Newsflash – 2011-2012 Skating Dances and Figures Announced (Sort Of)

Ok, so there were a lot of proposed changes up for the 2011-2012 USARS skating season.  While the new official rule book isn’t out yet, and, indeed, even the official announcement of the dances and figures haven’t been posted, I was able to find the requirements posted to the North East regional website (opens to a PDF):

2011-2012 Dance and Figure Requirements

There look to have been a lot of changes in the youth events, while most of the adult events seem relatively unchanged, other than the Premier events.  Those of you who study it may realize there are two new dances and (*gasp*) a new figure being introduced this year.  You can see the diagrams here:

New Dance and Figure Diagrams

I have a few thoughts about these new dances, but mainly that the new Paso (“The Do’blay”) looks so much like the old Paso that I don’t understand the need for it?  I mean, I suppose putting it in the adult divisions, sure, fine, whatever.  But why put it in Sophomore?  Why not just put the regular Paso men’s steps in Sophomore solo and the woman’s steps in Junior solo?  I suppose I don’t see the logic in writing a dance that only changes four steps to remove the turn steps and placing it in a division that has dances with turns?  I don’t know.  It just seems odd to me.  But whatever.  I also feel sorry for those skaters in Junior solo.  They have added the Pacifica Foxtrot (woman’s steps) which is not a fun dance to skate solo.  For a team the dance is fine.  But solo?  Not easy.  Not easy at all.  I could go on, but I will save my rant on dances that should only be skated team for another day.  In any case, regardless of how the divisions shake out, I still have two new dances to learn this year.

EDIT:  The dances and figures have been officially posted on the USARS website.  Still no update to the rules yet.

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