched Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly version) and Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet version)
*Sewed another man’s practice shirt for skating
*Ordered fabric for a Burda pattern I don’t even have yet!

Yeah… ooopsie on the last one.  Silly – I went there to look at their sale on laminated cotton, and ended up buying linen?  Yeah, and it wasn’t even on sale, but it was perfect so I got some.  At least I hope it will be perfect.  I won’t know until it shows up, but in my brain it is going to be good.  At this point I am really thinking that the jacket I love so much from the June Burda might end up being the first thing I make once I am done with sewing skating costumes.  Which looks like I won’t be until the end of June.  Sigh.  I like making skating costume.  I just never had to make quite so many at once before.  And I never had to sew any for other people before either.  Which is also ok, because I like money, and I like coming up with designs for costumes, but I don’t like that it takes so long to finish because I only see them once or twice a week…

Anyway, I figured I would at least let you guys see some pictures of the shirt which I did finish (I did NOT make the shirt but I did decorate it):

And more sparkles.

Ok, back to the glue!

[Side note:  Does anyone else HATE the new “Labels” sidebar on Blogger when you are writing posts – where they cut the words in half?  It takes me forever to find things because none of the words look like words!  if the first letter and last letter aren’t connected by a string of letters in the middle it takes ten time longer to find anything!  I wish they would just have a list with one tag per line – scrolling might take a while, but much easier to find what you want!  Ok, rant over now.]

4 thoughts on “Totally Stoned

  1. There must be a way to sort the labels, because mine are sorted and yours aren't. also, you can widen the margins, but I don't see that any of your words are cut off (quick scan).

    The title of this post reminds me of all the times I come home from work and say “Hi!” to my husband, and he says, “No, I'm not” or “I don't do that.”


  2. Yeah, my brain was fried when I wrote this post, and that was the only title that seemed appropriate.

    Also, the rant about labels – only applies to the screen when I am writing the post, not after I publish it. Everything looks ok on the published screen, but the new interface for post-writing has the labels selection in a sidebar (instead of listed under the post) and it cuts all of the words in half. It takes me longer to label my post than to actually write it now, which is really annoying.


  3. Oh, you need the bedazzler! (queue the early 90's infomercial) LOL. You have some serious dedication to all things sparkly! I'd be sniffing the glue and pulling my hair out after day one.

    I share your hatred of the new Blogger thingy. It will take me until they are about to upgrade it again to get really comfy using it. And then it will be back to square one. Sigh.


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