2017 Nationals Skating Costumes

While I made many skating costumes for other skaters over the past season, I also managed to make some costumes for myself, because I skated this year!  I was unable to compete the last two years due to a back injury.  While it plagued me this year as well, I was finally strong enough to compete again, and I’m really happy that I did.

My first dress for nationals was actually a UFO from 2014.  I’d made the dress to wear in 2014, but I never finished stoning it.  By the time I’d nearly completed it, I’d decided I didn’t like the fit or the deep burgundy color.  I was skating a different event at the time; it seemed much more appropriate a few years later and in an adult division.

I didn’t get around to sewing my dance dress until just before I left, as I had so many commissions to finish for others this year. I didn’t even finish stoning it until after I’d been in Nebraska for nearly a week!  It was made from a blue lace I’d bought quite some time ago, but I found coordinating blue fabrics to go with it when I decided I wanted to make it this year.  Definitely one of my favorite colors, I really loved wearing this dress.

Despite all the time, effort, energy, and pain that I’ve dealt with the past few years, I think it was worth the effort:

I’m so excited with my placements this year.  While skaters always wish they could do things better, considering all the issues I’ve had with my back (you can see the KT tape I’ve been using in the photos) I was really happy just to be able to skate.  It was a lot of stress and pain, but I’m happy I persevered.

As for what I’ll be doing next year, I’m a bit undecided.  I know I will stay involved with skating through judging at the very least, and I may want to continue to work towards some of my goals in terms of taking tests if my back is feeling strong enough.  I’m not sure what I want to do about competition though.  It was a struggle getting through the requirements this year; I’m not sure how much strain my back would put up with for another season.  I’m taking a bit of a break for a few months to rest my back and recuperate.  It should also give me time to reflect.  In a very Marie Kondo way, I need to decide what sparks joy, and how I’m going to incorporate those things that do, and how I’m going to part with those things that don’t.  In some weird way, this nationals felt a bit like closure to me.  I was able to skate one more time, I was able to come back from the injury, and I was able to have a successful showing.  I’m not left wanting more, I feel satisfied with what I’ve done.  In some ways it leaves a hole – I don’t want things the way I wanted to skate years ago.  But I also don’t feel the same way about skating now that I felt years ago either.  I’ve been forced to take distance, forced to take perspective.  It feels different.  Which means I’ve got some thinking to do, and decisions to make.  Until then, though, I can be content with what I’ve done and pleased with how this season turn out.

*All photos were taken by Shots 4 Sports and purchased at nationals.

18 thoughts on “2017 Nationals Skating Costumes

  1. Hi Dr T I really enjoy your sharing this! I’ve always envied those whose bodies (and minds) allow them the joy of skating, it’s something I’ve always enjoyed watching and admire you for getting out there despite your body and mind limitations! I was injured and had knee surgery at 8yrs old and again on the same knee at 12yrs old, needless to say, I since then have had tremendous fear of reinjury and thus never skated much and surely would never consider competition! Kudos to you!

    Also, please, could you tell me what the”stockings” you have on that cover your skates are called? My creative-self is thinking of using/wearing them over boots to get the sock-boot look that is so on trend right now! Do they come in lots of colors or just skin tones?

    Thank you!


    Judith 😊


    1. If you search for over the boot skating tights you can find them. I’ve used a lot of brands – Mondor, Danskin, Chloe Nohl – but I’ve tended to prefer Mondor and Danskin. They only come in flesh tones, but you could dye them. Or, you could get Jalie’s pattern 3027 and make your own! Good luck with your project!


  2. I love the pictures, they show the movement of the garments so well… Won’t you also miss wearing gorgeous bejewelled dresses a little bit? But you know, leaving something behind that takes so much physical and mental energy also leaves room for new passions!

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  3. Wow – I am really impressed with these skating costumes. They look perfect and fit you so well. Sorry you’re dealing with back pain – it’s the worst. It would be a great idea to stay involved in skating in another capacity if you can’t get on the floor anymore. Maybe by sewing costumes for others?

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    1. I will continue as a judge even if I do not compete. I’m not gone for good, but I will likely be involved in a different capacity. I will probably also be sewing costumes for others; I do that a lot already 😉


  4. Wow, wow, wow! I am impressed as all get out by your sewing and your skating. Also glad that you felt you had achieved what you needed to and will now take your time in considering where to go next. Life is full of change and although you may think you are headed one direction, the road may take you a different way.

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  5. Congratulations on your outfits and results! I’ve recently had a knee injury and was unable to do any exercise which drove me crazy and I’m just a nobody in a gym class so I can only imagine how you must have felt with a back injury and your level of competition.

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  6. Congratulations on your competition. I used to figure skate. Loved it. Now, I’d be concerned about falling. But, even then, I’d like to give roller skating or inline skating a try.

    I see you have two different color wheels on your skates. One for free style, one for figures? How do they differ if the answer is yes. I see Kwik Sew patterns tagged; if the dress pattern a Kwik Sew or your own design or a mixture. The dresses are great; I love the skirt design.


    1. I have different skates for dance and figures. The boots are different stiffnesses, the wheels have different hardnesses, and the cushions are different as well. The Pattern is based off Kwik Sew 3502, my go-to skating pattern.


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