Fall Sewing Plans

I am so excited to be back sewing for myself and finally not projects where I feel like I want to have a big reveal when I have finished.  So I have been doing a little planning for my fall/early winter sewing projects, and thought I would share.

Project #1: BWOF 01-2001-120/121 Caban Jacket

Having just finished a coat for my sister, the last thing I want to do is start another complicated sewing project.  On the other hand, my mom and I will be attending an ice skating event at the coldest arena in the world, and I know none of my current coats will keep me warm enough to survive.  So I have decided I will bite the bullet and make myself a winter coat.  I will be using elements of the BWOF 01-2001-120 and 121 styles:


These are, essentially, the same pattern with different collars and sleeve options.  Which makes it very easy to frankenpattern, since all the pieces are made to go together anyway.  I want to use the collar from style 120, but use the sleeves and topstitching details from style 121.  Eventually I do want to make a version with the hood, but not out of my green Shipshewana wool:

I will be using the wool on the left.

I think with a hood it would be just a little bit much.  The fabric is a wool/nylon blend and very stable.  It went through the wash and dryer and came out looking like it was just off the bolt, other than a bit of warping on the selvedge edges, which will be cut off anyway.  I got a poly charmeuse from Joann for lining, and I will probably be using fusible interfacing, despite my recent success with hair canvas.  I do plan to use hair canvas with some of my more high quality wools from Yoder’s, but with this coat I am going for convenience over couture.  I plan to use muslin for underlining, and cotton flannel for interlining.  Like I said – coldest arena in the world.  I will probably make a back stay and follow some of the other advice from High Fashion Sewing Secrets, because it really helped with my first coat from last year.    For skating fans here is a hint: I have approximately one month to finish this coat and if you look hard enough you may see me on tv!  In a sweeping crowd shot of course, but with a bright green coat I shouldn’t be too hard to pick out.  In any case, I expect total cost for this coat to come in under $70, which to me sounds really good considering what I just saw being sold for $50 at Forever 21, and the fact that it is not possible to find really warm winter coats where I live.  What can I say, we have a very temperate climate.

Sewing Project #2: Burda Pants

Ok, I have been wanting to make some Burda pants ever since the April 2011 issue came out.  I was obsessed by these styles:


But since that time I have acquired several Burda back issues and envelope patterns, with even more great options.  From the envelopes I am coveting:

Burda 7284
Burda 7286

The September 2003 issue has some amazing styles that I would also love to try:


So many great pants patterns in one issue!  I think the September 2003 may be my favorite issue that I own.  In any case, I have some wonderfully soft grey rayon blend that I would love to use for my first pair of Burda pants.  I think I am a size 44 on the bottom, so I can use regular or plus sizes, which will be great for me if it works out that way.  In any case, right now I am leaning towards the 104A or 135 styles, because I want a nice dress pant with a side zip.  I have done fly fronts before, but I don’t have any side zip pants and I think I would really like a nice pair.  However, I am also really liking the envelope 7284, so I will be debating which pattern while I make up my coat.  I am hoping to have this done before the first weekend in November, so that I can wear it for an event.  After two lined coats, unlined pants should be a fast project!

Project #3: More Skating Practice Dresses

Ok, technically I don’t need more practice dresses, but I bought a lot of great fabric for practice costumes over the summer and I really want to make them up so I can wear them.  A lot of my first dresses are getting a bit worn (they are two years old, and received heavy use) or a bit large, and I like to make skating dresses every few months so that when I want to make dresses for competition my skills are sharp.  Not exactly sure which fabric or patterns I will use yet, but I want to make at least two or three.

After that – I have a list on my sidebar, but I will probably be shifting things around a lot.  I may want to make some quick tops, or a lighter weight jacket, more pants, or some pjs.  Who knows.  I can finally get to all those projects I have been thinking about, and I can wait to work down my stash.  Since much of it was bought with specific projects in mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with projects in the coming months.

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