Academy Awards – Gowns I Loved

I know some people are obsessed with awards shows, and others can’t stand them.  There will be more than enough analysis, trash talking, and gushing on tv and in magazines for weeks to come.  I don’t really need to add to all the commotion, but now that I am sewing clothes I can’t help but appreciate some of the more spectacular ones, so I thought I would share some of my favorites…

Love the simplicity of this.  Also, capes are totally a thing!
This dress inspires me to want to do color blocking.
There is a McCall’s pattern (6432) that could be used to knock this off too.
Love the color and the chiffon on the skirt.
LOVE the black lace and bold color combo.
Love the color and the flow of the skirt.
Hard to see, but I love the sequin detail on the gown.
I just like this whole dress – it makes me think “Academy Awards.”
And I double love this gown – the copper color is fab.
Also, I am a magpie…
My third favorite gown – the shoulder details = swoon!
My second favorite gown – this is the dress of a movie star.
My favorite dress of the night – the fit, shape, and fabric all add up to perfection!
So, which dresses do you all like?  Did I miss anything really fabulous?  Does all this gorgeousness make anyone else want to sew a gown?

4 thoughts on “Academy Awards – Gowns I Loved

  1. Oh dreamy! I think that is possibly the best gown Gwyneth has ever put on – it's impeccable and suits her tremendously!
    I also loved the yellow and black lace dress – so bold! I'd kill to get a close up shot of that feather like shoulder detail on the third last dress you have here though – it looks stupendous.


  2. Yes – she was a host on the E! red carpet arrival show. I was able to see a close-up on TV – the shoulders are actually more like a very thick embroidered lace that is appliqued to the sheer fabric at the top. It looked amazing when she was on camera. I haven't been able to find any good close-up photos on the internet though.


  3. Gwyneth Paltrow looked regal. Seriously, like a princess. In fact, I can't help wondering if I'm the only person who's noticed that she basically stole the dress from Princess Leia. Seriously, take a look at the final/throne room scene in Star Wars (episode iv). Leia is wearing the same cape and dress, accessorized with silver, just like GP. I did love it though.


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