October 2017 BurdaStyle Magazine

A bit belated, but my review for the October BurdaStyle Magazine is finally here!  While I’m not quite as obsessed with this issue as I was with August or September, I still think this is a very solid release with lots of great pieces for fall.  Let’s get into it:


First up, let’s take a look at the dresses:

Love this!  The asymmetrical fitted sheath dress is definitely something that is right up my ally.  Love the use of pipping to emphasize the seam lines on the sample.


This dress is a little more straightforward, but I like the v-neck and extra darts on the front.  Styling it as an extra-long tunic over the pants is also an interesting option, and very practical when it starts to get cold.

The line drawings look far more complicated than the actual garments.  This dress could be an interesting project for someone who wants something a little more complex than a basic sheath.  It does look great styled over the tights and turtleneck.

Sack dress with florals and ruffles.  Do I even need to go on?


This is the sort of jacket I love to look at, but probably wouldn’t have the guts to wear out.  I’d love to see someone else make this designer pattern though, because it is really striking and sort of fabulous.

Burda can always make me fall for a bathrobe coat.  It looks so stylish on the model, and I love the stitching detail on the pockets and belt.  I still think it would look like a bathrobe on me, but the photo of it is quite striking.

Nice safari style jacket; very cute in a print.

This looks like a great fall jacket.  Very classic, but with enough details to be a challenging sewing project.

It has been said that nobody does rectangles like Burda does rectangles.  Clearly, not the most inventive pattern, but it does have nice drape and could be fairly cozy.

There are also some cute tops in this issue:

Love this!  I’d wear it all fall.  The cut on the sleeve is really interesting, and I like the waist detail.

At this point these boxy ruffle sleeved tops are so ubiquitous they don’t really need a comment.

The busy print obscured the tiny ruffles, but this top has a nice, subtle play on the crazy sleeve trend.

This is the sort of top that looks so boring in the line drawing, but has a cool vibe in the photo.  Still not something I’m going to sew for myself, but I could see it looking great on others.

I actually really like all the bottoms we get this month:

Super cute pencil skirt!  Love the gathered seam.

Pleated skirts aren’t my personal favorite, but there is a lot of fun detail here to sew.

I do love this kilt-inspired look though.  Definitely going in my sewing wishlist.

Love the pocket detail here!  Very cool, but not too bulky.  I really want to make either the pants or the shorts, not sure which yet.

The Burda Plus selection has a nice mix of patterns this month:

Very practical parka style jacket.  Lots of fun details here.

Nice longline blazer.  The pockets are really cool.

Very similar to the regular sized dress from earlier this year.  Great to see it again in the Plus sizes!

I’m not normally drawn to these boxy shapes, but I love the pockets and color blocking here.  Might have to grade this one down, because I’d love to have it in my wardrobe.

Another loose top that looks way cooler styled on the model than the line drawing would have me give it credit for.

The dress, but shorter.  Love it as a top with contrast pipping details too.  Definitely need one of these in my life.

Trousers with color blocking detail and in-seam pockets.  They look pretty comfortable, but classier than normal sweatpants.

And, for completeness, here are the kids options:

The little coat is cute, and doesn’t look too difficult to sew.

Also, going to point out this bag pattern – it’s super cute!  I’d actually love to make this for work, it would be perfect for carrying all of my supplies.

And that’s it!  Which means it’s time to pick the top pattern for the month, Best of BS October 2017:

nc_original (36)

Of course it had to go to the asymmetric sheath dress!  Lovely design features, and lots of ways to add embellishment with pipping or color blocking.  Definitely the stand out for me this month, though the shorts with the cool pockets were actually a pretty close second.

And, lastly, the BWTF pick for October is:


nc_original (5)

Rectangle topper.  To be totally honest, I don’t actually dislike this at all.  It’s really not that bad, it’s just sort of boring and expected, and in an issue full of classic pieces with fun details, it just ended up on the bottom of the heap.

And that’s it for October!  Nothing really spectacular, but certain an issue with several patterns worthy of making it onto a future sewing list.  I do think there is a nice mix of styles in this issue, a little something for everyone.  What do you all think?  See anything here that is going to make it to your fall sewing queue?  Or is this issue passable in comparison to the past few months?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “October 2017 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I’ve actually got my issue this time around! There are many patterns in this issue I like (my to-do list is ginormous), for better or worse here are my picks:

    -LOVE the first dress but am afraid to sew it
    -The sack dress (lol) I really like it, it’s something I’d wear but with no sleeve ruffles
    -The busy-print-ruffle top – I’ve got the perfect super-drapey light fabric that I think would be great for it (but no ruffles)
    -The sweater top thing with the buttons on the side – I like that, and would sew it in a nice sweater fabric long enough to wear over leggings.
    -I love all the jackets. All of them. I need counseling.
    -The plus size long blazer is ♥ ♥ ♥ Wish it was in a size 38-40 😦 😦

    Loving all your makes for the sewing bee!


  2. “Bathrobe coat” is the description I’ve been searching for. I knew it was something I didn’t like about that coat, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. You are spot on with that one. =)

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  3. Thx for the review. I made the same assessment of this issue. Will absolutely make the cool collar little jacket and the asymmetric sheath dress after I am done with the August and September issues !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My top two are the safari style jacket and the designer coat. I somehow totally missed seeing the pencil skirt with the diagonal ruffle in my copy: that’s my bottom pick. Another very good issue overall. I am really enjoying Burda lately.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed that Burda’s been on a hot streak of late. Normally I’m not a fan of ruffles and sack dresses, but I couldn’t even bring myself to have that as a bottom pick, because it’s not that bad. The colors don’t look great on the model, but otherwise I’m even starting to enjoy looking at things I normally dislike.


  5. “Bathrobe coat” Perfect, though I winced as I received one as a gift last Christmas. And worn it in public… My children describe it as a “formal dressing gown” 😂

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  6. I agree with you that although this isn’t a really exciting innovative issue, it will probably turn out to be one I use often – lots of great practical pieces. I will definitely be making the top with the waist buckle detail and I even quite like the rectangle poncho thing!

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