More Fabric Gluttony

Alright, so this looks like a lot of fabric, but I actually ordered some of it several weeks ago.  It just all arrived on the same day.  Since my next project will be a pair of lined pants, I thought I would try out the wonder that is Bemberg Ambiance Rayon lining.  I have heard its virtues extolled across the internet, but I have never had the chance to see it live and in person before.  So I decided to order some from Michael Levine in LA.  Although there are other online sources with more color options, this was one of the cheaper options, since I was just looking for basic grey.  And since fabric loves company, I decided to throw in a poly charmeuse print, that will also most likely be used as lining at some point.  The charmeuse was only $3/yard, and this packaged arrived only two days after I ordered the fabric.  Great speedy delivery.  In addition to the Michael Levine fabric, I also got some 50% off fabrics from Joann while I was stopping in to stock up on thread.
Left: Grey Bemberg Rayon and poly charmeuse print from Michael Levine.
Right: Grey poly/rayon for pants and “April Johnson/Project Runway” poly knit print
In addition to all the fabrics I managed to pick up this week, a while ago I ordered some fabric from Fabric Mart.  It always seems like Fabric Mart fabrics take a long time to get to me, but then again, I usually order things during one of their crazy sales.  In my last Fabric Mart order, I got some great stretch cotton poplin for $1.99/yard.  Of course, the next week they put about 20 colors up at the same price.  So, of course, I had to get some more.  Although I tried to order more variety, I only ended up with two of the colors I wanted (the rest were sold out).  I also got some striped polyester shirting for $3/yard and splurged on some teal wool melton.  All I can say is wow.  This stuff is so fabulous.  I know exactly what I am going to do with it, although it might have to age in my stash until next year.  After having just made two wool coats I am not exactly wanting to make another right away.  On the other hand, I fell in LOVE with a pattern in one of my old BWOFs, and after having a vision of what I want to make I have been searching for this exact fabric for months, so I didn’t want to pass it up when I found it.
Left: Stretch cotton poplin.
Right: Teal wool melton, purple poly shirting.
The teal is actually a bit darker and more subdued in person, but I really love the color.  Overall I am super pleased with all of my purchases and I can’t wait to to sew them up.  Next up of course are my pants (pattern is ready to go), which look like they will (hopefully) be a semi-quick project.  After that I decided I wanted another quickie and plan on doing a knit top, then some practice dresses for skating.  Beyond that I have a big list of projects I want to work on, and I will see where my capriciousness leads me.
Also, instead of hemming my coat I did a quickie top.  Of course, since I want to wear my coat tomorrow that means hemming is getting done before the event.  It wouldn’t be a major sewing project if it didn’t get done with only moments to spare.  In any case, with any luck there should be two finished object posts this weekend.

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