Newsflash – March Burda Style Preview Posted

The full preview of the March issue of the BurdaStyle magazine has been posted to the Russian BurdaStyle website.

March is the wedding issue and, as I suspected, some of the designs draw heavy inspiration from last year’s royal wedding.  The Burda designs aren’t quite as literal with the interpretation as some of the other pattern companies (*coughButterickcough*) but you can still see similarities with the inspiration.

The “Lady Catherine” gown
The “Pippa” gown
The “Young Bridesmaid” dress

I actually really like Burda’s version of the Pippa dress, but that last dress seriously looks like it belongs on a child.  Could the seam possibly be in a more unflattering position?

In addition to the most unflattering wedding dress of all time (as seen above), Burda also included yet more sack dresses, though they are made up in interesting fabrics in this issue:

Aside from the wedding gowns, there were actually a lot of things I liked in this issue, though nothing I am really dying to make right away.

Nice trousers.
Though I would never wear this print, I like this skirt.
Line drawing of skirt above, for better viewing.
This skirt is similar, but with more of an A-line shape.
This one has pockets – me likey!
Burda seems to be into the wrap tops as of late.
Which is ok, because I actually like them, and want to make one.
Still love this dress.
I even think it is elegant in a solid color.
I also like this Chanel style jacket.
But I like this one better.
Here is the line drawing.
This one is basically the same.
But it lacks pockets.
I am also loving this cardigan – such a pretty feminine shape!

But, well, with the good comes the bad.  There were some seriously questionable pattern choices in this issue:

A wild west coat.
To go over your pirate shirt.
Or a mullet dress.
To go with your fishing vest.

Erm, yeah.  The only word I can think of to describe the pocket placement on that vest is schizophrenic.  At least you don’t have to worry about having the right and left sides match?

In any case, I had a bit of a hard time picking the best and worst items out of this issue.  Mostly because there were a lot of things I liked, but none of them stood out as being far more amazing that the others.  But after thinking about it a bit I have decided to give the Best of BS award for March 2012 to:

Jacket with pockets!

I didn’t have quite as much difficulty choosing the worst pattern of the month, and am awarding the BWTF March 2012 to:

The crazy hot pink vest!

All in all I think this is a good issue, but not a great issue.  There are a lot of good patterns, but nothing that seems incredibly unique or special.  Of everything, I actually think I am most interested in making the long floaty cardigan, though I don’t know how soon I would get to it.

What do you all think?  Did I miss anything good?  What are your favorite and least favorite patterns in the coming issue?

7 thoughts on “Newsflash – March Burda Style Preview Posted

  1. I think the “young bridesmaid” dress IS supposed to go on a child. Otherwise, wouldn't it just be a bridesmaid dress?

    I like the A line twist skirt. However, going through my patterns I realized more than half of them were for skirts- and I don't wear skirts! So I either need to find some skirt appropriate shoes, or learn to sew trousers.


  2. No, in the magazine preview photos it is shown on an adult woman (actually multiple times, in multiple fabrics). I just called it the “young bridesmaid dress” because it reminds me of what the little bridesmaids wore at the Royal Wedding last year. On a girl I think the proportions could work, but as is the seam hits at the fullest part of the bust and it looks really funny on an adult.


  3. I hope you get it soon too! I know I won't get mine until next week at least… mine always comes at least one week after the preview is posted. Actually, usually I see finished garments on PR before I get mine. Which is sort of good – it makes me super excited about the mail for a few days at least!


  4. Oh, that's weird then.

    I love the Burda patterns, and everything people make from them- but thus far, I've resisted subscribing. I never seem to sew anything from the patterns I have. Maybe someday I'll be good enough for Burda.


  5. I was lucky in that I found a Burda Magazine in a store (two days before it closed, but still) and was able to try out a few patterns before I started ordering them online and finally subscribing. I find I get a much better fit from them and I like a lot of their styles more than the Big4 (at least for pants and jackets, which I make more than dresses and skirts). The first Burda was a bit scary and sort of frustrating because I was used to the symbols and instructions of the Big4, but now I find I am used to it and almost prefer it. I think it is worth the price if you use the patterns, but if you don't sew from them then they are sort of expensive.


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