Why is it…?

Why is it that the weather always zigs when you want to zag?  As I progressed with my super warm coat, the temps reached over the 100s.  Ugh.  Now, granted, I am making this coat to wear inside the Coldest Arena in the World, so I suppose it shouldn’t matter what is going on outside.  On the other hand, it doesn’t make me super excited about trying it on for fittings.  I made a summer dress and it got cold, windy, and rainy, and I make a winter coat and it gets hotter than it has been all summer.  Arg.  Apparently I can control the weather with my sewing machine, in a roundabout counterintuitive sort of way.

Also, why is it that the closer you get to the end of a project, the more tedious it becomes?  Always it is the hemming, and button sewing, and finishing off of things that I don’t want to do.  I won’t move on to a new project until it is done, but I don’t feel like doing all the hand sewing necessary to finish the current project either?  And yes, I am aware that it is possible to bag a lining and not have to do any of the hand sewing at the hems, but in this instance I didn’t think it was a viable option.  My coat fabric is so thick I worried that the turning process of the bagging wouldn’t go well and decided not to risk it.  Ah well, time to just deal with it.

I will be most excited when this coat is finished and I can move onto my next project – pants!  I have decided on using the BWOF-09-2003-104A pattern, although I have my doubts about how well my fabric will take to the center creases:

My next project.

Also, apologies for the long string of photo-less posts; I have been a lazy/forgetful blogger and left my camera at my parents house.  This next weekend will have coat pictures, promise!

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