Spring 2020 Simplicity Patterns

The latest release from Simplicity patterns has been announced! Granted, I’m a bit late with my review, but this week has been totally nuts and I feel like I’m still trying to recover and get everything that I need to do accomplished before heading into the next week. Hopefully you’ll forgive me if I give a fairly brief round up, though with the new direction simplicity is heading I’m not sure exactly how much there is to discuss anyway…

S9097 – I know the Mimi G Style patterns are somewhat polarizing (they tend to either be someone’s style or really really aren’t) but I think we all have to appreciate that their existence is pretty much preventing the recent releases from being totally dull. I can’t say that this is my favorite dress/jumpsuit design of all time, but I do think that the tailored details on the front are very interesting, I like the highlighting of the waist, and I’m always a sucker for a wide leg. Plus, I think that either the dress or the jumpsuit would have been great in a pattern, so it’s pretty awesome we get both in one pattern.

S9098 – This dress/top looks pretty simple, but I also think it looks pretty fabulous on the model. I think the shape of the sleeve creates an interesting proportion, and I’m curious to see how this is constructed. (I mean, are those just topstitched seamlines or is it more like a cape over a dress? So many questions…)

S9099 – Another simple style, but presumably it utilizes bias cut fabrics to get such a lovely drape on the skirt. I think it might be a bit simple for me, but I’d love to see it on others in some really stunning fabrics.

S9100 – Hmmm… since it’s the “roaring 20s” again, does this mean dropped waists are automatically a thing again? When I started my blog I’d have been dead set against this style of dress, but I actually think this is really intriguing. I love the use of the stripe to create a fun chevron on the skirt, and I also really like the dropped waist belt to add contrast.

S9101 – I’d like to say that the waist ties add interest to this otherwise simple dress, but, well, I have to admit I’m sort of bored by this.

S9102 – Wait, I take it back. Compared to this nightgown masquerading as a dress the previous style was positively enthralling.

S9103 – This dress at least has some buttons and optional features to make it a little bit interesting. Kind of. A bit. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the fabric, but I’m sort of seeing “if scrubs were a dress” going on here. Not that anything is wrong with scrubs (work uniforms are important!), but, well, this dress just sort of makes me feel like I’m at a doctor’s appointment.

S9104 – 1960s vintage loveliness. I love the collar options, and while I’m not personally the fondest of 1960s silhouettes, I can appreciate that there are a lot of people who are, and they should totally make this dress because it’s super cute.

S9105 – 1950s vintage is much more my jam, and I have to admit I really like this reprint. The sleeve options are amazing, and I really like the statement collar too.

S9106 – I want to like this shirt, but I just sort of don’t. I really like the idea of the asymmetric buttons, and I love the fit when a shirt has a center back seam, but this top looks so stiff and awkward on the model. I’d be really curious to see this in a different fabric, but I’d also worry that something softer would loose the nice collar details.

S9107 – My first thought is that this is a pretty standard boxy t-shirt, but I have to admit I do like the way this looks on the model. Not sure how that much gathering on the back would translate in real life, but this could be a nice option if you want a very relaxed shirt pattern.

S9108 – This is another pattern that I want to like, but I’m not sure how I feel about it based on the styling. I feel like the neck drape is maybe just a bit much. I’d be curious to see some real life examples of this pattern though.

S9109 – We’ve seen a lot of circle-ish wrap skirts in the past, so nothing too exciting here. Though bonus point to Simplicity for choosing a really pretty drapey fabric for the sample.

S9110 – Simple elastic waisted culottes and skirts. I will admit that I think the curved pockets are cool, but I’m also 95% sure I’ve got something similar in the Burda stash.

S9111 – I don’t know why but I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of these wrap pants now. Maybe Simplicity has chosen the best angle to photograph, but the model just looks cool. The faux wrap skirt in this pattern is probably more practical but definitely less exciting. Jury is out on the wrap shorts.

S9112 – I feel like this is taking the idea of the previous pattern but just executing it in a less exciting way. Everything in this pattern is so boxy and square in silhouette that I’m having a hard time getting excited about any of the pieces in this pattern.

S9113 – These pants look like they have some interesting pockets! Otherwise I feel like this top is a pretty standard tunic style. It’s fine, but not exciting.

S9114 – The second Mimi G. Style pattern for this release. On the one hand, I know I wouldn’t wear any of these pieces, because it’d look like little house on the prairie was trying to go fashionista and failing miserably. On the other hand I think Mimi G. looks amazing. So, I guess I would say that I like this but I know I’d never wear it. So I’ll just admire from afar…

S9115 – Of all the wardrobe patterns this release this is perhaps the most vanilla.

S9116 – I feel like this would have fit in with the sleeve trends from 2 years ago.

S9117 – I’m just gonna say adorable and leave it at that.

S9118 – I would have totally rocked this when I was 5. I think I was about twice as big as this kid when I was 5 though… (Truly, I know nothing about tiny humans.)

S9119 – The heart opening on the back is a nice detail.

S9120 – Pretty boring.

S9121 – I’m not sure if these are supposed to be PJs or not, but they have pockets, which really should be mandatory for all PJ patterns because they are so darn useful.

S9122 – Dottie Angel. Have to admit I’ve never really been that big a fan of this aesthetic. I figure it’s like Mimi G – either this is your style or it really, really isn’t.

S9123 – First thought: oooh, pretty! Second thought: you have approximately 5000000000000 versions of this pattern already. But it’s still pretty.

S9124 – I feel like this robe pattern looks very similar to something I have in the stash, but I’m also wondering if this is the sort of thing I could get away with wearing in the summer to work… It looks really simple to sew, and I like the idea of embellishing the sleeves or front band to make something really unique.

S9125 – This is where I tell myself I don’t need every jumpsuit pattern ever, but sort of fail to convince myself of this fact because I really like the neckline and bodice options on this basic looking jumpsuit.

S9126 – I think this kid wins the hat game.

S9127 – Family PJs. Fine. Boring, but fine.

S9128 – Men’s/boy’s PJs. Actually this pattern might be worth it for the raglan top if you are looking for a men’s raglan pattern…

S9129 – See S9127 above. Literally cannot understand why they felt the need to include both of these along with S9128 and S9121 all in the same release.

S9130 – Not terribly exciting, but I do like the fabric Simplicity used for the tunic. Also, I think that while none of these designs really stand out, I think they’d all play nice in a larger wardrobe context, so in that sense this could be a really smart pattern to buy at a sale.

S9131 – Add this one to the list of why did we release so many PJ patterns post-holidays heading into spring/summer?

S9132 – Because we didn’t have enough options already.

S9133 – Ok, so I actually think this top pattern is pretty great. A lot of people like to sew woven t-shirts, and this pattern has a bunch of options for necklines, plus some nice subtle shaping which is always exciting to see on a woven t-shirt pattern.

And that’s it! I may have come off as a bit grumpy in this review, but, like, why did I spend so much of my free time this week posting images of PJs? I realize that all of the pattern companies are sort of going through rebranding/reorganization woes at the moment, but that really doesn’t mean you need to introduce 5 new nearly identical PJ patterns in 1 release. Can’t we like tone it down to maybe 1-3? Please?

Otherwise I feel like this release is fine. It’s sort of boring, but its ok. Nothing making me ready to drop my hard earned cash right away, but maybe a few things I’m casually interested in will get picked up at a later date. What do you all think? See anything that makes you want to jump into spring sewing? Or is this release a total snooze fest that gives you nightmares about the direction that the Big4 patterns are headed? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Simplicity Patterns

  1. Wow, this release was DULL. I think part of it was the styling – surely they could have used more exciting fabrics for the samples. Mimi G patterns aren’t my style either but hard agree her releases saved this from being a total disaster.

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  2. I just perused this collection yesterday and had similar reactions! I think the Cynthia Rowley dress is interesting – I’ll be looking for real-life makes to pop up on this one. The S9109 wrap skirt is elegant on the lithe model (which I ain’t). It might make a lovely ‘faux’ dress with a matching top though.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your entertaining review of Simplicity’s latest offerings, which I especially appreciated because the collection is a bit… flat.

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  3. 9124 is a straight reprint of 1318 – exact same model photo. I made it a couple of summers ago in a polyester georgette and it is a really beautiful pattern that comes together very easily, but it wasn’t released that long ago so I am surprised they have rereleased it already. Most of the patterns in this collection after that one look like reprints – I recognise some of the pyjama family photos and the tunics… Nothing to get excited about unless you are new to sewing and don’t already have a bunch of easy basic patterns in your stash!

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  4. BORING! I have to agree that the Mimi G and vintage reprints save this from being a total snooze fest. I’d never wear them because they’re not my style, but at least they have a bit of something going on. This pattern release is making me want to go and look at Vogue patterns for a bit of interesting detailing and tailoring.

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  5. I’m seeing looks similar to a lot of Indy patterns here – S9101 and S9108 look just like the dresses Alice & Co designed with the V&A for the Quant exhibition – free downloads those two, S9099 is similar to a Trend patterns dress that’s been around for a couple of years and very popular, the dress you like looks like the latest Maven pattern, two Indy culottes patterns being made a lot – the Megan Nielsen Tania and/or the Helen’s Closet Winslow (both in better size ranges) … I could go on.

    I also wonder if some of those patterns are trying to address multiculturism? To produce clothes that would be regarded as modest in various cultures?

    My irritation with the Big Four is that if they are not going to release petite sizes, then I’d like them to release teen patterns – my choices from this release without a lot of alterations that are likely to wreck the style lines are a shift dress or pyjama bottoms, so no, I’m not buying.

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  6. So it’s not just me that can’t see any difference in those pj pants patterns, other than occasional shorts length options?

    It’s not the most exciting release, and as another commenter said, there are some indie echoes. 9101 in particular reminds me of the Sew House 7 Tea House dress that I have, though it’s not identical, and I like the detailing of the SH7 version more. A lot of this seems like it might be geared toward newer sewists who don’t have some basic patterns covered yet. But I do kind of like the Cynthia Rowley dress/ top, and that first pair of wrap shorts/pants reminds me of a beloved pair of wrap shorts that I made as a teen. (But in a way that I can actually pull off as a late 30s mom, ha!) I personally think that the Mimi G jumpsuit is fabulous-looking, but so very impractical for my life.

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  7. Gosh! Apart from the vintage sixties pattern, none of these really basic patterns inspire me… Simplicity by name and by nature now it seems. Disappointing. Feels like the company needs to find its voice in amongst the indie crowd – just imitating them (not very well) isn’t really working I think.

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  8. I was already thinking “most of this looks like sleepwear” even before getting to the inexplicable number of pj patterns. Seriously, something about the styling of a lot of those dresses (not the Mimi G and Vintage ones, obviously) just makes them look like nightgowns to me. Must be the combination of loose-ish fit, the length, and the boring fabrics.

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  9. I’m one of the few people who likes boxy styles 😀 – but what puzzles me is that over half of these are re-issues of patterns that have been in the catalogue for years – down to using the same cover photos. . .

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  10. The 60s dress is adorable. I also like 9106, the shirt with the asymmetric buttons. Its front view looks a little kimono, which I like. The nightgown dress and the one before it are what the?


  11. Some of these patterns are reprints of patterns that aren’t that old – in fact, I wasn’t even sure they had gone out of print (i.e., 9124 is exactly the same as Simplicity 1318 – even made up in the same fabric). So when you say you’ve seen these before, you have! The Dottie Angel is a “reprint” too.

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  12. Yup, pretty boring apart from Mimi G. Simplicity has never been the most exciting of the mainstream pattern lines but this is unusually repetitive. Or maybe it’s just the 90s influence…lots of those are things I’d have worn when I was at university, in a ditsy floral print so I’m not inclined to revisit them now!

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  13. Many of these are reprints of other Simplicity patterns. They’ve just been renumbered, new envelopes and higher prices. Many use the same exact photos as the older issues. Somebody actually figured out which ones were copies of the earlier ones and posted the list on PatternReview. There’s at least six, probably more. All the pjs, the mens/boys with the raglan top – I have this one, the kimono jacket – I have that one, and I think a dress or two. This is a rehashed, remix of old patterns. From patternreview:
    S9117 = McCalls M5791
    S9122 = Simplicity 1080
    S9124 = Simplicity 1318
    S9125 = Simplicity 1355 and 7752
    S1927 = Simplicity 1520
    S9128 = Simplicity 1605
    S9129 = Simplicity Learn to Sew 2290 and 7510
    S9130 = Simplicity S4149
    S9131 = Simplicity 2 Hour 5314

    So check your pattern stash before you go buy any of these.

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  14. I saw this release and just despaired over the future of Simplicity. You are right that Mimi G pretty much saved this one. Some of the other coordinates/wardrobe patterns are OK basics but decidedly not new or interesting. The pajama thing is inexplicable. The elastic-waist pants are out of control as well: including the pajamas, nine of these patterns include elastic waist pants.

    I feel more than ever the need to hoard my vintage patterns if this is the direction we’re heading.

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  15. I am pretty sure some of these are new packaging and not a new release. Then again maybe they are soooo boring I just think that. Although I am sure I have 9133 and 9124 in my stash.

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  16. “it’d look like little house on the prairie was trying to go fashionista and failing miserably.” 😄😄

    Nothing really speaks to me here. They are nice but nothing that makes me want to sew anything. Except maybe for the Mimi G pattern up top – the first one, S9097… The dress version is actually really nice and something I’d wear! Maybe not every day, but I would wear that.

    I’m still so happy to have my Burda stash… ♥

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  17. In answer to your question yes, a total snooze fest and I think we are right to despair after the latest offerings from Burda and now Simplicity. Plus I’m still not liking the wishy washy white and pale blue envelope scheme.

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  18. It’s interesting. I’ve hated the last couple of collections of Vogue and McCalls pattern offerings. My mature body that overheats at the drop of a dime doesn’t want tight or close-fitting looks. I like loose fitting that I can add character or fabric choices to make them work for me. So there were five patterns from this collection that I’m thinking about purchasing and no the MimiG jumpsuit is not one of them. It really goes to show different strokes for different folks and how hard it must be to satisfy the wide ranging sewing community.

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  19. I agree- this season has a lot of repeat patterns and Mimi’s patterns are the most interesting of the line! I normally don’t wear this style either but I just had to have her second pattern– the pants are so cute! hopefully I won’t look like a little house on the prairie trying to go fashionista haha that’s why I usually avoid this style

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  20. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been COMPLETELY disinterested in a collection. There is absolutely nothing from this line-up that I want, am thinking about, nada. Meh.

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  21. I’m on the same page with most of what you’ve said! I love Mimi G’s looks, but they are not my personal style so have never gotten any of her patterns, but that jumpsuit may change my mind! I am also extremely happy that some vintage repros are back in the mix.

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  22. The 50s dress and the wrap pants are tye only ones that interest me. I’m going to Hawaii with my family and the pants look fun. Mimi is stylish but no5 what I’d wear. The rest is reprints or blah, blah, blah.😕

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  23. 9122 is a reprint of 1080 as somebody else pointed out and I hope they have sorted out the pattern this print as the pieces did not fit together first time around. I like the two vintage patterns but I am very attracted to vintage full stop.

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  24. I’d just like to point out that in retrospect simplicity spring 2020 was erily prescient with 16 options for beginners to see their entire work from home Covid pajama wordrobe


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