Sewing Update – Finished Items and What’s Up Next

So, it might seem like I have been sewing up a storm, but really I just happened to have a lot of projects that finished around the same time.  This post is sort of a rambling look at what is going on with my sewing plans…

(1)  Firstly, I have finished another skating practice dress.  The fabric is from Spandex World in New York, and I am pretty happy with the results.

Other side
Fabric close-up

I wore it to practice the other day and it is very comfortable, but the skirt doesn’t have as much flow as I would like because the fabric is a bit heavier than most.  Overall it is a great dress though.

(2) I have (mostly) finished my first attempt at a button-down shirt using McCall’s pattern (6035).  Overall I am a bit conflicted on the results.  On the one hand, the princess seams are nice and I mostly like the fit.  The lower back is a bit narrow (I will have to add width to the lower back seams), but the real problem is the sleeves.  They are slightly a bit narrow (I can easily add width – not a problem), but are extremely uncomfortable at the front armscye.  Normally I would say that the problem is that the back is too narrow or that I would need and FBA, or perhaps that the armscye is too low.  But this is a pattern with cup sizing, the sleeve seam is well under my armpit, and I don’t feel any pulling across the front or the back.  Honestly the best I can figure is that the shape of the sleeve is just, well, awkward.  Here are some pictures on the dress dummy:

At this point I am debating my course of action.  I mean, at some point this year I want to make a perfectly fitted button down shirt (something I have never had before) as part of my sewing challenge.  I just don’t know if I want to spend the time right now dealing with alterations to this pattern.  I am debating using a Vogue pattern or BWOF pattern instead, and using this McCall’s pattern to re-draft the sleeve design.  The overall fit and look of this shirt is mostly good, but I can’t quite decide how to fix the awkward parts, or even what is causing them…  After I add buttons I might show some pictures of it on me and ask for advice.  But honestly, right now I am thinking about putting this project off for a while while I ponder my options.  I don’t really consider this a UFO, since this shirt is done (or will be shortly after I add buttons), but more like a posponed project to be resumed later.  I won’t be writing up a pattern review until I decide if I want to pursue this pattern, or try something else.

Now for what is on deck for the next few weeks…

(3) One of my sewing challenge bonus items is “something from my sewing plans list” and I have decided that that “something” will be a cardigan sweater from My Image magazine:

My Image M1003
The line drawing.

With the weather being all “springy” here I have been wanting a nice lightweight sweater to wear.  Of course, I am planning on making it in a grey ribbed knit, so, ummm, maybe not quite so springy?  Also, this will be my first My Image pattern.  According to size charts I should be a size 36, but my usual Burda size is a 40 – anyone know if the sizing really is that different?  It seems most people on Pattern Review have used their Burda sizes or Ottobre sizes without issue – perhaps I should just make a 40?  Or split the difference and go 38?  Or, I suppose, I could just measure the flat pattern…

(4)  I have really taken to the idea of sewing up some of the new patterns from the March Burda.  I have some more black rayon fabric (left over from my sewing challenge top) and I really want to make this simple looking wrap top:

It has captured my fancy

I think part of the reason I want to make this is so I can wear it over some of my lacy tank tops that I can’t seem to find a reason to wear otherwise.  The deep V-neckline and short waist will be perfect to pair with my seldom used but much loved tanks.  And in black I can wear it with multiple colors…  Not to mention it should be pretty fast to sew up.  Hopefully it turns out as awesome as I hope it will be!

(5) Another long cardigan top.  The more I look at this pattern, the more I just fall in love with it.  I have been saving a soft blue knit for some special project, and I think I have found it.  With any luck this too should be a quick project that I can whip up on my serger…

So, that’s what I hope to be tracing/cutting/sewing in the next week or so.  After that I will be hard core sewing skating costumes for real.  In general my challenge projects have been going well, and I have a bit of extra time before I need to start on my competition dresses, so I feel justified in throwing in a few extra projects.  Also, after having so many planned projects, a little spontaneity is nice!  Hopefully I will have a lot of finished projects to show off soon!

4 thoughts on “Sewing Update – Finished Items and What’s Up Next

  1. Thanks! I like to test out styles for the front, back, and skirts before I dive into my good fabric for competition. So you might be seeing a few more practice dresses in the coming months. I won't be showing off my competition dresses until summer though – after I get them all fancied up with rhinestones and wear them for our qualifying meets.


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