Summer of S.W.A.G.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I have been doing a lot of sewing for my sister these past few months.  A dress, two shirts, a cape, an iPod sleeve, and a full on winter coat.  Other than a super quick dress and two pants whipped up from an already tested pattern, sewing for myself has been minimal at best since spring.  Now, you may think that I am such a kind and generous person, sewing so much for others, but all of this work was truly S.W.A.G. (Sewing with a Grudge).  Indeed, it is true, at heart I am a selfish seamstress, but a rather precocious one.  You see, my evil plot was in place ever since the journey to Europe was an almost sure thing.  I followed the selfish seamstress guide quite remarkably well:

(1) Choose friends who have excellent taste – my sister does.  She already bought me cute shoes.  And she follows directions well.  And her school is three miles from a cute fabric shop.

(2) Choose talented friends who can do awesome stuff for you – like hauling sewing junk across the ocean.

(3) Whenever possible choose friends who are convenient size – like my sister.  She is a perfect Vogue fit.  End results looked far more fabulous with far less effort than projects I do for myself.  Total win there.

And, as Her Awesome Selfishness states, aim for 2-to-1 on gift exchanges.  Well, I am going for 3-to-1 at least – because she is going to bring home a truckload of European sewing magazines!  That’s right – My Image, La Mia Boutique, and Knipmode all at my door without international shipping fees.  How sweet is that.  She may even take out 6 month subscriptions so as to maximize the magazines and minimize her effort.  And, as I stated earlier, she is three miles from a fabric store, so I am expecting foreign fabric for Christmas.  Of course, none of this has materialized yet, but like I said, she is good at following instructions and is quite aware of how much effort I put into sewing for her this summer.  I mean, I even mended pockets for her.  So she owes me.  Big time.  And she knows it.

So, hopefully by this time next year I will have a magazine stack up to my knee and fabric from exotic lands.  Thank you Selfish Seamstress, you have taught me well.

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