Newsflash – Burda April Early Preview Posted

BurdaStyle Germany has posted the early preview of the April edition.  My first impression: meh.  Very meh.  I mean, some things look ok, but nothing looks spectacular.

This is fine, but not as pretty as the similar dress in the previous issue.
The skirt is fine, but boring.
Pants might be ok, but the shirt is another sac shape.
Very fashion-y photo, but I don’t think I would wear this.
I predict this top will be a hit, but those pants are not cute.
Finally – a possible candidate for BWTF April?

So… I am not super excited for the April issue so far.  Of course, things could change when I see the full preview, but right now I am all for skipping ahead to May.

3 thoughts on “Newsflash – Burda April Early Preview Posted

  1. Burda has three issues to convince me to resubscribe for another year, but it's not looking promising. I have noticed that they are putting more of each magazine's patterns for sale on their website and I've calculated I could buy about 17 patterns for the cost of a year's subscription. As there has been nothing I've wanted to sew from the first three issues this year, it's getting more and more likely that I'll let my subscription lapse.


  2. Yeah, I haven't found the first couple of issues this year to be as exciting as the last couple of issues from last year. On the other hand, there are still at least a few patterns I have been wanting to make up in each magazine (actually I went a bit crazy this week and I already have 3 patterns from the March Burda cut out for sewing this weekend). I think I still get enough from the magazine to justify my subscription, and often I find patterns I overlooked when I go back through my older issues. That, and I hate dealing with downloaded patterns, but that might just be me. And, well, my subscription doesn't run out until much later this year, so I am hoping that there will be enough in the meantime to keep me interested for next year. If not I can always search for “good” issues on Ebay!


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