Summer 2018 Simplicity Patterns

The latest collection from Simplicity is here, and it’s… and interesting mix of patterns.  I have to say I’m really excited by a lot of the brand name/licensed lines.  The DC Comics workout gear is totally fab, and there’s a Mimi G. pattern calling my name.  Otherwise, though, I’m not too excited by a lot in this release.  Which is fine, because I’ve got a huge stash of awesome already calling my name, but I had hoped to see a little more in this release to pique my interest.  In any case, there’s a lot of new stuff to look at, so let’s get to it:

8631 – I really like the superhero themed exercise clothes.  I feel like they’d be so fun and motivating to wear to a workout!  Especially if you happen to workout at Nerdstrong Gym (I don’t, but I really want to).  Even without the wonder woman theme, I really like how high the waist band is on all of these leggings – I hate when it feel like things are sliding down in the middle of a workout.

8632 – Again, I really like the leggings here.  Looking at the line drawings, it seems the basic leggings and sports bra are the same in each pattern, but a few of the style details and all of the tops have been changed to make the overall look more in character.

8633 – I think the oversized top here is probably the least favorite of the options, but the front cross on the bra is a cute detail.

8634 – I sort of love the back of this shirt top… if you were running I feel like it would flap like a cape!

8635 – The open back jumpsuit seems to be a popular trend with the pattern companies this spring/summer.  I think I prefer some of the earlier releases, but there is a very laid back summer vibe coming off of this spaghetti strap version.

8636 – Cynthia Rowley.  I’ve never been a fan of the super voluminous patterns on this blog and I’m… not changing my mind now.  There is so. Much. VOLUME!  Normally I buy quite a few of the Cynthia Rowley designs, but this one is going to be an easy pass for me.

8637 – I think I’ve got plenty of wrap dress options in my stash, but this dress is nice if you are looking for a wrap pattern.  The skirt ruffle isn’t too crazy, and it adds a nice summer vibe to the look.

8639 – Mimi G. Style.  I feel like I almost really like this dress.  The overall silhouette and front ruching are great; it’s the under-bust opening and front slit I’m not in love with.  Granted, these would be easy changes, but still something to consider when looking at this design.

8638 – Easy to Sew.  Another dress I almost really like.  I like the asymmetric neckline, but the overall look of the dress is sort of stiff and awkward.  I suppose it’s another look that could be used as a starting point to be altered, but I’m not sure if it is worth the trouble.

8640 – I’m not overly excited by this dress.  The shaped hem makes it interesting, but again it’s that super voluminous thing going on that I’m not such a fan of.  The red version looks a bit toned down compared to the cream colored view, so perhaps it isn’t terrible.  I’d be interested to hear opinions on this look – fab or fug?

8641 – The jumper (pinafore?) style seems to be coming back into vogue in recent years.  This version has some interesting pocket seams going on, and the model view is actually cuter than I’d have expected just from the line drawing.

8642 – I don’t think there’s much left to say about ruffly sleeved tops, except, look, another one!

8643 – I’m sort of torn on this top.  I think the asymmetry gathered hip thing is cool, but I also feel like it looks a bit messy on the model.  But I also wonder how it would look on someone with *ahem* a bit more up top to possible balance it out?  Might be worth using some Loft jersey to play with this pattern. And if view D doesn’t work out, view B looks like a safer bet for fall/winter.

8644 –  More Cuban Pete couture.

8645 – 1950s Vintage reprint pattern.  These tops are actually really cute.  They all seem to have a button up back (not my favorite detail), but I really like the front views.

8646 – Learn to Sew the Trends.  It’s a pretty simple pattern, but I think it’s a cool idea for a pattern line, to perhaps get younger, newer sewists into the hobby.

8647 – More boxy ruffly things.  Moving on.

8648 – I sort of like the top view on the the envelope, where this pattern is being worn as a type of duster.  I’m not sure I’m in love with the actual garment photo though.  Probably a pass for me, but I do think there are some nice design elements here.

8649 – Easy to Sew.  I’m not really that fond of the seaweed seam pants, but I do like the shape of the skirt.

8650 – Learn to Sew the Trends.  The skirts look pretty basic, but it is interesting to note that the belt pouch is back as a “trend.”

8651 – Learn to Sew the Trends.  I think these shorts, while not exciting, look great for summer.  Plus, pockets!

8652 – Very classic pencil skirts.  Love the look in a print.

8653 – The wide legged trouser and front tie top seem to have been a major theme in all the big summer collections this year.  The high-low hem on the top is an interesting interpretation here.

8654 – 1940s Vintage.  Really, this just proves that there is nothing new under the sun.  Also, I may have to get this pattern for those pleated shorts…  You know.  Cuz cosplay.  And stuff.  Just sayin’.

8655 – Mimi G. Style.  Ok, I love me a wide legged jean, so you know these are going on my wishlist.  I have, through the wearing of my Ginger Jeans, come to realize I maybe don’t love a high waist as much as I thought, but I might be willing to make an exception here.  Plus, I love that this top is clearly intended as a cover up… Perfect for participating in the trend without having to expose the midriff if that is an issue for you.

8656 – Easy to Sew.  Despite these being really simple looking patterns, I really like the top and the skirt, though perhaps not so much together?  They both look like quick ways to get super classy pieces though.

8657 – Pattern Hacking.  I’m not sure how much changing the length of something is a “hack,” but this does look super comfortable and oddly chic.

8658 – Pattern Hacking.  There looks to be more “hacking” going on here, but I’m less interested in the basic designs of this simple top.

8659 – 1950s Vintage men’s swimsuit.  Can I just say – with that hair he looks just like a Ken doll.

8660 – Kids clothes.  I feel like this looks like a super practical pattern.

8661 – More kids clothes.  Cute, I guess?  I always have a hard time evaluating kids patterns because I feel like, as a kid I was super bipolar towards clothing.  Some days I wanted to be a princess and other days I didn’t want to wear any of the awful, ruffly 80s s**t that I had available to me.  So, I have no real commentary here, except, look, a dress!

8662 – American Girl. I like the use of trims on the skirts.  The embellishment is a nice feature.

8663 – More kids clothes that are in the vein of the popular adult trends.  Again, no comment as to the overall aesthetic going on here.

8664 – Charlie’s Aunt bags in four styles.  I actually really like the size of the bags; they seem really practical in terms of scale.  The bow designs are perhaps a bit sweet for me, but, overall, I like it.

8665 – American Girl.  The modern day clothes are great, but I wish they’d offer some of the historical design patterns, because those would be more fun to make.

8666 – I feel like making a button down top on this scale would be super challenging.

8667 – And we have a fluffy cat/unicorn/pegasus/mermaid pillow… thing.  Yes, internet, you’ve made life real weird.

8668 – Dinosaur/mermaid sleeping bags.  Yup.  To be fair, if I was three I’d totally want one.

8669 – 1940s vintage apron pattern.  I like view A – it actually seems like a super practical kitchen cover-up.

8670 – Yay cosplay jumpsuits!  The seam lines on the body would be great either for color blocking (as shown) or for doing fit alterations.

8671 – Lolita costume.  I’m not really into the whole Lolita scene, but there are lots of interesting details on this pattern if that’s your jam.

5555 – Jiffy vintage reprint pattern.  This wrap top looks super simple to put together, but I’m wondering how stable it is once you’ve wrapped it on?  The fashion illustrations look fab though.

7650 – Vintage reprint.  I’m not too excited by this giant looking summer dress.  Again – that is just so much volume!

And that’s it!  What do we all think?  Is this a fabulous summer collection, or does it leave something to be desired?  Who else is super excited by the superhero workout gear?  What are your top picks from this release?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Simplicity Patterns

  1. The Cynthia Rowley dress S8636 is a muumuu on steroids with a dash of choir robe. I kinda like the jumper S8641, the back reminds me vaguely of V1676 a Calvin Klein sundress from the 80s

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  2. 8649 would be my pick. The cosplay all in one might come in handy, if you need something like this in an exercise or dance wear wardrobe, and the wrap dress8637 is nice if anyone hasn’t already got similar patterns.

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  3. Ruffly eighties bleep…. hahaha
    My Mom was always trying to get me into things with voluminous ruffles and itchy lace. Probably what inspired me to go out and earn my own money.
    One memorable day a ruffly, pinker than pink dress, completely made of itchy lace appeared in our home. It had a stand-up collar which meant the itchiness reached from the chin till below the knees, and also because of the ruffles on the ends of the sleeves, half your hands were itchy too. Words cannot truly express how hated I felt. After telling my Mom off soundly, I found out my aunt (who has no daughters) had bought it, “because it was just too pretty to leave in the second-hand store”.
    Now I have my own daughter, and she was born with opinions. When she was around 2, I got her a shirred-top, pant-length bubble romper. I put it on her, and she lost her temper completely. Tore the thing off, and threw it as far away as she could. Ironically, she is standing beside me, and wants to know where that awesome ruffly pink lace dress went.

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  4. The first thing that jumped at me with the girl’s dress 8661 was the proportions or lack of them to be exact. The size of those wings is a grotesque. I like the bags, and skirts 8649 and 8650. I know I have very similar patterns but these look like a sure success. 8647 and 8653 – the designs look less than exciting and so is the model, or at least her face expression. I think I’m missing the fun part there. I am seriously concidering 8643 and 8640, which I invision in slightly crinkled fabric. Overall it seems like useful set of designs. Thank you for your review and happy sewing!

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  5. Enough with the sleeves, even Carmen Miranda would say Stop!

    I love the way that 8657 looks on the model. She is tall, slender, narrow-ish shoulders, not terribly booby, and apparently doesn’t have much of a ass or belly. I think if you don’t share these attributes, the look would be less than chic.

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