Newsflash – A Memory of Light Release Date Announced!!!

For those of us who have been reading the Wheel of Time series for over a decade (or two), the announcement we have been waiting for has finally been made – January 8, 2013 is the official date for the release of the fourteenth and final book – A Memory of Light!

The official announcement on Tor can be read here.  For those of you who can’t tell, I am terribly excited, and I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight.  Partially from the excitement, and partially because when I read the comments on the Tor post I felt my blood boil.  What is with all the negativity?  This is one of the greatest fantasy series of all time, and the ending is something that the fans have been waiting for such a long time.  The people involved in this project are putting their hearts and souls into finishing it, and we should be grateful that there is to be an ending at all.  I don’t know what everyone else is going to do, but I, for one, will be at the bookstore January 8, happy and excited to finally get the book I have been waiting for for over a decade.

One thought on “Newsflash – A Memory of Light Release Date Announced!!!

  1. it's more than 15 years for me 🙂
    so i sympathize! i am sure aMoL will be epic and awesome–brandon sanderson and team jordan have, as you say, been putting a lot of heart into finishing this series and making it worthy.


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