I had a most excellent experience at the Hancock pattern sale – and by that I mean I got all but one pattern on my list, and said pattern was probably the lowest priority of them all, so I really did get all of the patterns I was totally craving.  Also, Hancock is next to the most amazing Chinese food place – so yummy! So, though the total driving time was something just under two hours (round trip) it was TOTALLY worth the effort:

16 new Burda patterns… I love when family members help me skirt the 10 pattern limit.
Also, does anyone else notice that the fabric stores only stock ONE of each Burda pattern at a time?  What is up with that?  My apologies to anyone else who went in looking for the latest patterns… but I guess the Burda-crazed rabid sewist gets the pattern early bird gets the worm?  Or something like that.  Oddly enough I actually didn’t have any competition at the pattern drawer.  One lady was sort of casually looking through the $0.99 Buttericks, and looked a little shocked and somewhat appalled when I marched up to the drawers, whipped out my list, and started  piling up patterns right and left.  But, well, I am sure you sewists of the internets understand.  Cuz you are hardcore.
Anyway, here are some of my favorites that I got:
Love the large collar on the trench style coat.
I NEED these pants.  And I like the top a lot too.
I love love love this vintage dress.
This looks like it would be a great summer dress.
While I was there I also got some cheap white cotton to use as lining/underlining for some thin cottons I have that I plan to use for dresses this summer.  Too boring to warent a photo, but at $3.33/yard it was another happy reason for driving all the way out to Hancock’s.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I also got some AMAZING Patrones magazines from a certain someone in Europe…

Patrones No. 310 and Patrones Extra No. 12

Ironically, said magazines hail from Spain, but were shipped from a Germany pattern company to England, where they went from one town to another, got handed off to a family friend who was visiting, who brought them back to the US, where I claimed them in what I am sure looked like somewhat shady dealings in a parking lot.  Quite the journey, but I have them now, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Here are some of my favorite patterns:

From Patrones #310:

Love this little bolero-esque jacket
And I really love the classy fitted lines on this jacket too – I must make this.
I LOVE the LBD feature in this issue – I want to make ALL of them
How many LBDs does a girl need?  Eight, apparently.

From Patrones Extra #12:

I am always a sucker for a good trench coat.
Love the shirt, both these skirts, and this jacket too.
Another great sleek fitting jacket.
Love the long coat with the 3/4 sleeves, and the dress is cute too!
Yet another great jacket, and I love these pants!
There are, of course, lots of other great patterns in these issues, but those were my favorites.  I am super excited with these magazines!  Between my Burda envelopes and Patrones magazines I am going to be in a happy daze of pattern awe all weekend.  Well, that and I am going to be sewing my fingers off trying to get more skating costumes done…

3 thoughts on “Patterns!

  1. My 'green-eyes' are glowing!!! I picked up Burda's 8836, 8213, 8280 and 7433 at 1/2 price yesterday, forking out a total of $31.45!!!!! At certain times like this I do not enjoy living Down Under….


  2. Stores in my area only started carrying Burda envelope patterns about a year ago… I was paying full price and saving up to buy only my very favorites. Now that I know they have sales I am patient and I wait for them – then I go crazy. But, I certainly wouldn't have as large an envelope collection if there weren't so many sales in the US. My most expensive patterns are Kwik Sew and Jalie because they are NEVER on sale, but since they make skating patterns I use them a lot and can justify the cost.


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