Vogue Patterns Summer 2019

The summer collection from Vogue has been announced! While I feel like this might not be the best collection for me, I do think there are a lot of interesting options available. And if you are the sort of person who loves to sew a whole new wardrobe for your vacations, I think you might find a lot to like in this release. There are lots of new things to see, so let’s get started:

V1618 – Rachel Comey. Based off of the line drawing, I would have guessed that this outfit would fall into the “too much” category, but I actually really like the proportions of it on the model. The sleeve ruffles don’t look crazy, and the balance of proportions with the pants is actually quite good.

V1622 – Rachel Comey. I think I prefer the styling/fit of this shirt more on the male model, but I do like the option of a less fitted woven top. Personally, I think this style would probably need a lot of adjustment to fit around my hips, so I’ll pass on it for other tops I have in the stash. But the relaxed style lines are nice for summer.

V1623 – Isaac Mizrahi. This is a cute dress design; I do like this interesting shoulder detail on the front. The overall shape of the dress is nice, and it would be easy to swap out different skirt options if you just like the bodice design.

V1624 – Badgley Mischka. Another pretty dress design. I think this very much reminds me of the Burda dress in the April issue that had a similar shoulder treatment. Personally, I think I’m ok with just having the Burda version in my collection, but if you missed out on that issue and like this style it could be a good pattern to pick up.

V1625 – Tracy Reese. The ultimate summer vacation dress. In the line drawing it seems like there is a lot going on, but on the model it really seems like the ultimate in vacation wear. Perfect for a beach event; long enough to give the impression of a maxi dress, but not long enough to be dragging in the sand and making a mess.

V1626 – Nicola Finetti. This is a pretty simple looking dress, but I do appreciate the way the pipping detail extends into the straps on the back. It also looks like it would be a comfortable dress to wear to a summer event.

V1627 – Zandra Rhodes. Another style that could work well as part of a relaxing summer vacation wardrobe. The giant bow might be a bit much, but the overall look has a very resort feel.

V1628 – Zandra Rhodes. This layered dress has an interesting look. It seems like it should be a bunch of separate pieces, but is actually mostly one layered dress. I could see this working well in a mix of lots of interesting fabrics.

V1629 – Tom and Linda Platt. I really like these blouses. I think the neckline treatments are very pretty, and I think they could even be interesting to frankenpattern onto a dress.

V1630 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. This looks like the most practical pattern in the release. I mean, who wouldn’t dress like this on a regular basis? I especially like the shirt; the asymmetric sleeves add an interesting detail to what otherwise would be a rather plain blouse.

V9369 – Claire Shaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection. I love this dress! As shown the seaming would be a nice, subtle detail, but it could really be played up with a mixture of fabrics. Her patterns always have fantastic instructions as well, so I’m really looking forward to any interesting construction techniques that might be included in this pattern.

V9370 – I like the collar on this shirt/shirtdress pattern. I feel like the volume of everything might be a big exaggerated in the drawings though; it looks much more reasonably proportioned on the model. I do enjoy how Vogue used the stripe fabric to showcase the design elements in the garment photo.

V9371 – Vogue Easy Options. I feel like I’ve already got plenty of loose shirt dress patterns in my stash (especially since I don’t wear them often, or, well, ever really), but I can understand the appeal of such a simple pattern. It looks like it would be great to wear for a semi-casual summer event or even to work during the warmer summer months.

V9372 – This is one of those dress patterns that I like, but, realize is not for me. It’s nice to see a formal gown with a high neckline as I feel it’s been hard to find styles like this recently.

V9373 – I’m much more intrigued with adding this pattern to my stash. I love the option to have this as a more formal full-length gown or as a shorter, more casual summer look. Simple, but very chic!

V9374 – Marcy Tilton. I really like these trousers from the Marcy Tilton line! They are like elevated forms of cargo pants – the seam lines are making really cool shapes.

V9375 – When I look at the line drawing I feel like this should be some sort of PJ pattern, but the fashion sketch makes it seem a bit more cool. The model’s outfit takes it a little bit back to PJ land though. I feel like I’d wear a lot of these pieces actually; just not together.

V9376 – Marcy Tilton. This tunic/dress is possibly the least wild pattern I’ve ever seen from that line, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I do like the shaped cuffs on the dress, but aside from that there isn’t much here to comment about. At least it has pockets!

V9377 – Custom Fit. I do like the plane cardigan version of this pattern, but it actually reminds me very much of a few other styles I have in my stash, so I think I can give is a skip. The giant ruffle dress-like versions are… a bit much for me. I’m sure we’ll see an amazing blog version of this that will make us all super excited, but, at least for now, this is one I feel I can skip.

V9378 – Ron Collins. I really like having an interesting option for a man’s polo shirt! I think it’s a style that I tend to see men wear a lot, but we don’t seem to get a lot of patterns for. I’m aware this probably has more to do with how traditional polos are produced, but I at least like having the option.

And that’s it! On the whole I feel like I can personally give a lot of these patterns a pass, as I’m not living the glamorous summer vacation lifestyle these seem to be geared towards. However, I do think there are some nice designs scattered throughout this release, and I’ll probably add at least one or two to the stash (I’m thinking the Tom and Linda Platt blouse pattern would be a nice addition to the collection, and I’m always a fan of the Claire Shaeffer designs). What do you all think? Is this the summer collection you’ve been waiting for? Does the whole collection really just make you feel like you need to take a summer vacation as an excuse to sew some of these up? Or are these designs all pretty similar to styles we’ve all already got in the stash? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Vogue Patterns Summer 2019

  1. There’s nothing in this collection that I would personally wear, but I do think some of the dresses are very pretty. If someone wore summer dresses a lot, they would find a lot to like here. I’m still trying to figure out the Betzina pattern. The fashion drawing of the pants at the hem looks like two different fabrics. Do you think the front and back are different fabrics? Of course, you wouldn’t have to use different fabrics. The drawing just looks odd.

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    1. Yeah, I think the shirt pattern has 2 different fabrics. It looks like the front and back are the same, but that there is an accent fabric on the sleeves and at the hem? Just for decoration purposes?


  2. Wow, it’s a really mixed bag! The Claire Shaeffer is definitely the standout, and it reminds me of a Bellville Sassoon from the 90s that had pieced bias panels like this.

    I wanted to love the V1630 top, but without any sort of shaping I think it’s probably not for me. I guess that’s true of V1629 as well, although the necklines are so nice! The dresses are gorgeous as usual, but I need to register an objection to V1625: unless you plan to stand very upright and never lean forward, that’s a really awkward level for a cowl!

    I think I’ve talked myself out of purchasing anything here.

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  3. The very first top looks way to much, I’d totally wear this without the ruffles in a nice drapey fabric, like an urban outiftters thing or something. The shirt with the seaming details is nice. The Ron Collins pattern for men is totally a design my son would wear in various shades of black and grey. Cuz that’s pretty much the only colors he wears…

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  4. I love the Tracy Rees maxi, it’s really elegant and I think it would be easy wearing on a hit day in a cool rayon. The men’s polo is a nice touch as well but the misaligned stripe round the collar would drive me crazy. Why would that one be off when the rest make single lines across the shirt ?

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  5. The Claire dress is perfect. There’s so much I want to like but in the end doesn’t quite work for me. I showed the polo and men’s silk shirt to my hubby and got the answer I thought I’d get. Absolutely no way, not even the two tone polo. He prefers plain. I do think I could het him to wear the linen shirt with interesting seaming that’s being worn by the woman. I’d like to sew something a bit more interesting for my hubby so I plan on buying 1622. My vacations tend to be camping with my brood or day trips to loval museums so no matter how much II like a lot of vacay wear I’d just be all dressed up with no place to go, but I can fantasize!

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    1. I was looking at the polo shirt and it is a nicely fitted shirt. Most of those patterns are not so fitted. If you put all the pieces together and cut it out as minimum pieces – front, back, sleeves, collar, etc. – you would have a nice polo.

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  6. The dresses are lovely, but so not my style or life, so a no go for me. For the first time ever, a Marcy Tilton pants pattern that I love, and I also really like the Sandra Betzina pattern, and I rarely like her patterns either. WTF? So two patterns for me to buy this time around.

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  7. I always find your reviews a much easier way to see the new releases than the website and often see things I’ve overlooked. Thank you! I really like the red Badgley Mischka dress (though you are spot on that the April Burda dress is kind of the same thing!), the Tracy Reese (which I’d also like to make just as a skirt) and the Platt blouses that I hadn’t even noticed. Now to wait for a sale!

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  8. Does anyone know what is causing the draglines on the sleeves of view B of 9376? These lines show up on the front and back pictures. Maybe it’s the stiff fabric?


  9. I was really pleased to see this release. Looks like I can count on Vogue to keep bringing us interesting patterns. After so many boring releases from the other companies, I put quite a few on my list. Granted I don’t live a life to wear most (or have the body) I am glad they stay interesting, more stylish and more challenging to make. Thanks to your blog I am giving Burda a closer look , but I could also say the other Big 4 had a part in that decision also.

    I also asked my husband about the polo and he would only consider the two tone design. I’m just happy to see a men’s pattern. Now if Vogue would add a few patterns for my 9 year old daughter. When my older three were younger Vogue offered elegant dresses , now not so much.

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  10. My first impression of this release was that it is the least exciting Vogue collection I’ve ever seen, apart from the pink Zandra Rhodes dress. But looking a bit more closely there are some lovely things there; the Claire Schaeffer dress really is amazing and the photo doesn’t do it justice. But there’s nothing I want to add to the stash. Paco Peralta is sadly missed! And the styling seems really off this time round.

    Is it just me or is the Rachel Comey shirt a holdover from a previous collection? I’m sure I recognise the model and I think it’s the only envelope photo from this collection with her in….yep having just checked she modelled a lot of the patterns in the Spring release.

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