Wheel of Time – Cover Art Update

For those of you who are fantasy and science fiction fans, you have probably already heard the news, but Michael Whelan will be producing the cover art for both the print and e-book versions of A Memory of Light – the final Wheel of Time book.  The artwork for the first 13 books in the series was done by Darrel K. Sweet, who has recently passed away.  The e-book artwork has been a collection from different artists who have been asked to do individual covers, not the entire series.  Brandon Sanderson, who is the author that is completing the writing of the series, has been a long-time Whelan fan, and has even had Whelan do the cover art for the first book in his epic saga The Stormlight Archive.  While it is of course tragic that this series cannot be finished with the original author and the original artist, the fact that this project must be completed by others makes the title all the more significant.  I am sure I speak for all Wheel of Time fans when I say that it is most exciting to have Whelan doing the cover art, and the more I hear about the last book, the more excited I am – I can’t wait!

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