Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – Super Late June Round Up

Even though June wrapped up over a month ago, I wanted to keep up with my Kibbe Challenge update posts. Obviously, no Kibbe related sewing has happened the past five weeks (I’ve been traveling a lot and haven’t had any access to a sewing machine), BUT I did sew one thing in June that never got documented on the blog – a puppy PAWSPLAY!

At the risk of outing my friend as having become a total stage mom, I agreed to make her fur baby a pawsplay (dog cosplay) for the Pawmicon convention. Although the costume inspiration Eddie Ibrahim is something of an insider celebrity for the Comic-Con attendee crowd, I do have to admit my fur-niece does look pretty adorable…

Full disclosure – I did not use a pattern for this and sort of self-drafted everything on the fly about 3 hours before I had to leave for the airport for the first of my three consecutive summer adventures. You know, as you do. I’m pretty sure this makes the puppy costume a legitimate cosplay due to the total last-minute-ness of the construction. Not that that is a requirement for Cosplay. But, you know, it does tend to be a feature of the craft for some reason…

Meanwhile, here’s the Kibbe related news that’s was going on around the sewing blogosphere back in June…

Since I’ve been gone, I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of your sewing posts (hopefully I can get caught up on blog-reading soon!), but hopefully I’ll get back to posting links to others who are participating in the Sew Your Kibbe Challenge when I get around to the August Round-up. If you have anything cool to share, please feel free to leave a link in the comments!

And, as always, here are my top picks of new pattern releases for the Kibbe types. Since I’m so delayed, I’m only picking from the July Burda and McCall’s Early Fall releases here, as these were both announced in June. I’ll consider other recent releases when my late July wrap-up goes live:


BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #103, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #109B, and McCall’s M7983. All of these have sleek, elongated vertical lines though I do think the options from Burda are some nice examples of how Dramatics can do casual. By using a slightly softer fabric or by having a touch of extra seaming detail, even when it is very structured and geometric in nature, the Dramatic look feels more casual.

Soft Dramatic

McCall’s M7970, McCall’s M7975, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #127. All of these patterns have the larger, sweeping shapes that are associated with Soft Dramatics, though perhaps a bit toned down and more casual feeling for summer.

Flamboyant Natural

BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #114, McCall’s M7976, and McCall’s M7979. All of these styles have the unconstructed shaped that are recommended for the Flamboyant Natural Kibbe ID.


BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #107A, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #126, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #104. All of these styles also have the unconstructed shapes that are great for all Naturals. The July Burda Magazine was a great issue for Naturals!

Soft Natural

BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #125, McCall’s M7985, and McCall’s M7975. All of these tops have a slightly unconstructed feel, but can have some waist emphasis. What is interesting to note with McCall’s M7975 is that I also picked that as a good choice for the Soft Dramatics. However, I feel like for Soft Dramatics this would be more of a casual top, but, for Soft Naturals, depending on fabric choice, I think it could create a much more sophisticated look, especially if it were paired with a pencil skirt and some nice jewelry. This is one of those pieces that really illustrates that clothes themselves can work for many Kibbe IDs, but they may have a different function in the wardrobe depending on the Kibbe type.

Dramatic Classic

BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #118, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #115, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #109A. All of these styles have the clean, crisp lines that work so well for Dramatic Classics, while still having a relaxed summer feel. The shapes are all a bit less sharp than what a Dramatic Classic is capable of pulling off, and it really lends a more casual, summery vibe to these styles in the context of a Dramatic Classic wardrobe.


McCall’s M7972, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #118, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #110B. That white dress is such a good option for Classics! It is crisp and fitted but not too severe. The other styles are a bit more relaxed, but sort of go with the casual summer theme we are looking at here.

Soft Classic

McCall’s M7978, McCall’s M7981, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #107B. All of these are a bit more in the early-fall realm, but I think they would all be great options for a Soft Classic wardrobe. The middle skirt in particular would be an extremely versatile piece for a Soft Classic, and could be made in a wide variety of fabrics.

Flamboyant Gamine

BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #110A, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #117A, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #113B. I feel like all of these styles from Burda could be great options to create those staccato lines that work so well for Flamboyant Gamines. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’ve all be presented in rather wild prints here.


McCall’s M7967, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #118, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #115. This white dress is really a great option for a lot of style types, since it’s lines really are very classic. The McCall’s dress is also great because it is extremely fitted and can have a very short hemline, which usually works very well for Gamines.

Soft Gamine

McCall’s 7973, McCall’s 7977, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #121. All of these styles have a softness to the silhouette, but still have a fitted neckline and cuffs, and some perky ruffle details. The McCall’s dress in particular looks like it would be a very versatile pattern, as many of the different views could be used to create different looks for the Soft Gamine.

Theatrical Romantic

McCall’s M7974, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #119, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #102. It was a bit tricky to find Romantic and Theatrical Romantic looks this month because so many styles are unconstructed silhouettes for summer, but these three styles could provide some very casual summer styles for a Theatrical Romantic. The t-shirt especially could be a nice option because it is nicely fitted and has some delicate details on the sleeves.


McCall’s M7974, BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #113A, and BurdaStyle Magazine 07/2019 #105. Personally, I think the McCall’s dress is a bit better for the Romantic ID than the Theatrical Romantic subtype because the shapes are so rounded, but it also has some nice waist emphasis. The jacket is probably not the best option, but it does have some waist definition and the shapes are very soft and rounded.

And that’s it! If you’ve found any other great Kibbe related content to share or have any updates on your own Sew Your Kibbe challenges please feel free to drop a line in the comments!

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