My Image Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

My Image is one of those sewing magazines that offers some nice basics. I really like a lot of the styles they have this year’s fall/winter selection. It was released a while ago (I think just before I left?), but you can still order it here. I usually don’t have any trouble with shipping to the US, and I really like the range of patterns in this release, so it is definitely worth checking out!

I always think the spread of line drawings is the best place to really see what you are getting in one of these magazines. I’m really excited by a lot of the trouser patterns and by a lot of the sweater/top patterns. I feel like there are a lot of great pieces that can mix-and match really well in this issue. Let’s take a look:

The dress is a pretty standard shape for My Image, but the sweater/maxi skirt combo looks super cozy for fall! I’m not usually a maxi skirt person, but I think they may have changed my mind here.

I love all the pants in this issue! I think I need to add all of them to my sewing list. They are pretty basic, but that’s sort of what I like. Great for office appropriate wardrobes, and easy to make in a lot of different colors and fabrics once the fit is nailed down. The midi-dress is a but less exciting, but I also really like the pairing of the button front shirt and pencil skirt. I think the pants/skirt could swap tops and still look really sharp. Nothing flashy, but definitely very practical in the context of a full wardrobe.

Another look at the midi dress. For some reason I find it a lot more appealing in this print? I’m not as excited by this pencil skirt (on the right), but perhaps if it were shortened a bit I would be more excited. I think all of the tops in this issue are total winners.

I love everything about the outfit on the far left! I love the top, I love the pants, I love the belt – fabulous! The only thing I don’t love is that those pants are part of the digital patterns… but I might be willing to deal with PDFs for those pants. Both dresses are pretty standard for My Image, but they look nice enough.

Yup, definitely need those pants! I’m surprised how much I like the shirtdress (far right). I feel like I should feel that it looks a bit like a nightgown, but I’m sort of digging the shaped hem and higher side slit. I’m trying to decide if I think the pink jacket has a cool collar or if it just looks like the whole thing is too small?

Another view of the tops and maxi skirt. I am also really liking the look of the more narrow trousers. My Image has really run with a 90s grunge inspiration in this issue, and, despite my general lack of nostalgia for 90s grunge, I’m kind of all about it here.

I think the layering of the shirts on the right is a really interesting look. I would probably have paired it with the skinny trousers, but I do like seeing how these pieces can work together.

I’m still unconvinced by this jacket. The other pieces are still on my list though!

I don’t really like this maxi skirt as much as I like the plain one that has a bit more flow, but i could see how this might be nice for someone who wants a bit more detail to their clothes. I must admit I’m sort of won over by the massive fuzzy jacket. It just looks so warm and cuddly!

I think I appreciate the pencil skirt more in this shorter length, and the jacket looks a bit better in a lighter-weight material too.

Fuzzy jackets all day! Also, it takes a certain panache to pull off crushed green velvet pants, but I’m totally digging it.

More options. I really like the draped cowl neck top on the right. The jacket on the left is perhaps finally winning me over in this fabrication.

I really like all of the styling on these pages. It showcases the versatility of the options in this issue.

I do like how the designs are presented multiple times. The dress was totally forgettable in the first showing, but I really love the look and fit of it here! So cute.

More versions of the top, dress, and trousers.

Cute. I also really appreciate how they show these styles on several models/body types, including younger teens and more mature adults.

The color blocked sweater top on the left is super cute!

Yup, I pretty much want to make everything…

And just in case it wasn’t clear from the line drawings, these three patterns are available as digital PDFs. If you get the magazine the downloads are free with a code, but if you only wanted one of these patterns you could just buy it directly.

And that’s it! Overall I think this is a great issue to have in the stash. What do you all think? Is this issue full of the fall and winter wardrobe basics you’ve been looking for? Or is everything so boring you don’t want to bother? Are you on board with the 90s grunge revival going on here? Or does the styling totally throw you off? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “My Image Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

  1. I am undecided on this one. I like the skirts, the trousers, and the midi dress, but the other patterns are too shapeless. The jacket in particular bothers me because it could have fit so much better with the addition of some darts or seams. I know they’re trying to keep things simple, but even two little darts would have helped!

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  2. Like a broken record since the 90s: “This would have looked better with different shoes.” #nothankyoudocmarten
    But I really like that cowl neck dress, especially in that sweater knit. I hate knitting, this could really make it work! Also the cowl neck blouse and the belted blouse. Those would really elevate a work wardrobe!

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