2019 Sewing Top 5

Firstly, I have to give a shout out to Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow, who inspired me to start participating in the Sewing Top 5 last year. Although, this year I’m really not sure we can properly call this post a “Sewing Top 5” because I haven’t even fully made 5 things this year (for … More 2019 Sewing Top 5

Simplicity Patterns Early Spring 2020

The latest releases from Simplicity patterns are here, and we’ve got some stuff to discuss! Most obviously, Simplicity has completely changed their packaging. While it retains elements of the former Simplicity presentation it also has a more minimalistic, modern, and sleek aesthetic. I think we’ve all noted how Simplicity has been chasing the “indie” look … More Simplicity Patterns Early Spring 2020