BurdaStyle Magazine August 2017

The Russian Burda site has the full preview of the August issue up, and I’m pretty excited with what I’m seeing.  I think this is going to be one of those classic Burda issues – lots of really good wearable pieces, with a few memorable but not too over the top designs.  And the Burda Plus section continues to be top notch!  So, without further ado, let’s take a look:


Probably the best styles in this issue are the dresses.  Lots of great transitional looks as we move from summer to fall:

Very classic style with the neck bow.  I think Burda does a great job showing off how the bow can be worn different ways on the cover image and in the two photos included in the issue.  Love the buttoned sleeve detail.

I’m also really liking this dress.  I’m aware that it really doesn’t have much shaping at the waist, but the use of contrasting fabric makes it visually appear to have a shape, while still being loosely fitted, which will be great for those hotter August days.  Also really like the contrast of the solid and the print at the shoulders.  I think it is a really clever style that uses visual trickery to hide the fact that this really is a sack dress.  Very cool.

Of course, at heart I’m really all about more tailored looks – and this dress is tailored!  Check out all those sleeve darts!  And the neckline is pretty cool too.  Also really liking the way it is styled with the belt.

Ok, I think I really love this one!  The juxtaposition of the suiting fabric (it’s a pinstripe) with the softer gathered design is really interesting.  I could also see this being done in a more colorful fabric for a fancy party, or perhaps even with print blocking for a really show-stopping piece.  I’m definitely going to have to play with this one!

This wrap dress is also a great design.  Simple, but the gathers emphasize the wrap dress style.  Really lovely on the models, even if they need to be wearing shorter slips.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record – love this style too!  Like, a lot.  I’ve made a McCall’s dress that used the mixed fabric technique to mimic a top/skirt look, and I have to say I really love it, so I’d be excited to try it here as well.  I think the turtleneck top with the dropped sleeve is really elegant, and while I might be a bit concerned about the ruching over the hips, I think it is a nice detail on the models, so I’d be willing to try it myself.

Ok, so this dress is probably going to be one of those iconic Burda dresses that people remember for years to come.  The seaming is really interesting, and I always love me some pockets.  Might not be the most flattering placement on all body types, but it does visually create a tiny waist.  I love how it has a combination futuristic/art deco flare as well.

Since we are moving into the fall months, we are going to be getting some more outer wear and longer tops this month:

I’m sort of liking this 7/8 length jacket.  It has nice details with the yoke and pockets, which gives off a vaguely 60s vibe.  Between this and the recent Burda catalog release, I’m thinking embellished yokes might be an upcoming trend as we move into the fall and winter month.

Love the detailed stitching on this jacket!  Sad it is sized for petite, but if I’m motivated enough I’ll totally lengthen it.  Also interesting to note that “Burda” tags are showing up in the back of the garment photo images.  This is a new thing, right?

Love the underarm seam detail on this coat.  It’s got a bit of the bathrobe vibe going on with the tie belt, but I bet it would look smashing with a contrast belt over the top.  The in seam pockets are also a nice design feature.  It’s not my typical sihouette, but the photo of the red one may have gotten me on board.

I know it’s just a boxy cropped sweater, but I’m actually thinking it would be cool to wear with my sudoku culottes, so I’m tempted.  Plus, it looks like a quick sew.

Ah!  I love this top.  I think it is really cool how the cowl neck can range from an off the shoulder look to more of a draped scarf style.  Plus, the model in the pale pink version looks really elegant.  I’m definitely putting this on my sewing wishlist.

I’m the bottoms in this issue aren’t quite as exciting, but they are very classic:

I know that this cropped pant is not a good look on me, but I do love it on other people.  Plus, a shorter trouser with a bit more ventilation is always a good thing towards the tail end of summer.

Another pant that is not the best thing for my body shape, but the pocket detail is pretty cool!  Too bad we can’t see it on the model that well.

Unlike the pants, however, I’m a bit obsessed with this skirt!  The midi is not my favorite length, but the red version looks perfect!  Love the zip detail – very cool.  The short version is another style that will be great for hot transitional days.

A bit short for my personal taste, but I do like the details and silhouette of this skirt.

Another simple style, but quite pretty and very effective use of the pleated material.  Not innovative, but great for a wardrobe.

The Burda Plus section is also full of some great pieces this month:

I love this jacket!  The details are great, and it looks super chic, especially in the soft neutral color.  The leopard highs the design a bit, but it is certainly a statement piece with the print.

The hem on this vest is really interesting – slightly longer and asymmetric at the side-back seams. I’m not overly wowed by this piece, but I do find the design elements (the hem and welt pockets) interesting.  Wonder how it would look with added sleeves as a jacket.  Hmmmm….

The Plus section also gets a skirt with a cool zipper detail.  I like this one also.  Maybe not as much as the red pencil skirt, but, I still like it.

Love this dress!  Definitely my favorite piece from Burda Plus this month.  The pockets are perfect, and I’m still liking the subtle cold shoulder styles.  I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but I find that it helps visually balance my shoulders and hips, so I’m happy to run with it for a while.  Might have to grade down the top a few sizes to make it work, but I’m really enamored with the idea of trying this design.

Also like this dress.  The zip detail is nice, and it is otherwise a simple, classic piece.  Great way to show off more exciting earrings or shoes by providing a simple backdrop for fun accessories.

Again, this t-shirt is pretty simple, but I do like the color blocking options.  Might not love the colors Burda went with, but when you make it yourself the possibilities are endless, so I’m giving this thumbs up to this design style.

The kids section is dedicated to clothes for girls this month:

Not much to say here, as it is all fairly simple, but the cardigan is pretty cute!

And that’s it!  On the whole I’m pleasantly surprised to find that (1) I’m really liking a majority of these designs and (2) the 90s is not to be found at all in this issue!  I mean, ok, we could quibble about the pleated grey midi skirt and the use of floral prints, but on the whole there is a total lack on 90s revival styles this month, which makes me really happy.

Choosing the top pattern this month is actually quite difficult.  There are lots of great styles in both the regular and plus sections this time around.  I was debating quite a bit between the simpler and more innovative looks, but I’ve decided to give Best of BS for August 2017 to:


nc_original (23)

The faux separates dress!  Love the chic classic elegance here.  Plus, it looks like a fairly simple style to sew, and seems to be made for knits (so comfy!).  Love how this can be made from a single fabric or from a mix to create a top/skirt look.  Definitely one of my favorite designs this month.

Choosing the bottom look was similarly hard, as there weren’t any truly offensive designs this month; indeed almost everything was actually really great.  In the end I’ve decided to give BWTF to:

nc_original (36)

The leopard vest!  To be honest, I don’t really dislike this pattern all that much, I just find the combination of the style and print to be a bit large and visually overwhelming.

And that’s it!  I’m going to go ahead and say that I think this is a pretty great issue for Burda – I’m finding lots of styles to love this month.  Though, perhaps that means that this issue is a bit skewed towards my aesthetic, and that there are other people who will be totally bored.  Also!  Nary a ruffle to be seen – is this the official end of the ruffle trend?  Is the embellished yoke going to replace it?  What do you all think?  I’m sure everyone is going to have different picks for the top and bottom looks this month – please share your favorites in the comments!

20 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine August 2017

  1. OOOOooooooooh loving this issue! It’s restoring my faith in BS as we speak – the lastest few issues have been rather uninspiring, but this is right back up there with several patterns I’m keen on. LOVE the cocoon coat, and the dresses are fab. Can’t wait for it to hit the shelves – I’ll be waiting….!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Each and every comment on this issue I’ve read was more than positive including mine. The styling and photography are amazing. The only hovering cloud is that one probably shouldn’t expect the following issues to be as fantastic as this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I also love this issue. Very excited to make some of these pieces. Will have to lengthen the petite coat. Want to make a top from the contrast sack dress. Love the dresses! Awesome issue! Agree with the bottom pick. Vests are not my style. Too many great dresses to pick a fav!


    1. I found an issue a few months ago at my local newsagent at Mt Gravatt (Brisbane) and was very excited; it was a good one too. If you have a large-ish newsagent near you, maybe ask them to see if they can get it in.

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  4. This is really a useful and detailed post. You are talented! I am so excited that I find this blog. I really like the first dress with neck bow. It’s really beautiful.


  5. My issue finally arrived! And they /did/ slip the ruffles in after all – one of the daft craft projects is adding a ruffle to a top. But I agree, this is a great issue. I am mentally ripping up my sewing queue and substituting several of these. I love the dresses. And my first thought about that cropped sweater was also that it would go with my Burda culottes…which are the same pattern as yours.

    The one that’s a bit of a miss for me is the silver dress with all the seam details. I hate the fabric; it looks like it’s been interfaced and then bubbled in the wash. I’d love to see it in something smooth.

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