My Image Magazine #16

The spring edition of My Image Magazine has arrived!  I’ve been following My Image since their beginnings, and have nearly every issue, though I’ve only made one pattern from them thus far.  I find I’m still far more drawn to the early issues of this magazine, and still have many of their early patterns on my sewing wishlist, while their more recent issues seem to feature more basic designs.  Let’s see what we get this spring:

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.38.03 PM.png

Here’s a look at the patterns included in this issue.  As has been the recent trend, there are 16 patterns included in the pattern sheets, and 3 free PDF patterns available from their website.  The style lines all look pretty simple, but My Image is great at pairing simple patterns with fun prints, which is usually what really sells the look.


I like the dress with the asymmetric hem, though I may change the shape of it if I were to make it for myself.  The other dress is pretty simple, but is one of those pieces that is great to style up or down.


I do really like the asymmetric dress in this solid navy too.  The tank top looks like one of those pieces that you would make a million of, and wear under jackets.  The skirt is fine, but nothing really exciting there.


Thus top and dress have the same necklines, but I like them.  I think I prefer the longer sleeves of the dress, but both of these look like simple patterns that will be comfortable to wear when the summer temps start creeping up.


More simple basics.  I do like the maxi skirt with the simple side slits.  The trousers aren’t my typical silhouette, but I do like their relatively minimal features.


I really like the contrast details on the dress to the right, and I like the style lines of the sweatshirt to the left.


I really like the maxi dress to the left, which is one of the PDF patterns for this issue.  The cardigan to the right is also a nice piece.  Very similar to the My Image pattern I’ve sewn, which I still really enjoy.


The off the shoulder blouse to the left is one of the few “trendy” items in this issue.


Really love the styling of these looks – even though they are very simple patterns, the combination of fabrics makes them look very chic.


I really love the idea of a lace duster after looking at the white one pictured here.


The ruffled top is probably the only real “miss” for me in this issue.  The ruffle placement is not the best.


Nice to see some shorts options from My Image.  I think I prefer the PDF download to these, but both have nice details.


Definitely think that the sweatshirt looks way cooler on this teen photo shoot than when styled for adults.

Also, for those who haven’t seen a My Image before, this is a look at the pattern sheets and instructions.  All languages are included in the same issue, and the pattern sheets are less congested than Burda.  There are even helpful diagrams for construction, which is nice.


Interestingly, at the back of this issue, they’ve advertised a Summer Special issue (they normally only produce 2 issues per year – spring/summer and fall/winter).  I’m sort of excited because I’m already obsessed with those white pants!  I don’t think this issue will be included in the normal subscription, but it will be interesting to see if this means My Image will be moving to a 4 issues per year cycle, or if this is a one time only special deal.  Regardless, I’ll be excited to pick up this issue when it comes out in April.

And that’s it!  I feel like My Image is one of those brands that doesn’t get a lot of mention in the blog-o-sphere.  It’s not really mentioned by the “indie” crowds, but obviously doesn’t have the same sort of following as Burda, Patrones, or Knipmode for those who really follow the mainstream brands.  I know a lot of people are doing Burda challenges this year, but really I should be doing a My Image, Manequim, and Patrones challenge, since I have so many of those magazines as well.  Anyway, what do you all think?  Has My Image gone too simple and boring, or does their pairing of bold prints and simple lines make you want to start your spring sewing ASAP?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “My Image Magazine #16

  1. Great review as always. Glad to see My Image reviewed as I bought an issue a few months ago here in Australia and had never seen it before. It’s hit and miss finding pattern mags here. I love the simple patterns in this new issue as I like quick makes and straightforward styles that showcase prints (most of my stash is made up of prints of various textiles). Now I just need to hunt it down in a few months as they take forever to get into our shops. The November Burda has just arrived here ☺️

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  2. I’ve not bought MyImage for a while, but I might do so now.
    The ruffle front top would be good for the very small bust, or someone who has had a double masectomy and isn’t planning reconstruction.


  3. The last issue you reviewed was the first time I’d heard of it, and that didn’t appeal… But that T-Shirt/belted dress is just the thing I’d make 20 of, I am always more drawn to summer clothing and yes, the fabrics don’t hurt.
    I didn’t know they do graphics, it should get more recognition then, because how many magazines really are Beginner friendly?

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  4. There isn’t a whole lot that would appeal to me, but these look like great patterns to get the younger crowd into sewing. The tank top, however, is one I’d sew. After seeing one of your previous reviews on this magazine, I found one, but haven’t had the courage to sew any of the patterns yet. I really like that they do their patterns in different fabrics, though, really shows off the patterns well!

    There are three patterns from Burda and one McCalls (I think) on my “to sew now” list before any new patterns get tried. (got my site finally fixed and the style maker fabric swatches show up finally!

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  5. I subscribed to My Image for awhile but let my subscription lapse because I felt like it was too many basic designs I wasn’t excited about. I let my Ottobre subscription lapse for the same reason, but I recently resubscribed when I took a look and saw several patterns I had to have out of a recent issue. (And they just started a family issue where the men’s patterns were FANTASTIC.) I think with the mags that lean more simple it’s difficult to keep my interest piqued, but if you’re a simple, classic dresser they’re great. Even then, once you’ve got years of magazines piled up I imagine you don’t get as excited about a t-shirt pattern.

    Are you still getting Manequim??? I was super sad last year when I went to renew my subscription and they told me they got bought out by a parent company that will no longer do overseas subscriptions. Waaaah. I’ve been losing weight though so with those single size patterns I can keep going through my back issues and discover new things I can suddenly make.

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    1. I never had a subscription to Manequim, but I’ve bought many issues on eBay from a seller who ships internationally. I wish I could get a subscription though because they are fantastic.


  6. I have never bought this magazine but love your reviews. For me there are too many basic patterns. I think they need to mix in one or two that really grab you with the basic patterns. Those are the ones that usually get me to buy a magazine – the basics are a bonus. That’s what works for me with Burdastyle. I look at your review each month and when one or two patterns jump out, I buy. As someone who has a lot of patterns / magazines, I seem to have a good range of basics to pull on anyway.

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    1. Agreed that I always buy patterns with special features, and that basics are a nice bonus. Though I tend to wear the basics more than the fancy stuff, so, that is something to be considered. With My Image, I’ve had a subscription, so it’s always a surprise what I’m going to get when it shows up in the mail.


  7. I don’t think I can easily get my hands on this magazine, but like you say I could probably replicate a lot of these looks with patterns I already have (not that that would stop me buying it if I saw it!). I really like the styling, some nice ideas for combining separates here.

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