Newsflash – October Burda Style Preview Posted

Ok, so the Russian website is really on top of things and has posted their own full preview with garment and model photos, as well as the line drawings.  On the whole, I think this may be the best Burda magazine of the year.  There is still some of the crazy, but on the whole the designs are classy, elegant, simple, but with interesting detail.  Even the model photos look good for the most part.

Burda seems to have gotten away from both the shirtdress and the sack dress for this issue, and has focused on lots of classy wardrobe staples for fall.  So much to like, but I will only point out a few of the things I am wanting to make…

I love this shirt.  Usually I don’t do big, poofy, or ruffly, but I love it.
Shirt line drawing.
Loving the wrap dress.  Especially since I don’t have a good wrap pattern yet.
Simple and elegant.
Still liking the vest.
Vest line drawing.

 Of course, usually I am looking forward to pants, and this issue is no exception.

Classy pants.
Line drawing.
I want to wear the entire outfit.

Unfortunately, Russian Burda Style did not post the line drawing of the pants which I covet, but the garment photo was posted on the German full preview, so I think it will be included in the magazine.  I hope.  They did seem to use those pants in an awful lot of photos… like this one:

I still want those pants!

But I also want that jacket.  Yes, Burda has come back from those crazy balloon pockets of September issue to present some of the most covet-inducing coats of the year:

Would I wear this?  Probably no.  But do I love it?  Yes.
The practical wearable version.
I am already trying to figure how to get the stamped leather look on the hem.
Line drawing.

Sigh.  Love the Burda coats.  Love them.  I already have so many coats I want to make but I may have to rearrange the que a bit.

Burda was feeling generous, as they drafted some great patterns for the plus sized ladies as well:

The detail and seaming are interesting, while still having a drapy look.
More excellent pants.
Line drawing.  I may be able to get the size 44 to work for me…
Nice fitted dress as well!

Ah, yes.  This is a good issue.  Of course, half the fun of Burda is seeing the crazy, and this issue doen’t disappoint!  The particular flavor in this issue happens to be Wacky Winter Wonderland crazy:

Apparently wearing a blanket constitutes fashion now?
Yeti vest.
The line drawing made me giggle.
Yeti leg warmers!
I cannot even begin to comment…

And, although a majority of the other clothes are quite amazing, Burda couldn’t resist a few crazies there either…

I get that 70s is the section theme, but really?  Dust ruffle dress from mom’s closet.
Crazy pants!
Even the line drawing looks insane.

For once, choosing the best of the issue is going to be much more of a challenge than choosing the worst.  I have decided that since the garment photos and line drawing were not available on the Russian preview, the pants I covet are off the table as an option, and so the winner for Best of BS for October goes to:

Fabulous coat!

While I often base my choice on the line drawings, I cannot help but love the actual garment presented here nearly as much as I love the coat pattern.  I know many people will disagree with my choice and I think that is a good thing.  So much to love in this issue.  Of course, there is also quite a bit to not like as well.  Which brings us to the October BWTF award:

I will disguise my crazy pants with a blinding white furry vest!

The best way to hide a crazy garment is NOT by layering more crazy clothes on top of it.  And it is too bad because I was sort of digging the crazy gold metallic top as well.

So yeah, Burda still gave us a little crazy.  But not too much.  Indeed, I would really like to make or wear a vast majority of the patterns in this issue!  I didn’t show all of the good stuff (yes, there’s more!) but all in all a great issue and I can’t wait to hold it in my greedy little hands.  At this point the subscription is official, but I have to hope that it starts in time for the October issue to arrive.  I may have to order a single issue as back up, just to ensure the acquisition of this issue.

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