McCall’s Winter/Holiday Update

When I posted my review of the McCall’s Winter/Holiday releases, there apparently were a few pattern styles that got left out of the release.  If it had been another PJ pattern I would have just let it go, but instead they left off some really great styles, so I felt they warranted their own post:

M7878 – I love this simple wrap coat.  I think it has an elegance, and the simplicity would help it pair well with other pieces quite easily.  It would be great for a fabric with some lovely drape.

M7877 – This pattern is cool because it is intended for reversible fabrics.  The metallic leather look is super cool.  I like the two-toned and cropped versions quite a bit.

M7876 – I really like the look of the culottes on the model, but I’m not as excited by the line drawing.  I think the styling is pretty cute, but I feel safe passing over this pattern for myself.

M7875 – I know these are PJs, but I really love the robe!  It looks like it could be a fancy coat in the right fabrics.  It might take a bit of extra work (I’d assume there is no lining included), but I’d totally consider modifying this to be a coat pattern.  The PJ pants are fine, but, really, it’s all about the robe.

And that’s it!  Most of the patterns made it up on the main page, but these four were left off at launch.  I definitely think these help round out the collection by offering some more wearable options to the release.  What do you all think?  See anything here that changes your mind about your plans for fall/winter sewing?

14 thoughts on “McCall’s Winter/Holiday Update

  1. they’re all great but the first coat and the robe are my picks. The robe would make a fabulous coat! I love shawl collars. Hmmm I may NEED both of these. (cough, cough) My list for upcoming sales seems to be growing….

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  2. When the coat was posted to their IG I was like, I didn’t see THAT pattern! It is really nice. I love the pajama set too.

    I don’t dislike the suit pattern but it would have been a little more modern with a more tapered leg. I swear my daughter just showed me something nearly exact the the jacket+pants and asked me to make it.

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  3. Vogue had a wardrobe pattern a couple years ago with a two tone jacket sort of similar to M7877, but the Vogue one had dropped shoulders and was overall a bit sloppy looking. This McCall’s jacket is much nicer I think.

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  4. The robe pattern has a great resemblance to an excellent coat pattern Vogue did a few years back: 1276 I think, now out of print. There’s not so much like it available now so I agree this could be a great starting point if you have your heart set on that shape. And really, who wouldn’t?

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    1. I could see 7877 working for a casual Dramatic look, and maybe 7878 for a Soft Dramatic (I know we aren’t there yet). To be honest, I actually think all of these styles would all suit the various sorts of Kibbe Naturals (I know we haven’t gotten there yet either!) a bit better because the styles are sort of unconstructed and less tailored than I would envision for Dramatic styles. The cropped view of 7877 would be great for Gamines, and if you made the robe pattern into a coat I’d highlight it for Romantic. 7878 could perhaps work for a Classic subtype, but I’d need to check the recommendations before making a declarative statement on that.


    2. As a side note, I’ve been thinking about adding Kibbe recommendations to my release reviews, but I’m not sure how much people would enjoy that, or if they would find it constricting of their creativity.


      1. I was just thinking of that! I am already looking at every release with a Kibbe eye, but I have only touched on Natural, Dramatic, and Classic and even for those I have nowhere near the depth of research and understanding of it that you do.

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  5. I wonder how you would deal with bust darts if you did make M7875 as a tobe. Unless your bust point stays put with or without a bra, you’d have to choose where you were going to place them! Much better as a coat, I think.

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