Monthly Sewing Review – 2023 March Wrap Up

The only sewing I’ve done this month has been fantasy sewing. I had an idea to maybe do the Pattern Review Wardrobe Sudoku contest, but, well, life. It’s all been crazy insane and I don’t think it will let up any time soon. Right now I’m honestly really looking forward to August….

Sewing Progress

No actual sewing, but I did have an idea to do a “Greatest Hits” Wardrobe Sudoku plan because I thought reusing some of my favorite patterns would be a faster way to make a wardrobe collection. Of course, I haven’t had time to actually do any of the sewing, but I thought I would at least share some of the doodles and planning I did at the end of February before things went really insane.

The Wardrobe Sudoku contest is really fun, actually. I participated in 2017 and it was a really interesting challenge to try and make outfits with colors, fabrics, and proportions that work in different ways (rows, columns, diagonals, and if you are playing in “hard mode” also in the quadrants and the center 4 squares). I pulled out a bunch of my “greatest hits” type patterns in addition to some that are in my current queue to come up with what I think is a a very “me” wardrobe plan:

Granted, it looks like I won’t be getting to any of this anytime soon, but lots of these patterns have been on my “I need another list” for a while, or they’ve been high on my “sewing priority” list the past few months.

Sewing Delays

Um, everything? It seems like everything has been crazy and it’s all leaving very little room for creative endeavors right now.

Finished Projects

Hahahaha, yeah.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

Well, if I can get any sewing in I clearly have lots of plans. The reality is that I don’t expect any sewing time until August though. I wish that was me over-exaggerating, but, well, if this month has been any indication things are going to be non-stop for a bit.

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