Holiday Gift Crafting: Pattern Weights

During the course of our bra-making adventures, I often told my sister to “use a pattern weight” to help keep pattern pieces in place during cutting, to which she always replied “I don’t have any.” Now, of course, we all know anything can be used as a pattern weight, really. However, some of the pattern pieces in bra making are so very small that having actual pattern weights, while not a necessity, are certainly helpful when using a rotary cutter.

So, I decided that as part of my holiday gifts for my sister, which already included an abundance of sewing tools, I would throw in some (hopefully cute) pattern weights. The back of my brain remembered seeing some macaron cookie shaped ones, which I thought would be (1) functional, (2) cute, (3) small enough to be easily storable, and (4) the perfect size and shape for using with bra pattern pieces. Of course, when I went to Etsy to locate said cute pattern weights, they were sold out. But, never fear! Google to the rescue. While I appreciated the artisanship of crafting said pattern weights from clay as in the Seamwork tutorial, ultimately the ease of being able to buy pre-made cookie shaped boxes from Amazon and glueing some washers in them per the instructions from Confused Kitty Sewing won out over attempting hand crafted sculpture. Despite being a bit more commercial, I still think they turned out really cute though:

Since my sister will need to transport them after recieving her gift, I left them in their original from Amazon plastic packaging for ease of packing, but presumably they will find a new home in a cute box or tin at some point. Overall this was a fun, quick project and I’m really happy with the results. I hope my sister will enjoy having them and find them a useful addition to her sewing toolkit. In the meantime I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need more pattern weights right now, though if I ever want more in the future I will definitely plan to make more of these because they are super cute!

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