Monthly Sewing Review – 2023 April Wrap Up

I sort of knew April was going to be a lost cause in terms of sewing, and it pretty much was. I did a few Cricut crafts as gifts, but not much else. Spring seems like it’s the busiest time for other things (work, side hustles, and volunteer efforts), so sewing takes a back seat. Last month I joked I would be busy until August (I will), but I’m hoping to get at least a little sewing in during May.

Sewing Progress

None, really. I haven’t even been making or updating plans. I did buy a few pieces of fabric because I’m still very into the idea of making button front shirts and I found some lovely cotton I couldn’t pass up. It’s not here yet, so no pictures, but aside from a bit of hopeful shopping I don’t have much to discuss.

Sewing Delays

Astute blog readers might remember that a while ago I had my closet bar collapse and I never really got around to discussing fixing it, mostly because I hadn’t. Partially this is because we had house issues with other things breaking, so fixing those things took precedence. Especially because those things included the area where our water heater had to be removed and we had no laundry facilities for quite a while. Which, of course, means no easy pre-washing of fabrics. Which (given my stash and current project list) hasn’t really preventing me from sewing, but it has been sucking up a lot of energy and attention. It’s been a long (long) several months, but finally things are getting fixed. Hot water is restored, laundry is restored, and even my closet has been fixed! The entire house is still in general chaos, my fabric stash is stored and scattered all over, and nothing is fully “back to normal” yet, but it’s on the right track to get there. We still have a bit of work to get done, but I’m hopefully that I should be able to shift energy from moving things around back to sewing soon.

Finished Projects

None this month really. I did make a few Cricut designs for t-shirts, but that’s about it.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

My goal for May is to just sew something. I need to sew a lot of things right now. I’ve been saying this quite a bit over the past year or so, but it’s true, especially now that the world has opened up a bit more and people are actually going out and doing things. I need new tops because a lot of what I’ve been wearing is older, not fitting the best, or starting to pill from so many times through the wash. I will say that if 30 wears is the goal, at least a lot of my clothes have gotten there. But I would also say my wardrobe options of what has survived through the pandemic need some serious re-evaluation and adjustment. I definitely need some new pants that aren’t jeans and I would love to have some linen trousers for the summer, and some more options for the office. I’m still wanting to make a button down shirt and I’m still on a bit of a bra kick, especially since I fin myself increasingly appreciating the fit of the bras I’ve been sewing compared to the fit of RTW. I’m also finding my store bought navy suits just aren’t holding up well, and I would love to make some out of wool or cotton suiting (or even linen) so they are a bit more robust. So, I have a lot of plans and a lot of needs but not a lot of time. We will see how it goes, but I think my side hustle is going to be winding down in a few weeks, and I’m hoping that maybe I can replace work hours with sewing hours a bit next month. That and work on getting things back to “normal” with regards to all of the crazy house stuff that will hopefully be wrapping up soon.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Sewing Review – 2023 April Wrap Up

  1. Its stressful and time consuming when things break round the house, we had a water leak in the central heating system which was somewhere under the floor. We lost the half bath and the laundry area as well as access via the back door for months. I had the washing machine on a wheeled trolley in the middle of the kitchen for a while, and we temporarily plugged it back in sitting on a rug on a rough concrete floor in desperation to wash clothes. I also had the rail fall down in the wardrobe. I reduced the clothing slightly and we added extra brackets to prevent a reoccurrence!

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  2. Oh I feel this. Our hot water heater “sprung a leak” a few months ago, thankfully it’s in a basement, so it really only made the carpet *very* wet in adjoining rooms, but it sucked. Fortunately, it was under warranty, so they paid for a new one and hubby and I are handy, so we got the new one installed the same day. We remodeled our landry+bath a couple of years ago, and I remember having to wheel the washer and dryer around on dollies for months, ack! I wouldn’t wish that annoyance on anyone. Maybe that’s why my sister’s house has two laundry rooms (one on each level). 🤔 Hopefully things will settle down soon and you can get some sewing in. 👍

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