Pattern Review Sewing Bee Round 2 Has Started!

The second round for the Pattern Review Sewing Bee has started, and I’m in it!  I’m so excited to have moved on to the second round!  I’ve got a few more scheduled posts coming up, but until then I’m going to be sewing…. SLEEVES!


We should all know my thoughts on the Cuban Pete costume look I want to avoid… I may have to draft my own epic sleeve.  I’ve actually got an idea in my head, but I’m going to search through the pattern stash to see what sleeve patterns I can pull from, if any.  It’s off for a week of sewing – wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Pattern Review Sewing Bee Round 2 Has Started!

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t surprised by the winner – her look was a bit more sophisticated I think. I’m just dithering over what to do in the next round… it’s going to require fabric purchases I think…


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