Burda Early Preview – November 2011

Burda has just posted their early preview of the November issue.  While I don’t expect it to be as full of awesome goodness as the October issue, there are a few things in the preview that leave me excited to see more when the full preview comes out…

Cape/jacket.  Not sure if I would make it, but is is interesting.
Another top I don’t know if I would make, but I do like it and find it interesting.
Pretty dress.
I wish she were actually, you know, wearing the thing because I want to see what it looks like!

Right now I am really liking the looks of that blue gown.  I just wish I could see it!  And it appears that the whole cape trend is continuing.  I wonder… is it because of Harry Potter?  The whole picture with the wand sort of makes me think that might be the case…  In any case, I look forward to the full preview, and my issue in the mail!  I am super happy I bought a subscription, I really look forward to the magazine showing up in the mailbox.

2 thoughts on “Burda Early Preview – November 2011

  1. Thanks for posting – there is actually a very funny discussion on November Burda on Patternreview.com – all about the Superwoman 🙂

    I personally like the cape/jacket and am pretty sure I am going to make it. It's just too original to skip it!

    Btw, I am a new follower and looking forward to your next posts.



  2. Welcome! Always glad to have more readers. I am nearing the end of making a BWOF coat, so hopefully I will get the time to take and post pictures soon. Also plan on doing a full post on the November BurdaStyle when the line drawings go up and I have time to sit and analyze them!


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