Book Review: Lost at the Con

When I saw Lost at the Con recommended on a “geek blog,” I knew I simply had to read it.  So, when I needed to order a teflon presser sheet I decided to round out my Amazon order with this book (please tell me I am not the only one who always adds something from my wish list to meet the free shipping minimum). And I am sure glad I did.

Lost at the Con by Bryan Young is a wild romp through the world of a science fiction convention.  It is the story of Cobb, a political journalist who has sold out on his ideals for a steady pay check.  Disgusted with his personal and professional life, he is given an assignment he could care less about – covering the science fiction convention Griffin*Con (based on the real life Dragon*Con) in Atlanta.  Armed with a pen, a press badge, and a glass of scotch (or any other alcohol handy), Cobb sets off in search of stories.
Upon reaching Atlanta, Cobb is confused and lost almost his entire stay.  He wanders his way through the hoards of convention-goers, dressed to the max in geeky costumes from comics, movies, and history. What he expects to find is a mass of “basement dwelling mouth-breathers,” but instead he finds everything from the socially awkward young adult male to sexy girls in school girl costumes.  Though he searches for the seedy underbelly of geek life, he can’t help but be swept up in the hero’s journey that is so beloved by fans of fantasy and science fiction.
I don’t really want to spoil the fun details of story, but if “slashfic,” “nerds vs. jocks,” or “Cybernetic Space Lincoln” pique your interest, this book is a must read.  And I mean, really, how could Cybernetic Space Lincoln not pique your interest?  The book has the feel of a modern-day epic quest in an alien world (well, alien at least to the main character).  It is for anyone who is a fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, or anyone who has been to a science fiction convention (willingly or otherwise).  I found this book to be hilarious and fun, and I highly recommend it.

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