Monthly Sewing Review – July Wrap Up

July has largely been a follow-up of non-sewing recovery and rest. Happily though, the sewjo is finally returning so I’m feeling the sewing vibes again and working on planning my next few projects.

Sewing Progress

No sewing projects to report on again this month; I’ve barely done any planning and even less prep work. I’ve spent the past two days doing a bit of mending, but didn’t take any photos, so once again not a lot to show.

In sewing room news – my needle box label stickers (made on my Cricut) have been applied! I think I’m going to like them a lot – already my drawer feels a lot more organized:

I also have sister-related sewing cabinet updates too! Her build process is complete and the cabinet is starting to get some use:

She has just barely started a sewing project, so I don’t have a solid report of how the sewing machine in use in the cabinet if going yet, but the versatility of also having it as a pressing station is definitely a perk of an all-in-one sewing station if you need space savings! She said the building process what challenging and she wouldn’t want to have to build it again, but also that the customer service was really helpful when she got stuck on a few things. So overall it has been a good investment so far.

She’s also been working on a swatch book! Definitely something I’ve had on my personal sewing organization list for a long time… but have never really gotten around to. Well, at least one of us is going to be organized in our fabric stash and sewing plans!

Sewing Delays

This year feeling like the “year of travel” continues; probably even more so when placed in contrast to the previous two years where there was so much time spent at home. A lack of energy has been the main issue this month, but I’m finally starting to feel back to normal-ish after being sick for most of June. I still have a lot of other travel plans coming up in the next few months though, plus some rather busy work months the rest of the year, so I expect that the rate of output is going to continue to be slow.

Finished Projects

None, but I’m continuing being a good sewing cheerleader and advising on other sewing projects long distance.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

Coming out of June, the goals for July were really “energy dependent” and I really didn’t have a ton of energy overall. One of my possible July goals was assessing wardrobe needs to make some more concrete sewing plans for the rest of the year. I don’t know that I really did that, but I at least have some lose-ish plans for August! I’m kind of excited about having a new goal and hopefully one that is achievable in the next month. With that hopefully it means more sewing posts coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Sewing Review – July Wrap Up

  1. It looks like your sister has an enviable setup, not to mention a gorgeous piece of magenta linen – wow!

    I hear you on the lack of sewing progress – I was already low on sewjo early in the summer but then had a minor disaster in the bathroom next to the sewing room and haven’t been able to access anything in there for 2 months.

    Ocassionally when I need to remind myself that all is not lost I will revisit your extensive Kibbe and wardrobe planning posts. It amazes me all over again how much work you put into that, and I really appreciate the information and inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think those posts are great for inspiration – I find myself going back to them over and over again as well! Hopefully your bathroom situation gets resolved soon – house repairs can be so disruptive and stressful.


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