My Image Magazine Fall/Winter 2018/2019

Summer has barely arrived, but My Image Magazine is already presenting us with their Fall/Winter issue for 2018/2019!  Oddly my issue arrived even before the magazine was posted to the website – which means I’ve had to redo the images for this post twice.  For clarity sake I think it was worth it, but, eeesh it sure added some time and frustration to the preparation of this post.

Anyway, when My Image first came out (at the end of 2010), I thought their designs were quite stylish, and I still obsessively wear the one pattern I’ve made from their line thus far.  Lately, I’ve been less impressed with their magazines, and have even considered ending my subscription, but this issue may have wooed me back to singing their praises.

The front and back covers give a nice overview of the styles that appear in this issue.

Here is a look at the line drawings (left) and at how much overlap the pattern sheets have (right).  Not as intense as Burda, but not as easy to trace as a PDF or envelope pattern either.

The instructions are in five languages, and the tricky bits are shown with detailed diagrams.  Most designs are in the sizes 36-50 (6-20 US sizing), but some styles extend as low as 32 (2 US) or as high as 52 (22 US).  It’s really nice to have all the sizing together; not a feature you get from many other pattern magazines.

M1851 Trousers – This might be one of my favorite patterns in this issue!  It really is a basic trouser, but it might be the *perfect* basic trouser.  I’ve not made pants from My Image before, so no word on how the crotch curve fairs, but the slant pockets and slightly wide hems have a classic, timeless look that could produce some hard working wardrobe staples.

M1852 Top – This faux cross over top is interesting, and looks like it could be used for some interesting layering in the colder months.  The cowl neck is a nice feature.

M1853 Dress – I’m not terribly excited by this rather basic dress.  It is simple, and looks great in a print, but I prefer garments with a bit more shaping.

M1854 Dress – I love the way this dress looks in the leopard print version, but the gray style is much too baggy.  Fit is going to be an important consideration here.

M1855 Top – I love this little sweater top!  It looks great with the skirt and trousers, and gives a nice touch to a casual outfit.  I really love how the print was used with the solid cuffs as well.  I’ll definitely be considering this for my winter wardrobe plans.

M1856 Blouse – If there weren’t already dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of bell shaped sleeve blouses on the market this might be a bit more exciting.  It does have nice proportions though – it acknowledges the trend without going overboard.  And, since it really is the only big sleeve top in the issue, I suppose it will get a pass.

M1857 Trousers – I love the way they have styled these trousers, even though the pleated waist and pegged legs aren’t typically my favorite style.  These have a cool vibe to them, but are still classy enough to wear to a work environment.

M1858 Dress – This the square necked dress – the red variation.  I do like the neckline, but perhaps not the fit of the rest of the dress so much.  I might consider shortening this into a top though, or perhaps frankenpatterning to get a more fitted bottom to the dress.

M1859 Dress – This dress with the cutout-V is more appealing.  In the line drawing, there is a bit more shaping and V-neck is really elongating.  Plus, I just really fell in love with the model photos of this dress – it looks simple, comfortable, but still stylish.

M1860 Dress – This dress again falls into the too basic to be really interesting camp for me.  Something about the sleeve length also feels slightly off (though that is obviously an easily fixable issue).  I do like a V-neckline, but the rest of the dress is pretty unremarkable.

M1861 Skirt – I love this skirt!  The side button trim detail is great, and I love how it is shown in both a solid and a print.  Super cute.

M1862 Skirt – I’m also rather intrigued by the asymmetric skirt pattern.  The button detail is also featured here, though perhaps not to quite as strong an effect as on the pencil skirt design.  I do think it looks like a very comfortable skirt, and very practical if you need a lot of mobility.

M1863 Sweater – I’m also obsessed with the sweater top.  The cowl is perfection, and the fit and length look just perfect for a cozy, but still stylish, sweater top.  This is definitely going on my to-sew list.

M1864 Top – I’m less excited by this simple tie neck blouse.  The ties feel somewhat insignificant.  It isn’t quite bold enough to be a fancy bow-tie blouse, but the straps are too thick and long to leave dangling (as sown in the image to the far right).  Without the ties, this is a really basic top, so there isn’t much to recommend it.  Anyway, I appreciate the styling, using a sleeker fitting top to pair with some of the bottoms, but I would likely choose a different pattern as my starting point.

M1865 Jumpsuit – I do rather like this jumpsuit though.  The designs is a simple wrap top style, but it looks pretty chic in the red and black versions.

M1866 Jacket – I was excited that they included a bomber jacket in this issue, but the actual photos are less encouraging.  It is pretty boxy, and lacks pockets.  Honestly, I’d go with one of the other patterns already on the market, as I think they have more features one would look for in a bomber style jacket.

M1867 Cardigan – Another unexciting pattern.  I’ve actually been quite into the waterfall cardigan look lately, but I think I would prefer something with sleeves, or at least a higher armhole opening.  I do like how they’ve used layering to showcase the versatility of the designs, but, again, I’d likely look to different patterns if I were going to try to recreate these looks.

S1047 PDF Dress “Alexia” – I’m always sad when one of the really good styles is a PDF pattern, because I really hate dealing with PDF patterns.  I do like this shirt dress though.  It’s got some nice design features, and the silhouette is relaxed, but not too oversized.

S1048 PDF Trousers “Raquel” – Of the trousers in this issue, I’m glad the “Raquel” is the PDF pattern.  It is quite similar to the M1851 trouser from the beginning of the review, but is less fitted through the hips.  Between the two styles, I find the slimmer cut of M1851 to be more appealing, though it would have been interesting to compare the two pattern on paper before tracing one out.

S1049 PDF Hat “Sam” – Ok, so I’m not much of a hat person, but this beret is pretty cute!  I love it styled with the top and trousers – it adds a fun flare to the look.

Surprisingly, hot on the heels of the recent special edition summer issue, there is also going to be a special fall issue coming in October!  It looks like the hoodie dress is going to be their primary design, but I’m interested to see the line drawings for the velvet dress and olive top shown to the right.  I will do a review once more information becomes available.

And that’s it!  I know not many people use My Image Magazine, at least in comparison to those who subscribe to Burda, use the Big4/1, or stick with Indie designers, but I still think this magazine offers great value for the cost and a unique design perspective that falls nicely between some of the more runway derived designs and the simple basics that seem to be saturating the pattern market.  I do think this is one of the better issues they’ve put out recently; there are lots of great basics that could be quite nice to develop into wardrobe TNTs.  I do wish they’d traded out one of the dress styles for a winter coat (in the early days, their coat designs were the best!) or some slightly more complex design, but on the whole I’m really pleased that this issue has been added to my collection.  What do you all think?  Have you tried My Image, or have any interest in doing so?  Or is Burda your one true pattern magazine love, and you shall not stray from her stylish influence?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “My Image Magazine Fall/Winter 2018/2019

  1. I actually have the first two issues of My Image but when I didn’t sew anything from them, I discontinued my sub. This is a good issue and I like the special one coming up. Don’t think I need more patterns though and I really don’t like tracing from magazines.

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  2. I think Burda meets all my needs. Plus there is the matter of storage. My image does not appeal to me so much when I consider storing more magazines, more pattern sheets and more traced patterns. I have been subscribing to Burda since 2013 and don’t want to quit but I will have to rethink my storage sources.

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    1. Yeah storage is a concern when the collection starts to grow. It isn’t too bad when there are only two issues a year though. Right now I use magazine holders for all of the magazines, and all of my traces patterns go in large envelopes. I may have to reconsider as the years go on though…


  3. My favorite (and best fitting) pants pattern is from a MyImage mag from a few years ago. I’ve only made a few things from it but they turned out well. I like the 2 issues a year but also bought the summer special. I plan to cancel my ottobre sub at the end of this year but will continue with myimage and burda

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  4. I’ve noticed in previous issues that the styling is not at the level of Burda, and it really affects the perception of the designs. Here, they also use such drab fabrics–so much grey! Even if those sewing opt for basic colours, I don’t think it sells the styles, and the prints look cheap. When most of the styles can be found in Big 4 catalogues, you’d need to be pretty motivated to start tracing these…

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  5. Many years ago I used a magazine for patterns for for children. This was before Oliver & S patterns and after the Big 4 went really frumpy. I used if for a few patterns, but found the tracing too annoying for words. I also dislike taping together PDF patterns.

    Recently bought the Ottobre magazine and really enjoy leafing through it. I may even be moved to make something from it! The MI mag looks interesting though. I wonder if it is available here in Oz.

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  6. For the lady from Oz, I ordered the previous two issues online and they arrived in Brisbane quite quickly. Even with postage they ended up costing no more than the copies I later saw in a local newsagent. I love the patterns in those issues, not so sure about this one, nothing really grabs me. Thanks for the review!

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  7. Writing from Scotland. Like you was an early fan of My Image. Have first (2010?) till 2014 years of magazines when patterns had great details. Odd, or unique design lines. I’ve not done a forensic crotch curve analysis, but have done a few trousers – all ok, seem same decent fit for me as Burda (vs Vogue – disaster). My Image few years ago seamed to just jump into crazy basic design ethos – still seem in a rut. I dumped my subscription, but always look at each new issue. Decided that Ottobre offers more creativity for little details combined wardrobe basics (for those of us in N. Europe that need layers and sensible clothes given lots of walking/public transport and always daily weather challenges). Like you and many others, I’m life long Burda collector. I’ve picked up subscription to Knipmode in past two years as well. I treat it bit like Marfy – figure it out, learn along the way. Thanks for the breadth of your thoughts – planning, colour, themed, challenges. Been inspired for my own planning as I’ve ditched corporate job for science and research – so building up from almost new. Sewing it all, bit by bit.

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    1. I have a few Knipmode from when my sister visited Europe. I love them, but I’ve yet to make anything from them. It’s so great that you are working on sewing a whole wardrobe! It’s something I’m also working towards, if very very slowly. I’m looking towards a career change by the end of the year as well – it’s hard to predict how I’ll want to dress, but I’m trying to be thoughtful about my sewing time because it is so limited these days.


  8. I love this magazine! For me this fall issue is better then the burda fall issues! I am a beginner sewist so the lack of coats is not a problem for me. I still have to collect some experience before i dare to start on a coat


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