But I Can’t Wear Prints!

Alright, I know there are many crazy bright print lovers out there – I am not one of them.  I mean, sure, I like the prints.  The look cool.  But, I can’t wear them.  No, no, don’t argue with me about size, scale, color – I have tried it all and it just. doesn’t. work.  I don’t know, maybe wearing prints is a mental thing?  I think I look bad in them so I do look bad?  In any case, time and experience has taught me that prints on my body are a bad idea.

Then I saw a link to Spoonflower.

At first I thought, well, sure quilters have all the fun, being able to upload their own fabric designs, but these guys print fabric to order on quilting cotton, cotton sateen, cotton knit, cotton voile, upholstery twill, canvas, or silk crepe de chine.  So really, you can use the print for pretty much anything you want.  It is sort of expensive ($18-$38/yd) but then again it is unique quality fabric.

Now, as I said, I don’t usually go for prints, but they have so darned many that are so crazy awesome!

For example, imagine this as a fitted dress:

I don’t have a clue what this would be for, but I love the colors:

Another crazy graphic print:

And look! They have fractals. I may have to squee. Which I don’t ever do. But I may have to for this.

This one is also pretty fun:

And then there is this. Perhaps a little too suggestive for a cotton dress?

I am madly in love with this print, for a shirt? A lining? I don’t know, but I am in love:

Major pattern love for this as well – imagine it as a lightweight coat:

And, finally, this:

I don’t know how I can live without this fabric, honestly. It needs to be made into a 50’s style dress with a big poofy skirt. In fact I think I may just have a pattern….

In any case, no, I am not going to go on a spoonflower fabric binge (haha, 4 yards of the wearable stuff would cost more than I spent total at the JoAnn sale), but I am most seriously contemplating if/when/why I would have a need to dress like Miss Frizzle and how seriously awesome it would be. Actually, it would be sort of amazing to make the geekiest summer coat imaginable and wear it to a Comic/Wonder/Dragon*Con type event. This may just have to happen. Indeed. I like this plan.

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