The End is Near

The End is near… for the Wheel of Time!  I have been following this book series since middle school (which is a damned long time for those of you keeping track) but now the end is nigh.  I, along with millions of other fans, have lived through years of waiting for book releases, the heartbreak … More The End is Near

Wheel of Time News

This post will be full of links only, in case people are worried about spoilers… Anyway, in the wake of JordanCon 2012 (which I didn’t get to go to, but Tor has been very kind in forcing Leigh Butler, re-read recapper extraodinaire to summarize here – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4), there has been … More Wheel of Time News

Newsflash – A Memory of Light Release Date Announced!!!

For those of us who have been reading the Wheel of Time series for over a decade (or two), the announcement we have been waiting for has finally been made – January 8, 2013 is the official date for the release of the fourteenth and final book – A Memory of Light! The official announcement … More Newsflash – A Memory of Light Release Date Announced!!!