Sew Geeky Update Post

I was away for a week to judge a skating competition, then sick for a week because of a cold I picked up at said skating competition, so not much has been happening on the sewing front.  It seems a little dangerous to wield a rotary cutter when you are weak and shaking, so I’ve kept myself out of the sewing space for the most part.  Plus, I’ve got some commissioned projects to get done (which I don’t typically showcase on the blog), so I might not have any finished projects popping up for at least a little bit.

What I have been doing, though, is working on the planning phase of my year-long Sew Geeky project.  So far I’ve spent a fair bit of time on Pinterest, and I’ve narrowed down my geeky inspirations for each of the 4 seasonal capsules I’m planning to make.  I’m also about 75% done with color selection; Spring and Summer are pretty well set, but I may want to tweak my accent colors for Fall and Winter a bit more.  Because I’m trying to stick to a winter color palette, the translation of the colors is a little tricky for some of the inspirations (as they have a very warm palette and I’m working with cool colors, plus I need to consider what will actually look good on me), but it’s a fun challenge.  I do notice that teal seems to make its way into a lot of the collections.  Which, um, seems about right.  Anyway, once I’m settled with those it’s on to the pattern choices, and, finally gathering stash fabrics.  Happily, I’m finding that I have a lot of projects which were already planned that will fit nicely into these capsules, so I should be able to sew mostly from stash, which was another one of my main goals for the year.  I’ll post my finalized plans for each season before I start sewing, so look for my first collection planning post in about a month.  I still have a lot to do, but, so far, I’m excited.  If you want to get a sneak peak or guess my inspirations, you can poke around some of my more recent Pinterest Boards!  I still have plenty to do, but so far it’s really fun.  Hopefully the work up front will result in a more cohesive wardrobe when I’m done.  In the meantime, the February Burda just arrived, and I’m dying to make a few new tops.  Maybe I can get some quick selfish sewing in between the commissioned projects.  Hmmmmm……

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