Burda Easy Magazine 2020 #2

I’m pretty sure that at this point Burda Easy is just a bunch of reprints from their other pattern collections, but I think that it’s still worth looking at. Also, apparenlty Roltek is now distributing Burda Easy in North America? They sent me one yesterday and I am super confused because (1) they weren’t carrying BurdaEasy before and (2) I never ordered it from them? I did renew Burda Easy with GLP 2 days before they posted their announcement about closing their business, but I got that refunded by my credit card company. So I’m really not sure how that happened. But I have this issue now, so yay! Let’s see what’s included:

1A, 1B, 1C – Ok, I’m sure I have this pattern elsewhere in my stash but I love this jacket! The fitting lines are great, and the in-seam pockets are awesome (as is the option for the hood). I always hate when my neck gets cold, so I love the high collar option too!

2A, 2B, 2C – I know I’ve got this top pattern in an older magazine, but I also really like this design. I think it looks great as both a top and a dress, and I like the added detail on the sleeves. Super cute!

3A, 3B, 3C – Can one ever have too many pencil skirt patterns? Ok, the answer is probably yes, but I do really like the options here. I’m much more partial to the longer versions, and I like view C with the lace detail at the hem. Again, pretty sure I’ve got this in the stash somewhere (or one nearly identical to it) but I really like it anyway.

4A, 4B, 4C – Ok, so this is a pretty simple dress/top pattern, but I do think it is cute. I especially like view B with the longer sleeves – I think it looks super cute on the model.

5A, 5B, 5C – This style of pant isn’t anything new for Burda; again I’m pretty sure I’ve got this in the back catalog stash somewhere. I do think they’ve done a nice job of styling though, and I think the option to do a stripe down the side of view B could be really cool.

6A, 6B, 6C – This sweater looks cozy. I’m not usually a fan of the slightly puffy sleeves, but for some reason I feel like they really work here. I also think the 3/4 sleeves on view A are kind of adorable.

And that’s it! Though I did want to mention to retro style/Burda lovers looking to redecorate a sewing room – it looks like the German site is selling posters of some of the early Burda covers, which is really fun! They’ve also got DVDs of the German made for TV Burda film too!

And that’s it! I think that while it’s a bit sad that we aren’t getting new patterns in the Burda Easy magazines anymore, the styling choices have been really cute lately – they are definitely working to sell me on these design styles. Plus, I’m finding it really interesting that I’ve got a Burda Easy shipped to me by Roltek – anyone else have this happen? I’m hoping my regular April issue still shows up as planned!

23 thoughts on “Burda Easy Magazine 2020 #2

  1. Where can I find this issue? I must (must) have that jacket pattern! It may be a repeat, but I know for sure it’s not in my stash. The pencil skirt and the V-neck top are really nice too! Roltek has not renewed my subscription, they won’t reply to me for some reason. I bought the April issue from the UK store… would they have this issue?


  2. I received the Burda Easy also (the shipping label is for 202004 though), so I sent an e-mail (Saturday the 21st) to Roltek informing them of the problem. As I am reading your post, I’ve received a reply stating that it was an error that the wrong issue was sent and that the April Burda Style will arrive late. Hope this helps.

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      1. And the April issue arrived yesterday from them. I’ve no idea about the status of my subscription. Maybe things are reduced in their offices due to the covid-19. Will try contacting them again.

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  3. Don’t recognize any of the patterns, always a bonus! And I think it is a really good spring capsule! Would switch the model 2 top for my ruska t-shirt (breaking the Pattern sewing book) because I really dislike that type of gathering 🤐 might actually sew this? Maybe even without tracing 😳 (ok, probably not but let’s pretend I’m wild and crazy)

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  4. They dug deep into older issues for the patterns or at least inspiration – carrot pants! I think the princess seam jacket is from January 2010 or a facsimile. The knit jacket from January 2010 or maybe 2011 has a wonderful fit though the pockets are useless for anything more than a tissue or lip balm. They’ve added a hooded version.

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  5. Definitely agree on the jacket, very nice. Think I’ve got a shoulder princess jacket in the stash so I’m going to keep this in mind for the fall. I’ve got some hot pink outerwear fabric that would do nicely for a vest. Add a lining with an inside chest pocket and it meets all my needs.

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  6. I wasn’t wowed though there have been Burda Easy patterns that I’ve wanted. I DO like the pencil skirt – really love the mini and the midi!

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  7. I had renewed my subscription right before GLP closed and did get a refund. Never heard back from anyone otherwise though. I usually get a Dutch version sent to me by my daughter.


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