Vogue Patterns Fall 2019

And, in an attempt to post something slightly relevant to what’s been happening in the sewing sphere today, let’s look at the Fall releases from Vogue!

V1631 – Custom Fit. Love this dress! It reminds me very much of the Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress knock off from years back. Also interesting to note that the regular Vogue patterns and the Designer patterns are now all coming in the larger envelopes with numbers in the 1600 range and not in the 9000 range as they had done previously.

V1632 – I want this pattern for the top (and maybe the pants?) rather than the dress as shown here. I mean, the dress is cute, but I’d love to have this as a top!

V1633 – Even though this dress feels similar to styles that everyone has been releasing lately, for some reason it feels much more sophisticated when it comes from Vogue?

V1634 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. I’m not too excited by the line drawings, but the shorter version looks super cute on the model.

V1635 – A bit boxy, but the collar and sleeve detail are pretty cool.

V1636 – I feel like I already have a pattern like this in the stash (or two… or three), but I really like this peplum top! I’ll refrain, because I know I have some, but it is cute.

V1637 – Marcy Tilton. I really like the way this pattern highlights the print fabrics in the model garment. And it looks really sophisticated in a solid as well.

V1638 – This skirt is another pattern I don’t need, but I really like. I’ve really been loving these asymmetric hems lately!

V1639 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. I find myself liking this pattern more on the models than I’d have expected based on the line drawings. Perhaps the fact that I’ve also been catching up on my YouTube Kibbe viewings and learning more about the fairytale ethereal has some impact on this, or maybe it is just the super chic styling, but I’m surprisingly really liking this skirt.

V1640 – I wish I could see a picture of the longer version of these pants, but I think I’m getting them anyway.

V1641 – Júlio César. These pants are another pattern that I’m finding surprisingly cute! The detail work might be a bit much to do on every pair of pants, but the overall fit is actually pretty nice.

V1642 – I feel like the jacket and pants together are just a bit over the top in the volume department. I like the pants, and the top/jacket has some nice details, but all together it sort of feels like a lot.

V1643 – This wardrobe pattern is a must buy for anyone who likes really classic lines. The cardigan/jackets are perfect for elongated knockoff of the brand that shall not be named, and the sheath dress is perfectly classic, as is the pleated skirt. This is the sort of pattern I would have been all over about 3 years ago. Going through the Kibbe journey, I can now recognize that these aren’t the sorts of styles I really want to make for myself, BUT this pattern is a total gem if you have Classic lines or really want to incorporate the “French ethereal” into your overall look.

1644 – Kathryn Brenne. Another pattern where I like the jacket and the pants but maybe not together? I do love the deep front pocket detail on the trousers though.

V1645 – Rachel Comey. I think this is probably one of the most popular patterns in this release, based on the limited buzz I’ve seen since being back. I have to admit, there are a lot of fun details here. This overlapping front piece has been a very popular trend in jumpsuit land lately, but I really like the way it is incorporated with the half belt detail here. Maybe not exactly the perfect jumpuit for me, but it is super chic.

V1646 – Rachel Comey. Another pattern where I like both pieces, but not together. The skirt is super cute, and the coat looks like a great early fall piece, but together they feel like a bit too much of the same fabric. Is it just me? Have I not adjusted to the all-over pattern/boxy silhouette yet?

V1647 – Paco Peralta. This is a cute jumpsuit with a nice contrasting geometric detail on the bodice.

V1648 – Júlio César. This jacket has a lot going on with the appliqué detail work, but somehow the overall effect is really cute! It really stands out with Vogue’s styling here as well.

V1649 – SWOON! I LOVE this coat! LOVE! It’s got lots of yummy classic tailoring details, but also the pop of color contrast on the draped hem. Stunning!

V1650 – Guy Laroche. Love this more classic trench too! It has some nice details on the sleeve, and with the extra thick belt loops. Another very stylish, yet super classic piece in this collection.

And that’s it! I have to say that of the Big 4/1, this is definitely the best fall/pre-fall collection we’ve seen so far. Granted, I still need to go into the August Burda (I’m so excited!) and a few other things that have come out in the past month, but of the paper pattern releases this is one of the best so far. There’s lots of good things in here that have trendy aspects, but they all have really solid bones, so they will likely be very useful patterns for years to come. Personally I’m obsessing over the coats, but there are also a few dresses I’ll be adding to the stash. What do you all think? Are you excited by the new Vogues? Are the olive backgrounds killing the details on the envelopes? What do you take away from the numbering change for the non-designer Vogue patterns? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Vogue Patterns Fall 2019

  1. One of the best collections in a long time. I, too, have a really hard time with the volume on a couple of the outfits,
    So glad you are back with commentary,

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  2. I really like. Any of the Vogue looks. There is just that certain something that distinguishes them. The coats are lovely but would count more for shoulder seasons for me. The trench would be great for fall. I very much like the draped coat but the fabric would likely have to be more suit than winter weight for us.

    Overall, I agree that I like many of the pieces separately rather than as ensembles. Thank you for reviewing these….much appreciated.
    Abbey Sews

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  3. First things first. I have totally missed you and I am SO glad you are back.

    This is the IMO the best release in god only knows how long. I love all the things by Julio Cesar and the Guy Laroche coat is beyond amazing.

    Did I mention I’m glad you’re back?

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  4. So many interesting designs! i used to buy patterns just because I loved the designs. Then either never sew them up or looked terrible on me because it didn’t work for me. I’m trying to stick to things that will work with my short Romantic type frame. I do like the Today’s Fit skirt so much i’m probably going to buy it whether it’s my type or not! I love pick-up skirts. My mother’s wedding dress and my daughter’s prom dress had those types of skirts.

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  5. Yay you’re back! 🙂 I’m shocked to see there is a pattern or two I actually like. The Julio Cesar 1641 pants are cool, in my humble opinion. And the cardigan pattern in the classics collection is one I’d try.

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  6. Just bought 7 patterns from this release with another 5 on the ‘maybe’ list. Really a stand-out release IMO!

    1638 – Is so cool and right up my alley for fall. May even make it in a plaid!!
    1642 – I bought this really cool fabric from Metro Textiles with no plan for it and *that* top is IT!!!
    1643 – love this entire collection but that skirt is just breathtaking.
    1645 – This Rachel Comey jumpsuit is everything. And seeing Carlos’ ‘live’ on IG just made it an even bigger “must”
    1647 – I am buying all things Paco but also, I love the lines on this one.
    1648 – Will likely skip the applique. This is a beautiful jacket. Just beautiful. I bought an interfaced piece of wool from Mood last year and I think it’s found it’s pattern match!
    1650 – No words need to be spoken about this coat! :-p

    The other patterns on my radar are the coat from 1649, 1633 dress (though that armhole looks a little scary low), V1636 is beautiful, V1635 is a nice basic and I keep going back and forth on whether I should add it…or if there’s a similar Burda already, and I happen to like the crazy pants in 1640!

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    1. I just found a sale at Jo-Ann and scooped up 1649, 1650, 1640, 1632, and 1631. Been home for less than a week and already bought like 10 patterns. I totally don’t have a problem or anything…


  7. I recognize the beauty of many of these patterns, but I also recognize that I would never sew them. Can’t wait to see what the rest of you do with these.

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  8. I really love this release! Vogue has been so blah recently but this is a return to form. Good spot on the pattern numbers – I had missed that. I suspect it’s more evidence that they’re winding down the designer collaborations though. But when the in house designs are as good as these I’d still be buying them.

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  9. Whenever you do these posts I see more in each pattern list! And it is terrific to see your posts again.

    I love some of these and can see me getting 1644 and adapting an existing pattern to look more like 1641.

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  10. Does anybody know the sale schedule for patterns on the Vogue website? I wish these things weren’t so difficult to look up.


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