Burda Distribution Updated Update!

The new distributors who are taking over for GLP have sent out a letter detailing which of the former GLP offered magazines they have or will be distributing in the coming months:

Hopefully by now everyone who had a Burda subscription with GLP has received their magazines, but in case you haven’t there is contact info for Data Media/Roltek/Sunrise News is included above. I assume most people will be getting this letter, but just in case you hadn’t I thought I would share. I’m super happy Burda is available though, because these fall issues are looking to be really good! And it looks like Burda Plus will be available in the near future! It seems I may still have to turn to Burda France to get a Burda Easy subscription though…

Anyway, hope this was helpful, and happy Burda-ing!

7 thoughts on “Burda Distribution Updated Update!

  1. Thanks for the info!

    More or less the same letter I’d gotten in spring, though they didn’t have a list of titles. Great to see they are getting more for those who buy them! I simply cannot find anywhere online to get Burda Easy – found one on Ebay but it would have cost like $40 an issue. 😦

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  2. Thanks for this update. How about new subscriptions to the magazine? Do you know any information about this?



  3. I too got this letter. However, I have had absolutely no luck contacting them. I’ve left multiple messages requesting call back (when calling, leaving voicemail is only option) and have also emailed. My issue is trying to confirm a renewal that was done through Amazon right before news of the demise of GLP. Next month’s issue SHOULD start new subscription period. I plan to keep leaving messages and sending emails but I do have to say, I’m concerned about the lack of response over the last two weeks. Hoping and praying all will be well!!!

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  4. This letter is posted on the former GLP News website as well and can also be found on Roltek’s websiteThe thing with this update is:
    a) service@roltek.com is not answering any emails
    b) I called Roltek and spoke to a nice lady named MaryAnn who was going to send me an order form. Unfortunately, this order form never arrived. My subscription from GLP was not found in their data base, so no refund for the $88 I spent on the 6 months renewal (I thought it was weird anyways at that time, that GLP was not offering an annual renewal as they previously did).
    c) I have now contacted info@cover-all.ca, copying service@roltek.com on 7/25, and still don’t get an answer. How can anybody newly subscribe? What happened with my previous subscription which was paid for in April? I don’t see the particular magazine on their list but I would gladly put that money towards a subscription of a magazine they DO carry.

    It is just not very friendly to leave multiple messages unanswered and to promise ordering instructions/form and not send it.


  5. Did not get this letter at all. Missing 2 issues from my 6 months subscription. Contacted Burda France and got a one-year subscription from them plus the 4 Easy editions.
    Hopefully by next year we’ll have a reliable distributor….

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