The iPod Pouch

While my sister is making her preparations to head overseas, she has been thinking a lot about the best way to pack and transport her stuff.  She recently asked for an iPod case that would be simple but protect it from getting scratched up while in her bags.  Although there are a plethora of iPod cases available, she wanted to be able to store her earbuds as well, since they usually end up as a messy tangle in her purse.  I decided it wouldn’t be too difficult to make, and I went to the stash to get fabric.

This was a quickie project, took less than half an hour to draft the pattern, cut the fabric, and sew it up.  That includes the time to hand-sew on the snaps that keep the flap in place.  The fabric was from my stash – I do not usually stash quilting cottons, but the bunny print was too cute to pass up.  In any case, here is what I made for holding the iPod:

The front with buttoned flap.
The back.
iPod peaking out.  You can see the lining of contrasting cotton fabric.
It can still hold the iPod when in use – the earbuds can poke out the top.

My sister has been pretty obsessed with this.  She barely gave it back for me to sew the snap on!  So far it has done its job well, by keeping the iPod nicely contained in her purse.  It also makes it super easy to see and grab because of the light color.  Not too much effort, but I am super excited by the results of this project.

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