New Look Patterns Spring 2020

The latest collection from New Look has been announced on the Simplicity site. Of course, the site also informs visitors that shipping has ceased for the foreseeable future until the COVID19 restrictions in Wisconsin have changed. So this is definitely a case where we will have to be patient if we want to add any of these to our collections. But, we can still find inspiration take a look!

N6650 – This dress is fairly basic looking, but I actually think it has some really nice features. I think the neckline is really nice if you like something that is a bit higher but also a bit more open. I also think the back darts are a nice feature for shaping, and the waist tie is a cute detail.

N6651 – I feel like there have been a lot of shirtdress patterns lately, but I think this one has a cute mix of collar, sleeve, and waist details. I feel like this could be a really popular pattern when it finally hits the… stores? Mailboxes? It’s hard to say how distribution and acquisition of these patterns will happen when they can finally leave the warehouse.

N6653 – I feel like this is a pattern that is greater than the sum of its parts. The slip dress is nothing to get too excited about, and the asymmetrically draped top is what I would consider to be cute, though perhaps not a style I would need to make more than one of. Yet together, I actually think this dress is quite pretty! I really like the use of the top in the lace to add detail to the simple dress.

N6654 – Another shirtdress, though I don’t imagine that this one will appeal to the same audience as the previous style. I sort of like how this has both the relaxed oversized fit, but also a nod to waist emphasis. It’s not something I would want to make, but I do think it is cute.

N6655 – I think this dress is really cute. The seaming on the bust detail is really nice, I like the sleeve and length options, and I think the draping detail on the skirt is really pretty. My initial reaction was “pretty, but I don’t need it” but I do really like the View A. I may have to consider it for my post-COVID wishlist.

N6656 – This top is cute, but I’m sure I have similar styles in the stash. I perhaps don’t have a mix of this style of sleeve with this style of cutout on the back, but, that’s what frankenpatterning is for. I do like the back cutout – it’s sort of an interesting mix of being both geometric and delicate – and I think it is an overall pretty style. I don’t need it, but I like it.

N6657 – This top isn’t particularly unique, but it is one of those styles that works really well under blazers or other jackets as a layering piece. I don’t think I would enjoy wearing the particularly high neckline of this blouse, but I can see how it would look really cute with a bit more effort at styling it as part of an outfit.

N6658 – This looks pretty similar to styles we’ve seen in the past – but I do enjoy the play with stripes on the model’s version. Not something I need to add to my stash, but not a bad pattern for the spring/summer months.

N6659 – I’m a bit torn on this skirt. I like the idea of the partial pleats, but I also know that somewhere in my stash is a version (or three) where Burda did it better. I think I’m not really understanding the length here – it’s a bit all over with the slit and the pleats and the midi-length. I’m going to go with a “I like it in theory, but….” verdict.

N6660 – These look like decent enough trousers. I feel like the styling is cute and I understand the beachy vibe. Really don’t need to add another cropped trouser pattern to the stash (Burda has given me more than enough for a lifetime), but it’s not a bad pattern if you like the no-waistband look of view A or the elastic waist option of view B.

N6661 – Not my favorite jumpsuit pattern we’ve seen. I feel like 2-3 years ago all of the jumpsuit patterns were so cute and I wanted to make them all, but I’m really not into the recent jumpsuits that have been coming out. Of course, now that everyone is staying home, our wardrobe needs are going to be significantly different, so maybe this very relaxed style will be all the rage.

N6662 – Ok, I don’t think anyone will be surprised when I say that I love this! I would totally wear this entire outfit, exactly as is. I want the top so bad! And the pants. This is definitely going on my post-quarantine sewing list.

N6663 – This release also has a baby pattern. I never have much to say, but I think this looks somewhat practical? And the appliqué designs and trim are kind of cute.

N6664 – More kids clothes. I can’t imagine a kid enjoying the back buttons, but I was also not so stylin’ as a child.

And that’s it! I definitely want to add that top/trouser pattern to the stash at a later date, and I’m eyeing a few of the dress patterns as well. Of course, who knows where tastes will be when we are able to go out and about or even mail order patterns again? But what do you all think? Is there anything you wish you could sew right away from this release? Or would it have been largely skip-able for you anyway? Do you think having to wait is going to impact excitement or desire for releases that are announced but not available during the quarantine? Let’s discuss in the comments!

14 thoughts on “New Look Patterns Spring 2020

  1. I really like the first dress which is nice and simple lines, easy to sew, and has the option of the wrap tie, that could be very flattering to those of us who don’t have much of a waistline. Kinda sick of shirt dresses as I don’t like doing all those buttonholes lol

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  2. My favourite is the shirt dress with the belt in front and the billowing back. The rest are all fairly generic but wearable – good if you don’t have a large pattern stash already but not tempting me to add to mine. Thanks for the review!

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  3. You nailed it with that review of the girls top. My daughter has strong feelings about clothing and independent dressing. If it were me, I’d be designing princess seamed t-shirt knit dresses, with optional collars, slightly puffed sleeves, or not, etc. Personally, I put a soft elastic waistband inside, just so the weight of the skirt doesn’t distort the top of the dress. They love pull on and go clothing, that still looks feminine. Also, these days, with so many unemployed, I’d be designing stuff that can be colourblocked, and selling them as inexpensive PDF options. As in, about 5 dollars a pop.
    (Hopefully they read these comments 🙂)

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  4. I usually like New Look very much for the classic lines, but there was nothing this time around that excites me too much. I do like 6662, and am intrigued by 6654, but not sure if I like it. I have a little girl and have loved their baby toddler and girl patterns in the past (I got the cutest princess style new look dress I’m making for her right now, 6278) but the littles patterns are blah for me this time around too.

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  5. The waist tie dress is a take on various indie versions – the Cielo top and dress from Closet Case Patterns and/or the Named patterns Ruska dress from Breaking the Pattern, the book. There are others out there. And some of those you can get mailed out now. Named’s Breaking the Pattern also includes trousers similar to those you like.

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  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but lots of 90’s influence in some of these patterns. Love the shirt dress with flowing back. But I do have lots of patterns. Have to see when they arrive in Australia – ???? next year!!

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  7. This seems a very feminine collection to me. The dresses are mostly pretty. I don’t see anything I must have but I don’t dislike any of these. Thanks for reviewing.

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  8. Just realised 6657 is identical to M2005 in the latest My Image 20 even down to the tie at the back of the neck.


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