Spring 2020 Butterick Patterns

Yesterday we talked about the new patterns from McCall’s, soon I will have up the April post for BurdaStyle, but today we are going to take a look at the spring release from Butterick! Interestingly, I feel like Butterick is seeing the least changes in the Big4/1 merger/ownership change that has been unsettling everything the past few months. In some ways I think this might be good. I felt like Butterick always knew its audience – slightly more sophisticated fashions that weren’t as runway-ready as Vogue, but were more polished than McCall’s. Sometimes (often) this led to boring releases, but I actually think this is working to Butterick’s benefit now, as it doesn’t seem to have lost it’s way. Of course, I say this like all the money doesn’t just go back to the same parent company, but whatever. Anyway, I think that this is easily the most exciting release we’ve had for the spring and I’m really excited to jump in and take a look!

B6722 – After wading through all of the McCall’s looks, I’m already a bit over the ruffle trend, but I also have to say out of all the ruffle looks, this is probably the one I’d most likely wear. I like that the bodice is quite simple, and that all the detail is kept to the skirt. I also think it could be interesting to do a different fabric for the bodice and the skirt to make it look like a top/bottom combo and not as much of a dress. Lots of possibilities here. I’m a bit surprised myself, but I really like this pattern.

B6723 – This might be one of the less exciting options in this release, and it’s still fine. I don’t think this dress is overly exciting, but I am appreciating the 70s-ish vibes I’m getting from the models. It looks like it could be a pretty simple make and comfortable to wear so that’s nice. Also, we are getting a bit of the puffed sleeve trend, so if you are into that style, this could be a good option.

B6724 – I AM OBSESSED! OBSESSED! I love the striped teal dress, but I really like the color blocked version too! I need this in my life! The use of asymmetry, line, and drape is amazing. Plus it’s a knit! I need this in my stash ASAP!

B6725 – This pattern is another one that seems very similar to styles we have seen before, but it is still pretty cute. I like the neckline detail a lot, and I think that the pocket details are nice as well. It’s a pretty versatile piece – you could style this for work or for date depending on accessories.

B6726 – I’m really digging the vintage vibes here. I think the collar is a really sharp detail (Get it? Sharp!), and I love the two skirt options. It wouldn’t be on the top of my to-sew list, but I do think that it is really cute.

B6727 – This dress is a bit more my style. I love the diagonal buttons and the skirt length options. I think this is a great pattern to use with a print – it has just enough visual interest on its own, but I think the model version of view B is stunning.

B6728 – I’m less excited by this dress – I’ve got a lot of similar styles already in the stash. I think it’s nice, and I could definitely see some of the trendier fashion bloggers rocking the shorter version, but it’s not a pattern I need to add to the stash.

B6729 – This is a pattern I really like but I’m not exactly sure why. I think the style isn’t particularly innovative, but I love the use of the contrast pipping detail on the black and white dress. It just looks so sleek! I think I really like the waist band on this dress – the touch of added waist emphasis is really nice without needing a super cinched waist style.

B6730 – I know I’ve got similar draped styles in the stash, but I think this top looks really nice. It seems to be drafted for drapey wovens as well, which is really unique.

B6731 – I really like this top too! I think the short flutter sleeves are really cute, and I love the proportions with the waist tie. I’m not sure how I feel about the short puffy sleeves, but I like the 3/4 length quite a bit. This one is also totally joining the stash.

B6732 – I don’t think I need to buy this pattern, but I do like the way the print version looks on the model. I think the neckline is really interesting, and I like the sleeve options here as well.

B6733 – Possibly the least exciting top in the release. The puffed sleeves just have a bit too much volume, and the proportions seem slightly off.

B6734 – Connie Crawford. I think this top has some really interesting proportions and I really like the color blocking here. I think the fabrics are a bit stiffer than what I would have chosen to make it out of, but I do very much like the line drawing.

B6735 – Katherine Tilton. Love this top too! I’m totally getting this one. I think it looks like it could be great for scrap busting if you make a color blocked version, and I think it could be super fun to play with using sheer fabrics for the sleeves as well. It also looks super relaxed and comfortable.

B6736 – We’ve seen a lot of ruffle skirts over the past few days, and this is perhaps one case where maybe McCall’s comes out ahead. I do like the fact that these ruffles are on an angle though – but I think maybe it is not quite enough. It looks more lopsided than deliberate here. Though changing the angle probably wouldn’t be the most difficult thing, so I guess I’ll give them point for the attempt?

B6737 – I don’t think this sort of button down skirt is really anything new, but I still think this style looks really great. I know I’ve got similar Burda options in the stash already so I won’t be picking this one up, but I do really like it.

B6738 – Butterick is killing it with their wardrobe pattern in this release! I love this! I would totally make and wear everything in here. I’d buy it for the dress alone, but the jacket is super cute too! Plus these are some really nice classic looking trousers that have a side zip, which is much easier to sew if you don’t have a lot of pants-making experience. This is a total winner in my book.

B6739 – I’m not sure if I’d be as likely to wear this wardrobe pattern, but it gets all the points for being super interesting. I love the cut of the jacket, and the color blocking going on here. It looks super professional but also super fun.

B6740 – Another great wardrobe pattern! I think the long coat is stunning, and I really love the back waist detail. The shorter jacket isn’t as interesting, but it is very straightforward, and the top and pants are really sleek and would make great background pieces for this outfit.

B6741 – Hats! I’m really digging the Audrey Hepburn vibes I’m getting from the lower right corner, so I’m going to say this pattern is a win too.

And that’s it! Overall I think this release is much more interesting than the collection we just saw from McCall’s. I do think these two lines are now being targeted at very different audiences – McCall’s seems to be trying to entice the indie loving sewing crowd who wants simple, more casual pieces, and Butterick seems aimed towards a more mature crowd with more professional wardrobe needs. Maybe my preference towards Butterick is because I’ve transitioned into that more mature sphere? Or maybe it really just is more interesting? What do you all think? Which spring collection is really doing it for you? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Butterick Patterns

  1. I had no idea that the new releases were out until I checked your blog. McCalls was a let down for me also. Butterick nailed a lot for me. Those two wardrobe patterns are a must as is the knit dress. I think the two jackets are more wearable and practical for real life, and I believe a good basic pattern pushes you to be creative if you choose. I also think those two patterns would be good if your running for office! The suit is still trending and I like these looks a lot better than the oversized look for me personally. I’m relieved that Butterick stuck with what works and hope they continue in this direction. The basic indie look is not my aesthetic or challenging to my skill level. Bravo Butterick!

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  2. I really, really like the hat. Otherwise I feel there’s not a lot here for me. It’s a bit less ruffley than McCalls and the wardrobe patterns are nice, but not ‘rush out and buy them’ nice. Oh well. Definitely putting the hat on my list so that’s a win!

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  3. The best of the spring releases but still not really my taste. However as a dressmaker I can appreciate that at least some of these patterns have some detailing to get your teeth into.

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  4. Great review, thank you! I’m glad to see a division between the brands, as it takes me back to earlier times when you knew which pattern company you liked! McCalls and Simplicity were targeted toward younger people, with more current designs that were simpler to sew, while Butterick had more classic/formal/work designs that might be more complex. Of course Vogue always stood apart as the source for designer details and patterns for advanced sewists.

    This is definitely a nicer collection than some we’ve seen recently! While I could pull a couple of the dress designs straight from my boxes of 70s and 80s patterns (and one 40s), I think some of the tops are quite new and wearable for me. The wardrobe patterns are excellent! What a difference from Simplicity’s offerings where everything was floppy tops and elastic waists. I will get B6738 for the jacket – I’m really leaning toward one-piece lapels and dart fitting is so much easier than princess seams when working with tweed or a plaid boucle.


  5. I agree this is a good release. I like many of the dresses and I don’t wear dresses. One top is on my “definitely gonna get it” list, but many of them are cute just not for me. Good review! Thanks. sidenote: I really do like the changes McCalls&Co have made to their website. I like that when you click the “Quick View” (is that what it’s called?) button you get to see the complete line drawings. It’s a definite improvement.

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  6. Hmm I’m not sure if this butterick release is for me. Some of the wardrobe patterns were pretty nice though. I also do not like the yellow background redesign of the packaging. Maybe that threw me off of patterns I would normally be into? End of negative Nellie transmission!

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  7. Interesting collection – I look at this stuff to get ideas on how to make the kids’ clothes that do fit look more adult as I don’t fit into adult patterns (the petite ranges are dire, dire, dire and still not right). That top pattern, B6722, I’ve seen as RTW using two fabrics, similar patterns, alternating down the ruffles, which looked effective.

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  8. Butterick is definitely more interesting. My favorite is 6729 the dress with the faux wrap skirt. I like wrap dresses but don’t love trying to fix gaping tops. This sidesteps that nicely and I love the flounce! Like flounces over ruffles. Like the proportions on 6731 so definitely on my shortlist. Not too oversized. Miss your Kibbe picks, but still trying to pick silhouettes that work with Romantic lines. 😍

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    1. I was thinking about doing quarterly Kibbe picks instead of monthly; but that was before Coronavirus craziness hit and when I had slightly more time… once things settle a bit (my job is related to distance learning/online education) I’ll do something for the Kibbe peeps.


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