A Very Burda Weekend

Ah, yes.  I am still aglow over the October preview and super excited over the pattern sales.  And, luckily, my fearful anticipation of the swarming masses of home seamstresses duking it out of the Burda drawers was for naught.  Indeed, the few people who were there for patterns were all looking at Simplicity.  And, unlike all of the Big4 patterns, the local Joann stores seem to be capable of getting in the latest Burdas sooner than a full month after the announcement.  Of course, they are incapable of stocking more than a single copy of each pattern.  Or putting out the new catalog.  I ended up going to five different Joanns to complete my wish list, since some certain “super” stores only cared enough to stock patterns up through the 7500s.  Ummm, yeah.  Whatever.  Of course, the stores who don’t fill the drawers have out the new books?  Ok….  Then, of course, there were the check out clerks who were looking completely befuddled at the German on the envelope.  Ah, yes, I do so love to confuse the check out clerks.  It’s fun.

All in all a great haul:

Printed stretch cotton and purple stretch velvet.

Oooops!  That’s fabric isn’t it?  Yeah… I could not resist.  The peacock feathers are a lovely stretch cotton sateen and the purple stretch velvet is intended for a skating costume.  Even better – it wasn’t on sale so I could use a 50% off coupon.  Indeed, my crazy fabric obsession is a disease and it has spread to my sister!  She is now stashing fabric as well.  Her latest obsession is this great camel colored coating that will be used with a Burda pattern once she returns from Europe:

My sister’s fabric stash.  Poly/rayon/lycra but soooo soft!

Alright, alright.  This weekend was really all about the Burda sales, and here are my new patterns:

Pants and Suits.  Love the top row of patterns!
Yummy Burda coats!

Ah yes.  The Burda goodness makes me smile.  I plan on doing a bit of frankenpatterning to get the raincoat that has been in my head since the start of the year.  Found the fabric in Fresno in June and now have the patterns to make it happen.  So happy about the sales this weekend!  This week will be some crazy sewing to finish off the coat for my sister and then I can get started on attacking my massive pattern pile.

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