McCall’s Summer 2018

The latest releases from McCall’s are here!  I’d like to have something awesome to say about these new patterns, but, to be honest, I sort of feel like this is the less interesting version of all the releases we’ve already gotten for this summer so far.  This is probably going to be a really boring review because, spoiler alert: it’s all pretty boring, so I really don’t have much to say about it.  But, tastes do vary, so perhaps you will find something to complete your perfect summer outfit.  In any case, let’s take a look:


M7775 – I feel like the loose fitting jumpsuit is one of the major trends this year.  While I’d prefer it with a belt, the loose fit can be appealing in the super hot summer days.  I do like the neckline options here, but I also know I’ve already got similar (or identical) styles in my stash.


M7773 – Loose fitting dress with back strap options.  I do enjoy an open back, but I also appreciate that the style isn’t practical for everyone (including me most days).  Without the back interest this is a really simple dress pattern without much else of interest.


M7778 – I love me a wide pant and I’ve been all about the jumpsuit patterns lately, but I’m just not digging this variation.  The waist is so high!  Make it look like her hips are popping out of her ribcage.  I like the bodice options, but not enough to modify the pattern.  I’ve already got similar styles that I like much better.


M7789 – Create It! pants/jumpsuit pattern.  The top of the jumpsuit/dress looks really impractical for all but the A cups among us.  I can’t even say I actually like the way it looks? Maybe the view with the straps would be ok, and the high waisted pants themselves are fine, but I find that the model photo isn’t really enticing me with those either.


M7774 -Basic summer dress.  This is the sort of pattern I tend to dismiss out of hand as being dull, but then ends up being super popular and looking fabulous on everyone who makes it.  I do think it would be a comfortable summer dress, but I’m not really inspired to make or wear it.


M7771 – Learn to Sew one shoulder dress.  Another basic shape, with single sleeve options.  I like asymmetry, but I’m not really intrigued by such a basic pattern at this point.


M7785 – Dress/top with ruffles.  The asymmetric ruffle is unique, and sort of interesting, but I’m still not that excited by the whole ruffle trend.


M7772 – Learn to Sew open shoulder dress.  I do like the look of view C, but otherwise this is a pretty simple style that’s going to be another pass for me.


M7776 – Palmer/Pletsch.  More loosely draping dresses.


M7788 – I’m torn between sort of liking this jumpsuit and knowing that I’d never wear it.  I think the half-skort overlay is probably one of the most interesting details on any of the patterns in this release, but somehow the overall silhouette isn’t quite cutting it for me.


M7777 – The deep-V neck really is a trend that McCall’s/Vogue have jumped on this year – it seems like it is on everything!  Yet again,  I feel like I have similar/better jumpsuit patterns in the stash already, but if you are looking for a deep-V neckline, this could be a good candidate.


M7787 – Nicole Miller.  This is a bit less coverage than I’d like in a bathing suit, but the cover-up is nice.  It makes sense to have such an open back/neck here – so much easier to get into it if you are getting dressed after a swim.  I don’t think I’d buy the pattern just for the cover-up, but I do think this is one of the better patterns in the release.


M7784 – Laura Ashley Custom Cup Sizes.  More off the shoulder ruffle tops.  Moving on.


M7782 – I feel like this long-sleeved princess seamed top would have made more sense in a spring or fall release?  I’m sort of excited to see something with a bit more fitting going on, even though I don’t really have any interest in the fluffy godet peplum.


M7783 – Perfect for your Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Bound.


M7786 – Didn’t we… already have this pattern at some point?  I recall a curved hem with ruffles… Anyway, As much as I really like the striped culottes on the model I must keep reminding myself that *I do not look good in culottes* and that I already have *so many wide legged culotte patterns* even though this would be awesome for super lazy days because of the elastic waistband.  But no!  Be strong self!  Remember!  You can do it!


M7790 – Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch.  I like the longer version – it could be a nice summer cover up for beach or street wear in the evenings.


M7780 – I think the grey top does a remarkable job of selling me on this pattern, which I would otherwise have little interest in because it is so boxy and fluffy.  Fabric really is an important part of the equation.


M7781 – More fluffy sleeved cold shoulder tops.  Like, even McCall’s has to be bored at this point, right?


M7779 – This top is still a bit ruffly for my taste, but I do think it could be a nice top for a summer wardrobe.


M7766 – Dee Atkinson hats.  Sort of cute for summer, I guess?  I’ve never been much of a hat person, but I do like the red one.


M7769 – The kids clothes in this release seem particularly not great to me, but perhaps it is because they all look exactly like the tops McCall’s has put forth in this release.  This really looks like she is borrowing an adult’s top to wear as a dress.


M7770 – Sort of cute?  Maybe?  Not sure how kids would feel about the back buttons.


M7768 –  Erhm, yeah.  See the comment for 7769 above.


M7739 –  Those ruffles are MASSIVE.  It’s like they want to drown these poor children in fabric during the hottest months of the year.


M7767 – I’m not sure how kids feel about jumpsuits/rompers, but this at least looks more comfortable than the 80s flashback looks from above.


M7795 – Crafts.  The idea of making customizable dolls is pretty nice.  Could be a fun gift project for a kid.


M7761 –  It’s been a while since Barbie got new looks from McCall’s.  The fairy wings are pretty fun.


M7793 – Yaya Han cosplay costume with cup sizing.  Not the coolest bodysuit design on the market, but the leg guards and shoulder plates are nice features.


M7791 – Thus Costume pattern feels pretty generic, especially with the Cosplay game getting so ramped up by McCall’s and Simplicity lately.


M7792 – Outlander.  Ok, I know this is supposed to be a costume pattern, but, I kind of just want it to make a jacket!  I mean, how cute is the hood?  And imagine the peplum being extended to a fuller swing skirt?  Gorgeous!


M7794 – Outlander.  The men’s costuming is always so sharp looking.  I love the cuff details.


M7796 – And, finally, McCall’s Crafts for the dog.  I’m really not sure what the… cape? thing is in the line drawing as it isn’t pictured on any of the dogs.  Also, is it me or does the star on the cap make the dog look very military?

And that’s it!  So, yeah, not much I’m excited by in this new release.  It’s pretty full of all of the trends we’ve already been seeing.  At this point I’ve already got my wide-legged trousers, jumpsuits, and ruffle tops picked out, and I’m really not seeing anything here that’s making me want to move thing around on my sewing list.  What do you all think?  See anything here that’s going to be a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe?  Or are you are bored with the ruffly tops and super-deep-V-necked jumpsuits that won’t play nice with a bra as I am?  Are there any styles you are absolutely drawn to but you know absolutely won’t work for you?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

14 thoughts on “McCall’s Summer 2018

  1. Hmm, ruffles all over the place in places we would never have put them until it became a thing that I thought we were done with…The Outlander outfits look decent. I’m not a fan of anything that requires me to put more sunscreen on my white body, so the dresses etc. don’t tend to interest me. I agree with you that this release seems mostly a non-event. Thanks for wading through it though to show us what there is. And yeah, that dog looks completely military with the hat–isn’t it a Chinese design or something, some country’s actual army hat?


  2. I just cannot get excited about all of these patterns that would make wearing a bra difficult . Does no one at McCall’s neeed support?

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  3. Most boring release ever in the history of pattern releases. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but then again maybe not. Not one pattern that tempts me. Enough with ruffles and cold shoulders already McButtvogue!

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  4. M7773. Tech drawing suggests boat shaped neckline while photo shows quite generous opening. And this is the only “exciting” thing for me so far in this pack. Hats look good. Thank you for the review!

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  5. There doesn’t seem to be much new… I kind of like the long sleeve princess seam top (it would cover my desk/art table-job belly), but with limited time I’m more for the summer patterns. The tank top is ok, but I got the Odgen Cami and actually made one – it is a perfect pattern, in my humble opinion. Easy, fast, and it fits me (going to sew two more).

    Rompers seem to be nice on other people, but aren’t really my thing. The dog pattern (I did buy a McCalls hoodie pattern for dogs) does look mighty military, but for those who can do it, do you think it would be cool done up Steampunk-like? Lots of leather and buckles, maybe a superhero cape… Maybe it would give Fido permission to attend Steampunk cons. 😄

    Nope, not much for me here. But really happy you found the time to post about it! (looking forward to the next Burda preview, even there there are waaaay too many patterns on my to-sew list already…lol )

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