Butterick Patterns Summer 2019

This news has already exploded over the sewing blog-o-sphere, but it seems that this year Butterick is seriously winning at the summer patterns game. I have to admit that my first impression on the overview page was “meh, lots of summer dresses,” but somehow I’ve ended up adding a lot of them to my pattern wishlist. There are so many good details! And/or lack of details that really work for easy summer garments. Either way, Butterick has got me on board, and I’m so excited for this release! Let’s take a look…

B6673 – This dress doesn’t have any particularly new design features, but I do think it is a very appealing style because it is really versatile with the various fabrications. It looks great in a floral, but can also be used to create a cool chevron effect. Personally, this is one I think I can skip, but I do think this could be a really popular pattern because it is so simple and so versatile.

B6674 – Another cute, casual summer dress! I like the more fitted shape; lately we’ve seen so many button down styles that are very loose, so this is a nice alternative option. I also love that this pattern includes the tote; it just feels like extra bang for the buck in this pattern.

B6675 – Love this dress! This pattern comes in Butterick’s extended size ranges, and looks great on both of the models here. I really love the asymmetric hem option, and both sleeve options. Personally, I think I’ll leave off the collar ruffle, but I do like that this pattern has so many options.

B6676 – Cute! I really love the neckline and waist details on this dress, and I think the two skirt options makes this pattern more versatile for different body types.

B6677 – Ok, so the prairie inspired maxi dresses usually aren’t my thing, but I don’t hate this. (Or, I guess “I’m not mad at it” as the kids say…). The proportions of the ruffles to the overall silhouette make sense and aren’t too overdone.

B6678 – I’m a little less impressed by this maxi dress. Mostly because it feels more generic; the design features here don’t feel as special. It’s fine, just not amazing.

B6679 – The twist-top on this dress is cute! I really love the three skirt options as well; Butterick is really going after fitted bodice styles this release and it feels so new after all of the more blousy/boxy styles we’ve had the past few years.

B6680 – Another cute dress design! I really like the side gathers and the interesting seaming of the skirt. I think this could be one of those super versatile patterns that would look great in a casual fabric for everyday, or a fancier fabric for special occasions.

B6681 – Lisette. I have to say I’m really not excited by this pattern at all, but it is really antithetical to my typical style (and even more so after doing the Sew Your Kibbe Series). Anyway, I feel like this is a design where you either like the silhouette or you don’t, so I think it will have a very specific audience.

B6682 – Retro Butterick circa 1952. Marilyn style retro dress? Yes please! My sister doesn’t even know it yet, but I’m totally making one of these for her; she looks so great in these style of dresses.

B6683 – I’m not that excited by this tunic/dress pattern, but I think this one could have perhaps benefited from more model photos of the other views. I do like the way the color blocked version hangs on the model, but I can’t say that the line drawings of the other styles have convinced me of the greatness of this pattern. Perhaps I will be more excited if I see some pop up on the internets in the future.

B6684 – Cute! It’s been a while since we’ve had a lot of pussy bow blouse options, and I think this one does a great job of incorporating different necklines and sleeve options. It also looks like it could be great as part of a summer work wardrobe; enough style to be professional, but still lightweight enough to be workable for summer temps.

B6685 – Fast & Easy. This tops is back in the crazy ruffle sleeve territory. Possibly could look ok in a drapier fabric than the one on the model; it looks just a hint too stiff.

B6686 – Fast & Easy. I like the back yoke gathers on this top. Not sure I like the sleeve style, but otherwise it is a decent enough blouse for the summer.

B6687 – I like this top! The sleeve options are nice and not too over the top, and it is loosely fitted without being either too tent like or too clingy. It’s nice to see a top for woven fabrics as well – I could see this becoming a very popular option this summer.

B6688 – Another loose tunic top. I don’t think this one is as interesting; it feels very much like many of the other blousy tunics with large sleeves that we’ve had in recent years. But, it does at least have a few different sleeve options, which should make it more versatile.

B6689 – Katherine Tilton. I find this tunic length top much more interesting in the color blocked style; the gathered pockets also add a bit of interest here.

B6690 – Connie Crawford. Ok, so I know this pattern is just a basic raglan sleeve T-shirt. However, this is a basic raglan sleeve t-shirt pattern that goes up to size 6X, which makes it a much more intriguing release. It’s the sort of t-shirt I’d wear, but it’s also the sort of shirt my mom would wear. I’m definitely adding this one to my stash when it goes on sale because I’ve really been looking for an extended size range t-shirt that I can use to make something for my mom, and this looks perfect.

B6691 – Ah, I love this! I want all of the jumpsuits (ALL OF THEM), and I like the cardigan jacket too. I even *gasp* like the ruffles on the sleeves. Shocker, right?

B6692 – Making History. This is stunning and I need it! This might be one of the more detailed costume patterns we’ve had from Butterick in a while, but it is a truly stunning addition to the line, and well worth adding to my stash of historical and costume patterns.

And that’s it! I don’t know why this release feels so exciting; there’s not really anything super new happening here, yet I find myself really excited by a majority of the styles in this release. Maybe we’ve just had such a dearth of details lately that any hint of a non-ruffle adornment feels new and exciting at this point. Regardless, I’m sure there are quite a few of these patterns I’ll be picking up when the next sale rolls around. What do you all think? Is this the sewing inspiration you’ve been waiting for? Or does it just feel like a rehash of styles we’ve all seen before? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Butterick Patterns Summer 2019

  1. For me it’s a definite MEH. There is literally nothing here that I would wear, as a dramatic classic. Where are the shorts, pants and skirts? Where are the non frou-frou tops? (Kinda lucky really, I really shouldn’t be buying anything new until I’ve worked my way through the sizeable stash I already have! 😉 )

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  2. I’m with you. It’s a great release and the more I look at it, the more I want ALL the patterns.I absolutely love the silhouettes and designs of most of the dresses. Some even have cup sizes—bonus! And you’ve convinced me on the CC raglan tee. I don’t wear raglans, but I think I’ll have to try this one. I’ve made one of CC’s basic set-in sleeve T-shirts before and it was fine. Think I’ve found my focus for summer sewing.

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  3. I think the dresses are all very wearable. I especially like 6679 and 6680. Not for me, mind you. For me it’s all about the pull-on tops. I like the 6685, 6687, and 6688. I think this is a good collection of patterns. I enjoy looking at them even if I don’t wear summer dresses. I too miss the shorts and pants – as someone else mentioned. And no skirts??

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    1. I agree it’s a bit lopsided as far as a summer release goes, but I’m at least happy to have some patterns to be excited about. I’m hoping Burda will help us out with separates, but it really doesn’t feel like there have been a lot of interesting trouser patterns lately from any of the brands… 🤔


  4. I liked this more than the Vogue summer release; I normally don’t get on with Butterick at all so it was a pleasant surprise to see plenty of appealing patterns! Doubt I’ll buy any though as I have no need of pretty summer dresses, but fun to look at.

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  5. The raglan T-Shirt is one I’ll definitely get when these come on sale, along with the Fast and Easy shirt with the back gathers – the simple version (with no ruffles, thanks) is a pattern I could get a lot of use from. I gotta say some of the dress are nice! A surprising collection!

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  6. You already know my take! haha!!

    I was very impressed by this release. Nearly everything looks fantastic. And I just realized that 6674 has cup sizing. Squeeeeeee!

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  7. Drop shoulders seem to be coming back in which are certainly easy to sew. Love 6675 with the asymmetrical hem w/wo the ruffle. Looks like a perfect summer dress for me since I don’t wear sleeveless. The jumsuit combo would be smashing on my 22 yr old daughter. She loves jumpsuits. Definitely want the costume.! Lots of other nice things. But that caftan! The drawings aren’t bad but the model is hideous! (Dress not gal). I’m always on the lookout for loose dresses for my mom who is in poor health. I could not foist this one on her…

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  8. Yes there are a lot of nice dresses and tops here. I don’t often buy Butterick patterns so the fact I’ve now added 4 to my wishlist (6675, 6679, 6680, 6684) says a lot!

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