Somehow I missed these pattern announcements…

Somehow I missed the Butterick Royal Wedding pattern releases.  Like everyone else on the internet I ooohed and aaaaaahed over the dress after the wedding.  At the time everyone was trying to figure out the best way to copy the designs with available patterns.  Well, the Big4 have caught up at last.  I saw the patterns advertised in a Joann while I was there at the last sale, but I don’t recall ever seeing these listed in the “new releases” section of the website.  In any case, Butterick and Vogue seem to have filled out their pattern line to include more options for dressing like a princess.

First up, the Kate Middleton wedding dress:


For comparison purposes, pictures of the original:

While the Butterick pattern captures the essence of the original design, something about the photo on the Butterick envelope feels frumpy and old-fashioned, whereas the actual gown feels more modern.  I think it is partially due to the fact that the peplum/ruffle on the back of the original gown looks to be made in softer material, whereas the Butterick version makes me think huge 80s butt bow.  Also, the skirt of the original gown seems much more streamlined and sleek because of the panels, whereas the pattern version seems to use pleats to add volume, especially at the front.  There is also something about the transition from bodice to skirt that is particularly unflattering in the pattern view I think.  While I love the original gown, the pattern version somehow seems to lose the elegance and makes me think of bad 80s poofy dresses instead.

I do think that Butterick has done a much better job with the Pippa gown:

Pippa’s gown – front and back

The Butterick version has a little less structure in the cowl drape, and the skirt is a little less fitted at the knee.  It also uses an invisible zipper instead of the row of buttons as seen on the inspiration gown.  However, in terms of creating the overall look, I feel like Butterick is providing a good replica pattern for the home seamstress.

Vogue has done what I would consider an interpretation of the Pippa gown as well, but made it feel more “bridal” in my opinion.


I actually really like this gown.  Since it is more of a reference to the Pippa gown and less of an actual copy, it feels more bridal to me.  I love the extra fullness on the skirt and the low back.  I think this would be a great way to get the “Pippa look” without looking like you went and copied the dress exactly.

Vogue has also bypassed the Kate Middleton wedding dress and gon straight to the inspiration – the Grace Kelly wedding gown.


The Vogue dress is obviously a bit more modern with the low V neckline and sort sleeve option.  It also makes the skirt a bit flatter in the front which is probably more flattering for most people.  I really like this Vogue dress.  The Vogue interpretation of the vintage dress feels much more streamlined than the Butterick interpretation of the modern dress.

My favorite is the Grace Kelly pattern, by far.  However, I have absolutely no need of wedding dress patterns now or in the foreseeable future, and I can’t imagine using this pattern for anything other than a wedding dress.  I have been known to buy wedding dress patterns when I could envision using them for costume purposes, but in this instance I don’t think I could justify even that.  And while I do have a weakness for pattern sales, I only buy patterns I want to make so I don’t think I can justify getting these patterns.  Even for historical reference purposes.  Hmmmm.  No.  It is best to not go down that road.

In any case, here are some more new patterns to look at:

New Look has released some more new patterns (a while ago?  I don’t know when these came out…).  Nothing notable other than that they also have a cape pattern.  Most of the other stuff is ok, but nothing I actually want to buy.  My experience has been that I don’t get a good fit with them, so I only have a few of their patterns, and they would have to release something extraordinary for me to really want to buy another pattern from them.

Burda Easy Fashion full preview is up as well.  A few cute things, but nothing so exciting it is worth searching out the magazine.  I am still waiting for October full preview so I can drool over the line drawings…

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