New Jalie Patterns and Marfy

I’m probably the last person to get around to blogging this (I mean, really, people have already sewn some of these items!), but I thought I’d throw out my opinions on the new Jalie patterns.  Spoiler alert: I love them!


Most sewists probably don’t have much use for the Tessa – Jalie’s latest skating dress pattern.  I might be off my mark here… but I find it terribly old fashioned.  The style just screams 1980s to me.  The beading on the purple sample saves it a bit, but… meh.  The skirt shape isn’t what I typically go for, but, it might be a nice starting point to modify to something a little more interesting; it is certainly a better starting point than the circle skirts that my go-to Kwik Sew patterns (now OOP) came with.  To be honest, I’ve drafted my own skirt patterns that I use for pretty much everything at this point, but I do like to see how more traditional skating skirts are drafted – the fit and shape do so much for the look of a costume that would otherwise be a basic leotard.  Also, naming it the “Tessa” – I see what you did there Jalie!


The Joëlle in contrast feels super modern.  I LOVE the red and black version they’ve sewn for the sample – so sleek!  The front zipper is an interesting idea, and hasn’t been used much in skating costumes since the 80s either.  I’m pretty sure it went out of fashion because having a zip rubbing your chest isn’t the most fun, but the technical fabrics we have now are much less bulky than the 1980s knits that were used.  I also love the open back variant on this pattern.  Bonus points for a seam on the lower back – so much easier for fitting!


The Diane seems like a pretty standard swimsuit style and meshes well with the others in Jalie’s line.  Looks like it includes info for adding bust pads (see the line drawings), which is a nice feature.  I do rather like this style, and I’ve not owned a swimsuit in years.  Might be worth considering.  Plus, if I add a skirt, it’s magically a simple but cute skating costume.


The Clara leggings look super practical.  I LOVE the high waist on these, as well as the length options and waistband options.  Simple, functional, and clean lines.  They get a yay vote from me!


I’m intrigued by the Julia undergarment patterns.  I’ve not yet made my own underwear, but I like the sporty look of these, the different rise options, and I like that tank top – could be great for summer PJs or just a lightweight tank.  I’m not sure how practical that bra top would be for me, but I do think it’s cute, and depending on how easy it is to add structure to it, it might be worth considering.


It’s probably weird to be so excited by the Gérald men’s underwear/swim pattern, but I’m excited!  There really aren’t any men’s patterns like this on the market, and having form fitting undergarments is important for a lot of athletic endeavors.  Also: interesting to see that Jalie didn’t airbrush over this model’s tattoo – it’s an uncommon move in the home sewing pattern sphere, but I have to applaud them for going with it.


I’m also super excited by the Frédéric hoodie for men.  It’s nice to see a non-unisex hoodie, and I love the zip front and cool slant pockets.  The color blocking options are also a great way to showcase the style lines.


I feel like the Mimosa is the perfect t-shirt I’ve been looking for but never knew I needed.  It’s not too tight, but not sloppy loose either.  The curved hem is cute, and I bet it would look great layered under a moto jacket.  I wasn’t really into the ruffly sleeves, but the yellow version is growing on me the more I look at it.  Though, to be fair, I’d probably just make the basic version (perhaps a few with the pocket) in lots of basic colors (and stripes, of course) so that I could wear it with everything.  Really, I haven’t even bought the pattern yet, but I feel like I could plan a whole capsule wardrobe around this pattern.


The Adèle top is pretty cute!  I feel like I might be able to pass on this one for myself – years of experience have taught me that I really don’t do well with this sort of mini-cap-sleeve-ruffle-length sleeve like they have going on here, but I think the pattern looks great on the models in the photo.


The Rose is another pattern I think looks great, but that I can probably pass on for myself.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got similar patterns in the stash, so I really don’t need this one, but, it does look like a great top for layering, especially in summer.  Though, now, the more I look at it, the more I think it just might be that perfect top for layering under a navy blazer…. Hmmmmmm…..


I like the Bobbie t-shirt pattern, but it is very similar to a Burda top I’ve made.  Another case of I like it, but I don’t need it.


The Mélanie looks like a great robe pattern.  I’m especially taken with the styling of the central image.  The ties being connected to the side seams is also a super practical feature, and the neckband has an interesting design.  I like it.


I’m pretty sure I’ve got some Simplicity and Burda patterns that are pretty similar, though perhaps not drafted to be a simple pull-on skirt like this one.  It’s cute, but I feel like I could modify a pre-existing pattern or use one of my stash patterns to get a similar look.


The Éliane looks like a really practical and actually pretty cute scrub top.  The pockets seem super practical, and the fitted waist makes it a little more stylish than typical scrubs.  I don’t need this, but I’m going to applaud Jalie for what they’ve come up with on this pattern – it looks great!

Really, Jalie deserves its own post, but because my blogging time is limited at the moment, I’m going to roll McCall’s announcement of the Summer Marfy patterns into the same post.  Interestingly, it seams that they really are going after this “Big 1” role with zeal, since they’ve exponentially expanded their Marfy offerings in comparison to what they’ve had listed on the site previously.   w12358_01

I’m not going to go through all of the patterns, since I haven’t followed Marfy close enough to discern what is “new,” but I have been looking at them long enough to know that many of the patterns have been available from the line for quite some time.  Anyway, all I’m going to say is, if I were going to a royal wedding (which I’m not), Marfy is where I would turn:



Similarly, if I wanted to dress like I was having a royal wedding (which I’m not), I’d also go Marfy:



And, finally, just because I thought they were pretty:



And that’s it!  I’ve gone from one extreme to the other: Jalie’s super sporty goodness to Marfy’s bridal couture.  With Jalie the only way I can really express my excitement for these new patterns is thusly:


I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a fair number of the new Jalie patterns – I’m really excited about a lot of the patterns they’ve come up with in this release.  As for Marfy, well, I’m still at a look, don’t touch phase of that relationship.  I’m still pretty sure that if I had a *really* fancy event to go to, I’d turn to Marfy in a heartbeat.  But I can more easily justify spending ~$10 US on a Jalie t-shirt pattern that I’d make multiple times and wear to death than I can spending $35 on a Marfy pattern that isn’t exactly conducive to my daily lifestyle.  Anyway, what do you all think?  Are the the sporty Jalie patterns your jam?  Or is Marfy’s refined look more your aesthetic?  Or are they both too extreme and you prefer other pattern brands all together?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “New Jalie Patterns and Marfy

  1. I’m actually surprised – a number of those Jalie patterns are interesting! Love the leggings so much. That top you mentioned being similar to Burda actually has some kind of support within it. I love my Burda t-shirt, but I might try this one here too…

    Thanks for this! 🙂

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  2. I really like the look of those Jalie leggings. My 9yo would love that Diane swimsuit. I have only tried swimwear once, but I have quite a few swimwear lycras and notions – waiting for the Aussie summer to roll around again!!

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  3. There are some great basics here which Jalie always do so well – and if you have a big range of sizes to sew for they are brilliant. For me personally there isn’t anything I need or that I don’t already have, but I do appreciate the designs. Still never tried a Marfy!

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  4. Awesome patterns from Jalie – thankyou for highlighting them for me. I also really like the Mimosa tshirt.

    I love gazing at the Marfy drawings, but, only see patterns that would require a LOT of adjustments for me. And I also have no reason to wear them.

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  5. I have to love the Jalie patterns. It’s mandatory for Canadians 8-D. Seriously I do like them and there may be a new pattern or two in my future. I love the cradle to grave sizing, it makes me feel thrifty!

    Marfy. I want to like you, I really do. But I don’t. Too fussy, too over designed somehow. And they don’t work with my life either. So no.

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  6. I have 10,000 t-shirt patterns, so why do I still want the Mimosa and the Bobbie? Marfy doesn’t work for my lifestyle or my sewing style.

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  7. I really like the mens’ hoodie pattern. That’s the only one I’m likely to make from the Jalies but I can see why people are excited about them. Marfy I still don’t really get. I can’t get past the art style. But I know some people love them.

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  8. Yes Marfy definitely have royal weddings covered there. Remove the quirky veil sleeves from the bateau neck wedding dress and replace with narrow three quarter length ones and you’ve even got Meghan’s dress 🙂

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  9. Jalies patterns look practical, both fit and presentation are excellent. Makes me want to forget how many similar patterns I already have. Marfy always brings me to the same conclusion: it is for professional or professional-like sewists. And if you are so experienced you don’t really need that pattern: design alone should be enough. Happy sewing!

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  10. I like the zip front leotard but I would use it for a one piece swimsuit so I get some coverage without slapping on sunscreen. Great for the beach and aqua aerobics. I think the first leotard is as you said, very old fashioned but probably a good basic if you needed one. I like the hoodie too. Marfy… yeah I don’t get them either… they all look the same to me…

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  11. I saw the Bobbie top at PR weekend, and it was magic – no flashing your bra when you bend over or raise your arms! I did grab the Mimosa and the Lisette for myself, and the Gerald for my son and my husband. I definitely have a few more I need to order… 🙂

    I like the idea of Marfy, but I suspect that given my age and body type, it would look more ‘dumpy mother of the groom’ than ‘sophisticated European lady of a certain age’.

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