Monthly Sewing Review – August Wrap Up

As predicted, posting sewing plans to the internet was extremely foolhardy and no finished garments were completed this month. I’m not exactly sure what has happened to my energy levels, but the long-term effects of previously having COVID still don’t seem to be fully cleared and this month still felt like a lot of rest and recuperation from all of my early summer adventures. The rest of this year is shaping up to be quite busy both at work and in other life things, so many this down time is for the best, but it certainly didn’t help with any of my August sewing plans.

Sewing Progress

I didn’t get any new sewing projects finished, but I did complete some mending. Super exciting, I know. I fixed an old pair of PJs that had totally ripped out below the knee, and the elbow of one of my boyfriend’s shirts, which he had also totally blown out. My PJ’s were a quick patch job with lots of machine zig-zag stitches using whatever thread was already in the machine. The shirt was a bit more complex with a lot of hand sewing because the sleeve is small and the tear was a giant T-shape that went all the way to the sleeve seams. I think we can tell this relationship is serious because I actually basted the patching in place by hand. I then proceeded to practice Bernadette Banner level hand stitches to actually fix the hole. Who’s this over here actually using proper sewing techniques and not just sort of fudging things in place? Trust me, I’m just as shocked as the rest of you.

I mean, to be fair, I didn’t do totally nothing in regards to my sewing wardrobe plan, I just didn’t get super far either. I have a lot of patterns traced though, but I still need to do lots of pattern adjustment. And fabric cutting. And actual sewing. So…. yeah. Still a lot to be done.

I also got super distracted by the latest Patrones magazine and a lot of the styles I want to add to my to-sew list…

My sister is also still working on her sewing project, but she has constructed the bodice and the skirt and is currently working on putting these together into dress form. I will post more details with progress updates and possibly pictures hopefully next month! Thus far the sewing machine cabinet has been getting good reviews though, so that’s been a win!

Sewing Delays

September, October, and November are all going to have some travel, so I’m definitely not going to have a lot of free weekends coming up. I’m also participating in more events locally, and just generally trying to re-socialize myself into the outside world now that society has sort of opened up again.

Finished Projects

None, but I did get some mending projects out of the sewing room, and actually started working on some digital organization and consolidation including some of my older sewing plans so I’m considering that a small win for the month. I’m also still consulting on the remote dress construction and getting a few other projects started, so while I haven’t been doing that much sewing, it hasn’t been totally nothing for the month.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

Coming out of July I was super hopeful about finishing this mini wardrobe project. Of course, I didn’t really meet that goal, but at least I do have lots of projects that I could work on over the next few months. At this point I’m not planning to do a lot of sewing in September, but I might do some more “needs-based” sewing scattered in with the wardrobe plans. I’ve been walking and exercising a bit more and I’m running low on workout clothes, so I might actually prioritize some sewing of activewear over my other plans, but it remains to be seen how much I actually have time for. I also need some more white shirt options. Honestly, my goal for September is to at least sew something, even if it is only one garment, and also perhaps take another re-evaluation of what my actual plans are. It still doesn’t totally feel like the pandemic is “over” (my sense of time distortion is really bad) but I also feel like things might be stabilizing in terms of work expectations and what I’m doing outside of work as well. With some sort of reliable schedule taking shape I can hopefully actually assess what I need/want to be sewing instead of just guessing what I might need, which is really what I’ve been doing the past several years, and hasn’t really led to a lot of output.

5 thoughts on “Monthly Sewing Review – August Wrap Up

  1. I’m glad you found the will to do some mending! All the good feelings afterwards, but we tend to avoid it.
    Thanks for the Bernadette Banner rabbit hole – I learned some new to me techniques. (But the no knots when hand stitching makes me nervous…)
    Have a great September and don’t pressure yourself!

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  2. Dear Doctor T,

    Since I discovered that I’m a flamboyant natural , I’ve used you choice of Burdastyle patterns for this bodytype. I’m so thankful you have gone through so much labor in order to make the lists. I wonder whether you could make a newer version since the latest issues aren’t included. Somehow I can not trust my own choices. Please consider this, if only pattern numbers and issues were listed it would already be a gift.

    Thank you and pardon my English.

    Sincerely Anna

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad



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