Why Procrastination is Bad

Ok, so I had a menial task that needed to be done for months… but since it was a boring menial task I put it off until the last possible minute.  Which, of course, kept me up all hours of the night doing a boring repetitive task that only required minimal focus, but slightly too much focus for me to read a book or do something else mildly constructive at the same time.  What to do?  Look at fabric online of course.  That was a bad idea because there was only a few yards left of this wonderful teal wool boucle on Fabric Mart.  Being tired and bored I couldn’t resist.  So pretty!  I ordered it, but I missed out.  It is pretty tragic and I am sort of depressed.  Of course, when ordering fabric, it is impossible to order just one piece, so I did get a few other things in the post:

Left: Turquoise knit burn-out and purple stretch cotton poplin.  Right: boysenberry and denim Shetland wool
Close up of the wool.
Close up of the other wool.
Mystery bundle: mostly nylon/poly materials

Overall I am most pleased with the purple stretch cotton poplin.  For $1.99 a yard, it was totally worth it. I was hoping the wools would be a bit softer, but maybe if I wash/felt them?  I will have to do some experimenting with swatches on those.  They were on sale, and I plan to make some jackets from them.  I also like my knit that I got – another $1.99 bargain and I can use it to test out new shirt patterns.

As for the mystery bundle… I had been hoping to get a more exciting and varied assortment of fabric.  I mean, it was a mystery bundle, so I can’t complain, but I think I was more excited by my Fashion Fabrics Club mystery box.  Don’t know if I will be getting more “mystery” items from Fabric Mart….

All in all I am pleased with the purchases, but a little sad that I missed out on the teal boucle.  Oh well.  There will always be more fabric.  That was only part I of my crazy all-nighter.

Yes, indeed, as I was ordering the wool I didn’t get, I couldn’t help but think about the patterns in the 2006 BWOFs that I was supposed to have gotten but didn’t get in an earlier online purchase.  So I figured, what the heck, I might as well go look for them on Ebay, figuring that they probably wouldn’t be there.  Silly, silly me.

BWOF 2006 – the full collection.

Yes lucky, lucky me.  There they were, all 12 of them.  I consider 2006 to be the best year of Burda after looking through the Russian archives.  There were so many wonderful patterns.  And now I have ALL of them.  Looking through them in person, they do not disappoint   I am now debating whether I love the September 2003 or September 2006 issues more.  In any case, I am extremely happy that the correct issues showed up this time and I am already having problems deciding which patterns I love the most and want to make first.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Love the jacket but especially the pants!
I want a crazy print jacket…
Love the 3/4 sleeve style
Another great 3/4 sleeve
Great fall jacket
Love this – maybe as a raincoat?
Love love love this coat.  Love.
Another view with crazy pockets.
Amazing full length trench.
More wearable short version.  I really want to make this.
Cute short jacket.
Love this long coat.  Love.
This coat started my obsession with the 2006 issues.  It was destined for my non-existant teal boucle.
Another great fall jacket.
Yet another great coat.
With fuzzy cuffs.
Love this dress!
And this dress!
Loving the pants and the shirt.
Another view of the pants.
Interesting skirt.
I am obsessed with this skirt.  I don’t know why.
Another cute skirt.
Apparently I have a thing for slits?
Cute top – love the braid detail.
Great button down shirt.
I might use this for my purple stretch poplin…
Another good button down.
Cozy looking top!

There are a lot more looks I really like, but I really really want to make the ones pictured above.  So many wonderful coat patterns.  I have been super pleased with all of the Burda patterns I have made so far, and with my work in progress, so I am super excited with my new bounty.  I don’t know if it is possible, but I am now sort of feeling pattern overload.  Well, maybe not overload, but I feel like I have a great collection of patterns, and now when I see new patterns (like the latest Vogues) I sort of feel like they aren’t quite as exciting as a lot of the patterns I already have.  I suppose this is a good thing, as it will probably slow down my pattern consumption.  On the other hand, now I need to look for more fabric to sew up all of these wonderful coats!

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